Heroin Dealer Woman From Falmouth Suspected Of Beheading Dog Is Glorified In South Coast Today Article For Getting Married At City Hall 


This might be the most confusing article I’ve ever read from the South Coast Today:

Getting married on Valentine’s Day is not unusual, but one couple taking their vows Friday at City Hall also took the opportunity to formally become a family unit — much to a little girl’s delight. David McDonough, 31, and Kelly Hayden, 37, arrived at City Hall about 45 minutes before their scheduled 12:30 p.m. wedding ceremony to be officiated by City Clerk Dennis Farias. Kelly was excited. David was nervous. Bella Rose, age 5, was happy to be twirling and dancing around holding tightly to her doll, Elsa , from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

David and Kelly met at Bristol Community College when “he was walking down the hall in front of me,” Kelly said. And when he turned around, she knew he was the one. And six months later, they were here at City Hall on Valentine’s Day getting married.

“I’ll never forget our anniversary,” David said, trying to shake off his nerves with a little levity.

Lea Rosa, the bride’s maid of honor and best friend for eight years, said she is so happy for Kelly and Bella Rose, who is Lea’s goddaughter.

“Our children play together,” Lea said.

As with most weddings, there’s usually a glitch or two that can make the ceremony nerve-wracking. In this case, it was the bride’s ring.

“We ordered our rings from Ireland,” Kelly said, adding that David’s ring arrived just fine, but not hers.

“Mine arrived at 10:59 this morning,” she said.

When it came time for the wedding ceremony, Bella Rose delightfully tossed tissue-paper rose petals into the air as she made her way from the back of the City Hall meeting room, to the front where Farias was waiting to officiate the event.But it was during their vows that something special happened. David got down on his knee and asked Bella Rose to be his daughter as he put an Elsa ring on her finger.

“Yeah! Yay!” Bella Rose shouted while jumping up and down.

“This is very good,” said Jim Hayden, Kelly’s father. “My granddaughter will have a stable family.”

After the ceremony, Kelly explained their color of choice for the wedding party.mWhite? Nope. Purple and black were the wedding attire.

“We had to stay true to ourselves,” she said.

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Wait, what? Why is this in the news? Why is a newspaper writing about two Manson freaks getting married at City Hall? Is it because a child was involved? Do they not realize it’s pretty common for people with kids to get married? Is this groundbreaking news or something? And why didn’t they mention that she’s a well known criminal and a lesbian who recently dumped her fiance for Crisco Chris Angel?

At least if they mentioned that aspect it would make an interesting subplot for a story. All I see is a story about two random people of no significance who  got married at City Hall and got a free South Coast Today photographer out of it.

There’s just a couple problems though. In 2008 Kelly Hayden was arrested for threatening a woman, and was suspected of literally beheading the woman’s dog as part of a revenge plot over money.

Two women who are suspects in the beheading of a pit bull were arraigned yesterday on charges of threatening the dog’s owner. Rebecca Clancy and Kelly Hayden, who operate a kennel in Mashpee on Cape Cod, were arrested Wednesday after a 22-year-old woman told police they threatened her after she found her dog’s severed head in a tin on her car last week. They pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of threatening, intimidating a witness and assault related to that incident. Hayden and Clancy, both 24, are suspects in the beheading of the woman’s dog, according to court records. They have not been charged in the dog’s killing.

The dog owner, Dare Paige, told police that Clancy and Hayden were supposed to be watching her dogs — Nitrous and Nala — last week when Nitrous’s severed head turned up on the hood of her car in East Falmouth. She said Clancy had threatened to kill her dogs if she didn’t pay her $15,000 for damage she had caused to Clancy’s Jaguar when she borrowed the car and crashed it in November. 

First Assistant District Attorney Brian Glenny said Clancy and Hayden are charged with attempting to intimidate Paige because she is a witness against them in the investigation into her dog’s death. Glenny said Paige was in a car with a friend earlier this week when Clancy and Hayden, also in a car, blocked her way, then allegedly threatened to kill her.

Police investigated them after receiving complaints from people who said they sent the women money but did not get the puppy they were promised. Mashpee Police Chief Rodney Collins said police are reviewing numerous complaints, but have not brought any charges. Collins said the town does not have any licensing requirements for commercial kennels, but there is a push to pass a bylaw to set up regulations.

Shady dog kennel with lots of complaints, threats, and missing dog heads. Welcome to Cape Cod.

They could never pin the beheading on her, but they did get her on fraud. Then three years later the gruseome twosome was arrested for selling heroin on the Cape:

While conducting surveillance in the Bell Tower Mall parking lot, police observed a Jaguar with two occupants behaving in a manner consistent with narcotics activity, police said. Police identified the women as Kelly Hayden, 29, and Rebecca Clancy, 30, both of East Falmouth. Officer Peter Ginnetty along with off-duty Truro Sargent Craig Danzinger initiated contact with the suspects. SCU members Barnstable Police Officer Scott Wright and Deputy Sheriff Kim Saladino arrived on location to assist.  Saladino located a large amount of narcotics on Clancy and found approximately 20 grams of heroin, approximately 6 grams of cocaine, 50 oxycodone and suboxone pills in the suspects’ possession, police said.

Her mugshot doesn’t make any sense.


She ended up getting out of that one too after her scissoring partner took the rap for her:

Charges against Clancy’s girlfriend, Kelly Hayden, 31, were dropped in exchange for Clancy’s guilty plea. Hayden had been charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws and a drug violation in a school zone.

In between then they were both charged with robbery:

In November 2010, Clancy and Hayden were charged in connection with a robbery and found guilty of receiving stolen property valued at more than $250. They received probation.

The Boston Herald referred to them as the “notorious Cape Cod couple” in their coverage of that story.

And now here is the South Coast Today celebrating this drug dealing, robbing, shady breeding, possibly dog-beheading notorious ratchet on their front page. This is the same newspaper that smeared me and glorified Jennifer Azadnia a few months back.They also didn’t do a news story on my wedding. I guess they only like glorifying a certain kind of person over at the South Coast Today.


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