“Hero” Marine Says He Was Stabbed In Eye Trying To Defend Woman Outside Worcester Bar, Video Shows He Was The Aggressor And The GoFundMe Is A Scam


Retired Marine Tyler Ferrara is being hailed as a hero in the media after he reportedly was stabbed in the eye while trying to protect a woman from an attack in Worcester.

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Massachusetts is recovering after he was stabbed in the eye while trying to protect a woman from an attack in Worcester. Matt Ferrara, the brother of retired Marine Tyler Ferrara, tells NewsCenter 5 that the veteran came to the aid of a woman who was being assaulted outside a bar near Winter Street early Sunday morning. “They were in a scuffle, an altercation, and he tried to break it up,” Matt Ferrara said. “Anybody with a heart would step in and that’s him. He’s always been like that since Day 1, since he was a little kid.”

Tyler Ferrara, 26, was then stabbed in the eye by the man who was attacking the woman, which cut his retina, according to his brother. Employees at a nearby restaurant, Compass Tavern, helped slow the bleeding from Ferrara’s wound until an ambulance arrived.

“He was cut right above the eye … was bleeding pretty good,” said Steve Domenick, manager of Compass Tavern. “We helped him up, sat him down, tried to clean him up. We got him a bag of ice.”

According to the GoFundMe page set up for him, Tyler Ferrara has a 2-year-old son and recently retired from the Marine Corps after a number of deployments over the past five years. He had returned home from service about a month ago and began pursuing a master’s degree.

Matt Ferrara says his brother has already undergone multiple surgeries and is unsure whether his brother will be able to regain vision in his eye.

“Military buddies, everyone is behind him 110% and just having faith that he’s going to pull through,” Matt Ferrara said.

Authorities say the suspect in the attack, 33-year-old Jason Rennie, was arraigned Monday in Worcester District Court. He is being held without bail and has a dangerousness hearing on Thursday. Rennie is facing charges of armed assault to murder, mayhem, two counts of possession of a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

At first glance the stabber, Jason Rennie, appears to be everything you imagined he would be.

That hat. No other words are necessary. I already know everything I need to know about him based on the fact that he owns a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.

And indeed Macaroni Methface here is a horrible person, who for some reason brings knives with him when he goes out for a night at the bar. There’s just one problem though – Tyler Ferrara ins’t a hero. Turns out he started the whole thing and got stabbed by Macaroni Methface while he was punching him in the face and holding him in a chokehold. Watch the video:

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This is the “hero” pulling his arm and punching the Macaroni Methface in the head, which he has lodged in his left arm.

The guy and the girl are both with him, as is the guy who threw something. Somehow he got stabbed during this sequence, which to me seems like an act of self defense.

Here’s what the GoFundMe says happened:

Tyler was left having to defend himself from the three men. Eventually, it seemed the fight was over. But, it was not. All of a sudden, the original male who was assaulting the female party came out of nowhere wielding a knife and proceeded to stab Tyler through his eye.

That never happened. Nothing like that happened. Tyler was taking part in a 3 on 1 (on the side of the 3), and the guy who stabbed him didn’t “come out of nowhere.” Tyler had him in a chokehold and was punching him in the face.

According to the eye witness who filmed this it began when one of Tyler’s friends put a beer bottled under someone else’s truck tire, which led to a confrontation. The girl in the white shirt escalated it from there, as women are often known to do in situations where they know they won’t be the ones fighting.  She’s far from some damsel in distress who was attacked by a vagrant before Rambo the Marine saved her.

Tyler also reportedly started the fight by sucker punching one of the other people in that video to the point where his nose was bleeding badly. Prior to filming the camera man himself reports that he was hit by Tyler Ferrara and thrown to the ground, and that Tyler yelled “I am not done with you” as he attempted to walk away. That’s when Tyler began to fight other people, including Macaroni Methface, who stabbed him while being put in a chokehold.

The only reason this is even a story is because Tyler Ferrara is a clean cut marine and father (who for some reason goes out and gets in bar fights), and Jason Rennie looks like a Webster Square crackhead. I’m not here to defend Jason Rennie, because he’s probably a ghetto toad since he came to the bar armed. But Tyler Ferrara isn’t a hero, he’s just a meathead who starts fights and then hides behind his veteran status to raise $22K for a GoFundMe.


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