Help Identify This Woman Who Threw A Coffee At A Woburn Dunkin Donuts Employee In Front Of Her Small Child And Fled The Store


A Woburn High School student working her job as a shift manager at the Dunkin Donuts in northern Woburn had an unpleasant encounter with a woman who threw her coffee at the teenager in front of her own child because she wasn’t happy with the lack of whipped cream.

According to the girl’s mother who posted it on Facebook, senorita shaft shiner ordered a frozen hot chocolate (that’s apparently a thing) and told the girl who took her order that she didn’t want whipped cream. When she got her order she said she DID want whipped cream and then became irate because she didn’t have it. When the girl took her drink to put the whipped cream on it she didn’t like the way the girl grabbed the drink and started speaking in her native Lawrence dialect, AKA cussing the girl out.

At that point the shift manager came out to help diffuse the situation, but the woman took her anger out on her instead. When the girl was fixing the rope to block customers from the corner of the store the ratchet saw her chance to strike and threw her drink in the girl’s face before leaving with the small child.

Someone has to recognize either her or the kid.

Good thing she kept her mask on though. It’s unsanitary not to.

If this woman actually has custody of the child she should have the poor kid taken away from her while she goes to jail for assault and battery. If you recognize her please send me a DM on Facebook to Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected] to let me know. If she has social media then screenshot everything because she’s probably going to take that down next, unless she has no shame which is a 50/50 proposition at this point. This Dunkins is right near the 93 and 95 intersection, so she could be going anywhere from Salem to Lawrence to Medford to Lexington. Probably not Lexington.

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