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Holbrook Selectman And Wife He Hired To Be Town Employee Lied About Being Unemployed Due To COVID To Scam Landlord Out Of Rent Money While Vacationing At Maine Summer Home


This is Daniel Lee and his wife Brenda Lee from Holbrook.


He is the chair of the Select Board and the equipment operator for the Holbrook DPW, and she’s the assistant collector.

Together their combined salary from the taxpayers is $109,000, and they continued to collect their paychecks throughout the pandemic. Yet according to WCVB they told their elderly landlord Michaela Rodgers that they weren’t going to pay her the $1,275 monthly rent because they were protected under the CDC’s eviction moratorium. They now owe her $18,000, and on top of that they obtained a mortgage to build a $443,000 home in Holbrook.

“He said, ‘I don’t have to pay anymore. I’ve got proof that I don’t have to pay because I qualify for aid’,” Rodgers said. 

Oh, and he trashed the place where they squatted for over a year, never missed a meal, and drives a nice Chevy Tahoe.

They were ordered to leave in March but never did.

Probably because their new home wasn’t built yet.

Of course it was impossible to evict them because….COVID.

How do you find a home to rent for just $1,275 in Holbrook? That’s a remarkable deal, and they still couldn’t pay their rent despite being paid throughout the pandemic. And nothing against renters, but how does the Chair of the Board of Selectmen now own property in the town he’s in charge of? Holbrook isn’t a renting town, and by renting it means he pays nothing in property taxes. These leeches used the economic devastation the pandemic caused to rip off an elderly woman in order to save money for their new home in town.

While this was happening they were going on vacations in Maine where he owns a home they have access to a pontoon.

Brenda has since deactivated her Facebook page, but Danny is still responding to constituent concerns.

Meanwhile he was being honored with awards for Holbrook’s birthday.

And taking pictures with Karyn Polito, who has a bad habit of posing for pictures with scumbags.

Here’s another question – how can the Chair of the Select Board work for the DPW? Who decides the DPW’s salaries and budget? And how is it not a conflict of interest to appoint his wife to be the “Assistant Collector,” when they don’t even own property in town and thus pay no property taxes?

This was previously brought up at a meeting, and Daniel Lee, who sounds as dumb as he looks, defended his wife’s honor.

He also was elected to be the Treasurer of the Holbrook Housing Authority, despite not paying his rent while collecting taxes from the elderly landlord he wasn’t paying his rent to by pretending to be unemployed.

Despite all of this coming out there are still morons defending him.


It appears as if many people like this in the town were covering for this guy over the years, since he kept getting re-elected. However, two women named Kathy Callahan and Barbara Gaynor, who are active on a Facebook group called All About Holbrook and the Fight Against the Trash Transfer Station, have been calling him out for quite sometime now. For that they were ridiculed, like that time she pointed out that the two town employees who were in housing court for not paying their rent were building a new home.

Or how his wife is completely unqualified for her job that her husband hired her to have.

Or how the two of them had been allowing fire hazards to remain up while the owners didn’t pay taxes.

Or how they also own property in Maine that they haven’t paid taxes on.

Or how they were partying in Maryland while not paying their rent.


Or how Danny had previously taken paid time off from his work at the DPW more than once.

Or how Danny donated money to left wing Sheriff Pat McDermott and other local elected officials, while using his parents address and listing himself as a DPW

Daniel Lee REALLY wanted to shut her up.

Here’s my question – whey aren’t Daniel and Brenda Lee in jail? How is what they did any different from what Clark Grant did? They lied to the government about being unemployed due to COVID. The only difference is that Grant stole money from the government, while the Lee’s stole money from their elderly landlord.

COVID will go down in history as one of the greatest scams of all time. The eviction moratorium allowed deadbeats like Dasha Kelly and Daniel Lee to steal from property owners who had to continue to pay taxes despite not taking in any revenue. We should’ve known this was going to happen because the government was in charge of it. The Lee’s income wasn’t a secret since they work for the town and their salaries are public record. Yet the government still approved their rent exemption. They enabled this through their gross incompetence. COVID was a free lunch for every grifter out there to steal from the taxpayers with almost no oversight from the government.



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