Holden Democratic Committee, Woman Who Opposed Flying Thin Blue Line Flag In Town Are Upset That I Want To Ban Critical Race Theory In Public Schools 


There are four more days until election day in Holden, and if you know anyone who lives in town please reach out to them and remind them to vote for Aidan Kearney, Barry Dellecese, and George Kaminski. I’m running because I refuse to standby and remain silent as adults forced children to sit in front of chrome books in their room for 5 months because they couldn’t figure out a way to get the schools opened. I’m running because I’m concerned about the divisive and racist infusion of critical race theory into our schools. I’m running because the superintendent needs to be held accountable for his failures during the pandemic. These are popular ideas that the vast majority of parents agree with, and it’s clear that the three of us have the momentum as a result.

For this reason the local Democratic Town Committee is trying to pretend that they didn’t shut down the schools and would like to change the subject in order to stop us. They are endorsing three candidates who have all endorsed concepts of critical race theory, including one incumbent (Asima Silva) who lied and said that 10,000 children have died from COVID as a pretext to keep schools closed.

But the issues they stand for are not popular, so instead of debating the facts they have elected to try to smear my character, as expected. I’m being attacked from both the right and the left. The former Worcester City Councillor and head of the Worcester Republican City Committee has been sending out fliers about me, but it has backfired.

Because people are focused on the issues and helping kids receive a quality education.

The left is using the same tactics, including a woman named Stacey Carroll, whose heart sinks every time she sees one of my yard signs, and considers this an “anyone but him situation.”

I’m just running to help our children receive a high quality education, which they have not gotten in the last year. I’m a loving father of two, a former high school teacher, I’m passionate about public education, and I assure you that I am not scary. But quite frankly I have no desire to court votes from people like this.

If YouTube videos are what you value, and you are happy with the status quo, then I am not the candidate for you. If you think our kids deserve better then I am the candidate for you.

I filed a public records request with the Town of Holden on Monday to read an email that Stacey Carroll wrote to the Board of Selectmen in August, blasting them for their public support of the police department and the thin blue line flag. I show you this letter to point out the contrast between me and the people who consider me too threatening to be on the school committee.

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“This letter is not to be read publicly or shared”

That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

According to her, a “gentle, spiritual” black man was hired to work at a church in town after a CORI check, trying to make a little money for his family on the weekends. She doesn’t explain what church it is, or who this imaginary black person is. She did however, make the baseless claim that he was pulled over by the racist Holden Police “just about every Sunday, and that the racist police would “say he was speeding when he was not.” She claims that he quit his job due to the fear of being pulled over for no reason.

“How pathetic is that that a person of color can’t even drive into our town without being wrongfully targeted?”

If this were true it would mean that the Holden Police are a racist institution that doesn’t want black people driving through the town. But she provides no evidence of this, nor was she in the car to verify that this unnamed black man working at an unnamed church wasn’t in fact speeding when he was pulled over. These are the type of baseless smears that are happening in our schools, which ruin the reputations of dedicated public servants, and I won’t stand for it anymore.

The people I’m running against stated at the debate that we should get rid of the school resource officer at Wachusett based off of anonymous emails sent in by students who claimed that the resource officer is racist and targets students of color based on their race.

The incumbent who voted to keep schools closed said that we don’t need a resource officer because we don’t live in a community where kids misbehave.

The Parkland and Columbine School Committees would’ve said the same thing prior to the massacres that occurred there. I am focused on helping kids learn and making sure they are safe. A resource officer is the best way to achieve the latter, and we can’t afford to let baseless allegations of racism compromise the safety of all students.

Yesterday I made a post about a standout that I did in the center of town, and urged people to vote for myself, Barry, and George. The Holden Democratic Town Committee didn’t like this, and claimed that their preferred candidates never pushed for critical race theory because they don’t know what it is.

Not knowing what CRT is at this point is disqualifying for any candidate. It’s the most important issue plaguing public schools today. Regardless, by advocating that police be removed from schools because they are allegedly racially biased towards students of color, their candidates are pushing critical race theory without even realizing it. Pointing this out is not toxic. They just don’t like that someone is finally calling them out for it.

Barry, George and I are not an official ticket. I just think they’re better candidates and are advocating for the best interests of the kids in the district, so I think you should vote for them. This attempt to smear Barry and George is uncalled for, especially since Barry’s wife is a nurse who volunteered her time to help the School Committee find a way to reopen the schools. When she pointed that out they demanded that he denounce me.

One of the people demanding this is Stephanie Sadowski Adams.

She hates toxicity, which is why she came up with this very clever sign for me.

Boom. Roasted.

Barry did respond and had the perfect answer.

But it won’t matter because they’re not going to support anyone who thinks that our kids deserve better.

The people who are most threatened by my campaign aren’t worried about the blog, they’re worried that I will disrupt the status quo. They’re just using the blog as a distraction. These people are upset with the Board of Selectmen for flying a thin blue line flag, they would keep kids masked and locked in their homes into next year, and they want to force critical race theory on them. I don’t. This is the real reason they don’t want me to win – they don’t want what is best for our children. It’s why Asima doesn’t send her kids to the public schools in Holden. I do, and I look forward to letting the people decide on Monday.


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