Poor Behavior

Hingham Makeup Artist Business Owner Seen Beating And Biting Woman In Boston While Campaigning For Best South Shore Facial


This is Leah Kraft, a makeup artist and owner of Leah Kraft Beauty in Hingham

As you can tell by the full sleeve arm tattoos, she excels in the art of facials, and women apparently give her money to look like a Mimi Bobeck.


For her work making clients look like an Amish woman who voiced an opinion at the dinner table she was featured on the cover of Katana Magazine (whatever that is).

She recently was nominated (after campaigning online for weeks) as one of the 5 finalists for best facials in the south shore.


With all due respect to Leah Kraft, I think we all know who the south shore facial queen is.


However,  Leah Kraft makes a strong case for the south shore’s most ratchet hoodrat, or best biter, because she was seen over the weekend in Boston jumping a rival skank in a snowbank before taking a big ol’ chomp out of her forehead.

Why are these skags all wearing tank tops out during a polar vortex?

In fairness it looks like the “victim” started it, but at least keep it one on one. The other woman wasn’t even fighting back when the Mattapan Meat Muncher came out of nowhere and cold cocked her in the face.


This is NOT how you win best facial in the south shore.


Then out of nowhere the Hangry Hingham Hoochy Momma decided it wasn’t enough to just bash this woman’s head into a crusty Michelle Wu snowbank, she had to literally eat her head.

I can’t get my kid to finish his chicken nuggets and this girl’s out here eating dome in a snowbank.

Then finally they dog walked the rival hoodbooger by dragging her by her hair into the street before attacking the camera man and calling it a night.

And in case there was any doubt that was her…..


Maybe if you’re trying to be a well respected, legitimate business owner in a town like Hingham then it’s time to grow out of your “I fight bitches on the weekend” phase of life. Just a thought.


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