Hogbeast Raiders Fan Needs To Be Identified For Berating Patriots Fan Who Refused To Engage After Devastating Loss


I’m still not done processing Sunday’s nightmarish cartoon ending to the Patriots-Raiders game, as the Pats threw their season away on one of the greatest bonehead moves in NFL history. But I could only imagine how bad it would’ve been if I was actually at the game and had to deal with Raiders fans like this guy did:

And I thought Buffalo fans were bad.

I’m not saying I would’ve smacked this woman, but I definitely wouldn’t have minded if someone else did. You know this is a regular occurrence because her husband had to hug her in the middle of it to calm her down, but then she went right back at it.

Someone might wanna tell the Vegas Vajbeast that if you wanna get in someone’s personal space in order to try to provoke a reaction out of them, and you don’t wanna come across as the bad guy, then make sure you’re banging a drum while the victim wears a MAGA hat.

First of all, relax lady. Your crappy, underperforming team is 6-8 and going nowhere. Your quarterback blows, your coach will be our offensive coordinator again in a year, and you haven’t won a Super Bowl in my lifetime. Also, tuck rule.

Secondly, the most impressive part about this kid not lashing out at the woman is that he’s not even married yet. Restraint like what you witnessed in that video is something that takes most men 20 years of marriage to build up. This man is ready for a lifetime of holy matrimony.

The man in the video has been identified as Jerry Edmond, and Bob Kraft has offered him on field tickets to this week’s game against the Bengals. The Raiders also offered to pay for his flight and hotel, along with tickets to whatever event he wants.

And that’s nice and all, but I’m really more concerned with naming and shaming this skagbeast.

She really deserves it. If that dude hit her back he would’ve been arrested. If he did that to her he would’ve gotten beat up and kicked out of the stadium. There was no good outcome for him. To make matters worse he was in the midst of processing the worst loss I’ve ever seen in a football game, like we all were, and he had this strip hog up his grill talking shit about her 6-8 football team.

It’s a long shot, since Turtleboy isn’t exactly a household name in Nevada, but maybe some turtle rider out there knows someone who knows someone and could help us figure out who she is. Message Clarence Woods Emerson (me) on Facebook, or email [email protected] if you have any tips.


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