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Hingham Fire And Police Chiefs Agree To Remove “Political” Thin Blue Line Flag From Fire Truck After College Student Writes Email Complaining That He’s Offended


This is Max Giarrusso from Hingham.

Max is a student at Denison University in Ohio, and the make him feel special by letting him be on the track team.

His times are so slow that he wouldn’t have made the varsity team at Shepherd Hill Regional High School when I was coaching there.

Max was driving through Hingham recently when he saw this fire truck.

You’ll notice the thin blue line flag on the truck, which commemorates police officers who died in the line of duty. Hingham borders Weymouth, the city where Sgt. Michael Chesna was murdered by an unarmed person of color two years ago. To honor his sacrifice on the anniversary of that horrific event this is what HFD does.

This evidently upset Max Giarrusso who wrote an email to the Board of Selectmen to complain that it was racist.


Max Giarrusso is cancer for the following reasons:

  1. He lists his majors in his email bio.
  2. One of those majors is French.
  3. He’s living in one of the whitest and wealthiest towns in Massachusetts, every single person in his Facebook pictures is white, and he still thinks he’s the voice for offended black people who he patronizes by assuming they are so weak and fragile that this flag will upset them.
  4. The thin blue line has always been to honor murdered police officers. It doesn’t matter what you think it’s “become.” You don’t get to change the definition of a flag because you’ve suddenly decided that it’s hateful.
  5. There is nothing political about supporting murdered cops like Michael Chesna, and you have to be psychotic to reach that conclusion.
  6. He doesn’t pay taxes, he knows nothing about the world, and therefore he has no right to demand anything. I actually demand you shut up and go back to getting friend zoned by every girls he’s ever spoken to.

The Board of Selectmen could’ve easily just ignored this email. Instead, Selectmen Joe Fisher, who probably just figured out how to use the Internet, emailed Fire Chief Steve Murphy and asked for a follow up.

Rather than standing up for Sgt. Chesna’s honor Chief Murphy asked Town Administrator Tom Mayo and Police Chief Glenn Olsson how they wanted to proceed, because apparently he’s too much of a coward to stand up for his brothers in blue.

At this point Police Chief Glenn Olsson could’ve stood up for his officers and squashed it. Instead he agreed that the flag was political, said it should be removed, and stated his belief that a 19 year old’s ridiculous email should be seriously considered.

Imagine being a cop and working for such a worthless bloated bag of garbage? Just look at this disgusting slob.

Police chiefs are just as bad as politicians because they basically are politicians. They get appointed by politicians and they have to please them to keep their jobs. They’re not real cops and we shouldn’t respect them like we do real cops, unless they go out of their way to support their officers like Cheryl Clapprood in Springfield or Willie Gross in Boston. Just ask the Webster Chief who emasculated himself by lying face down with his hands behind his back to appease a mob.

These emails were not supposed to be leaked but one of the morons hit a forward button by accident and now we have them. The only thing that’s been released publicly so far was this joint statement from the two gutless chiefs.

“A resident complained.”

Singular. Bob Murchison would be impressed. It’s amazing what one person with a gmail account can accomplish in the age of cancel culture.

“The thin blue line flag has taken a different political meaning, which might be offensive to some.”

Who cares what some SJW looking for a cause to advocate for suddenly finds offensive? Stop pandering to people like this and start standing up to them instead. They only have power if you give it to them.

Local businessman Dan Nardo, who unlike Max Giarrusso pays taxes, wrote an email to both chiefs expressing his concerns.

Chief Olsson insisted that he was only asking for the flag to be removed because it was political.

Except it’s not political to honor the lives of Ron Tarentino, Sean Collier, Sean Gannon, and Michael Chesna. And the fact that a police chief won’t advocate for his officers is disgraceful and grounds for dismissal. The firefighters union came out and immediately condemned the action.

Which prompted a reply email from Nardo.

The chiefs are effectively giving into the demands of one non-taxpaying malcontent with a school email account, and ignoring the protestations of the firefighters unions and every single member of the Hingham PD, many of who reached out to us to voice their disgust. And since random people get to make demands on town policy, I hereby demand that both Chief Murphy and Chief Olsson resign immediately. They are not worthy to lead anymore and clearly lack leadership qualities.


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