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Hingham Man Denies Being Man Accused Of Using Stolen Debit Card In Hull Despite Identical Tattoos Clearly Seen In Facebook Pictures 


A man named Joe Anderson posted today in a Hull Facebook group about an alleged scumbag who he he claimed used a debit card that wasn’t his at multiple liquor stores and bars.

A Hingham man named Daniel Barbuto was immediately named and tagged in the comments.

If you get outed like this it’s always best to immediately deactivate social media, or just don’t commit crimes at all. Instead Daniel Barbuto showed up to defend his honor, claiming that it wasn’t him but that he knew who it was.

The problem is that by commenting it made it easy for anyone to click on his page, which then brought them to this:

From there it was easy to see that he had the exact same tattoo as the man who used the debit card without authorization.


This genius is apparently a well known douchebag who has his own stone mason business, and is basically south short Fred Flintstone.

Pro tip – if you’re going to use someone else’s debit card to buy a bunch of booze all over town, wear a long sleeve shirt if you have identifiable tattoos on your forearm. And whatever you do, don’t show up on the post where you’re being called out and deny that it’s you if anyone can just click on your page and see the tattoo on the very first image you have posted. That’s just criminal 101 stuff.


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