Holyoke Woman Makes Viral Post Wrongly Accusing Man Of Trying To Kidnap Her While Hiking On Mount Tom, Keeps Post Up After Family Contacts Her


This is Stephanie Swindell from Holyoke.

Last Friday she went hiking with her dog on Mount Tom when she ran into a man who was also hiking with his dog. What happened next was pure terror and instantly vaulted Stephanie into the Pumpkin Spice Mafia Hall of Fame:

Just to review:

  • She ran into a man on a trail who was there to do the exact same thing she was doing
  • He attempted to engage her in conversation and asked her if her dogs were friendly so that he knew it was safe for his puppy to be around them
  • After they spoke briefly Stephanie and the person she was with walked ahead of him and he said that it would be “in the best interest if we let the dogs play” but they told him they weren’t interested
  • He let his dog off his leash and it ran in their direction, so he walked faster to keep up with his puppy
  • At the bottom a woman in a cobalt blue car told Stephanie and the person she was with to get in, so Stephanie called the police and the woman sped off
  • She met with local cops and state police to report her near death experience

The post was made Monday at 8 PM, and has almost 4,000 shares and counting. It originally contained pictures of the man, revealing that he had a beard and was wearing Jewish clothing.

The Pumpkin Spice Mafia blindly commented on and shared it, without bothering to hear from the man who was being smeared and castigated as some sort of sex trafficker/kidnapper.

None of these people cared about the truth. It’s just a bunch of women (mostly) who have watched too many Lifetime movies and genuinely enjoy getting hysterical for no reason. I understand the need to stay vigilant, and that there are bad people out there. But if you have a picture of the guy then give it to the police and let them investigate it. There is no reason to shame someone on Facebook if you’re not 100% certain that they’ve done something wrong.

Unfortunately that sort of logical thinking has never been used by the Pumpkin Spice Mafia, who fanned the flames of fear like they always do. Stephanie complained that some town Facebook groups weren’t allowing her to smear a man whose guilt or innocence could not be confirmed. But she was pretty convinced that this Jewish man and the woman in the blue car were working as part of an elaborate sex trafficking network that knew exactly where Stephanie didn’t get cell phone service.

Some people like Jim Beauregard did attempt to be rational and ask questions, but they were quickly shouted down by the PSM, who wouldn’t tolerate ANY questioning of the original narrative.

“In all the years I’ve watched forensic files…..”

And that basically sums up how these hens operate once they start clucking. She’s an expert on this sort of thing because she watches a TV show that taught her to use Facebook to shame people who may or may not be innocent because you misperceived a situation. Just do whatever your gut tells you to do and don’t even think about the innocent people you might hurt along the way.

“What if he abducted her and all they could see was this photo.”

Well, if they abducted her they’d probably take her phone. But if that did actually happen then she’d have a legitimate reason to make this post. However, the fact of the matter is that it didn’t happen, which makes your comment especially stupid Hayley Collis. If you’re gonna go around judging people based on a picture you should probably make sure you don’t look like the blonde Wicked Witch of the West after she turned her face into a pin cushion.

Someone else pointed out that the man may have social or mental issues that made him awkward with interactions, and that a kidnapper probably wouldn’t be wearing high vis clothing with a puppy on a well trafficked trail. She urged Stephanie to consider how her post could hurt this man if he was innocent.

Stephanie shut that shit down real quick.

She’s a trained observer. Her training told her to use Facebook to spread fear and hysteria at the expense of a potentially innocent man.

The people whose reaction to everything is to lecture you about how they always carry their gun with them 24/7 were all over the comments too.

Yea, this woman seems really rational and non-impulsive. She should have brought her gat with her so she could shoot this man in cold blood instead of shaming him on Facebook.

The Pumpkin Spice Mafia women did not appreciate it when men attempted to downplay what happened.


Yea men, stop being rational and even-keeled. Women have no choice but to be hysterical, impulsive, and live in constant fear of being sex trafficked. Except for the women with cocks.

He looked creepy according to Buffie Seise.

Yea, this is a great example to set for kids. If a person looks weird you should automatically think the worst of them and use social media to label them as sex traffickers. Hopefully when someone runs into Buffie in public they don’t think she’s on her way to burning down the Alamo.

But as it turns out the man was completely innocent. His sister and members of his temple explained that he is kind and gentle, but misses social cues, and had no connection to the woman in the blue car who was actually looking for her dog. The police spoke with her brother who cleared up the misunderstanding. She asked Stephanie to take the post down.

But of course she didn’t. Instead she added an addendum to the post that she wasn’t sorry and removed his pictures.

“Hopefully he can work on his social skills so others who have interactions with him from now on won’t get the same vibes we did.”

Perhaps it is YOU who should work on your social skills. Imagine making such a huge mistake, wrongly portraying an innocent man as a kidnapper, and then after finding out that you got the whole thing wrong having the audacity to lecture the man on how he could have handled it differently? Your vibes suck. You misinterpreted everything. You should be embarrassed and ashamed, but instead you’re continuing to blame other parties for your mistakes.

According to Stephanie the man should use this libelous smear campaign as a learning tool.

Not Stephanie though. She hasn’t learned a thing from this ordeal and did absolutely nothing wrong.

Meanwhile the post is still up and being shared, and most people commenting on it are not reading the addendum.

Most people don’t read the addendums because it doesn’t feed into their desire to be fearful and hysterical. Stephanie knows this and is choosing to keep the post up anyway. This has led to more speculation from commenters that the guy might actually be guilty after all.

“I’m not going off random people’s commentary.”

The post you’re blindly choosing to believe is literally a random person’s commentary. And if authorities thought there was some guy kidnapping women on Mount Tom then you’d be aware of it by now.

Chase Siera believed that it was better to err on the side of caution by throwing some innocent man under the bus because of the prevalence of sex trafficking.

There is no sex trafficking epidemic. It’s just what dumb people who blindly believe everything they read on Facebook have been led to believe after reading viral Pumpkin Spice Mafia posts about elaborate kidnapping operations at Market Basket. And quite frankly, Chase here is the last person who should be urging people to judge a book by its cover, since his pubestache is giving me strong Level 3 vibes.

My only beef with the man is that he didn’t keep his puppy on a leash. I’m fine with you letting your dog walk without a leash if you know with 100% certainty that they can control themselves when other dogs or people walk by. Every time I go jogging in the woods some idiot’s dog starts running after me because they’re not on a leash. They tell me to stop running and the dog will stop, but guess what? I don’t wanna stop. Nor should I have to. You should put your dog on a leash instead.

Anyway, it sounds like it should’ve been obvious from meeting this guy that he had social issues. After all, he shared the fact that he sleeps in a truck with you 5 minutes after meeting you. If she really thought he was a danger she should’ve called the cops, found out what happened, and left it that. Instead she went full Pumpkin Spice Mafia and now she’s on Turtleboy.


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