Holyoke Mother Arrested For Stabbing Three Women While Live Streaming On Facebook With 2 Unrestrained Kids In Backseat At Midnight


This is Katherine Vazquez from Holyoke. 

As you could probably predict by looking at her she is the president of the Holyoke PTA and her children likely have been taught to refer to their two different fathers as “that bum ass n word.” Katherine she sets a really good example for her kids by going around stabbing rivals for the crime of having beef with her about who got impregnated by which deadbeat first.

Of course the stabbing victims got in their car and left, rather than telling the police what happened. Snitches get stitches, but those with stealth got Mass Health, so getting stabbed ain’t no thang.

What this police report didn’t mention is that when she was arrested at midnight on Main Street in Holyoke she had her two unrestrained kids in the car and she was live streaming the whole thing. Sadly her court appointed attorney has advised her to pull the video down and the person who sent us the link didn’t get a chance to download it first (lesson learned – screenshot and save everything ratchets post on Facebook because it usually comes down), but here’s what they tell us:

“She filmed the first video at about midnight. Again driving around listening to music. Then you see blue lights, she’s no longer in the vehicle and her unrestrained toddler sons head pops up from the back seat crying.”

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Driving around with her children and live streaming it is one of her favorite past times. A couple of hours before getting arrested the Boriqua Beaver Cleaver was filming herself doing an urban safari through Holyoke, filming strangers in the projects for no reason with her children in the backseat, before ending at McDonald’s where she rudely yells “you don’t listen” at the minimum wage employee who can’t hear her because of the music and screaming kids shouting orders in the backseat.

She has been uploading new videos of absolutely nothing with references to Jesus being her real judge.

Trust me, the judges in Hampden County are going to be WAY easier on you than Jesus will be. I’m not a theological scholar, but I do know for a fact that Jesus hates ratchets and no one from Holyoke gets into heaven.


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