Homeless Plymouth Couple Living In Tent Uses Large Til Tok Following To Glamorize Homelessness, Get Pregnant To Solicit Donations


This is Lindsey Silva and Matt Keene from Plymouth.

And they may have replaced the infamous Plymouth Dumpsterslug couple as the most efficient grifting scuzzmuffs in town.

The Garbage Fail Kids live in a tent in the woods behind Walmart, and have been there for months. They go by Raven and Phoenix online, and have a Tik Tok channel with well over 220K followers and counting. They claim to both be fully employed, making minimum wage, and thus don’t qualify for government assistance.

According to him they wanna buy a house, not rent, because landlords are evil.

Matt claims to have lost all his money investing in vaping and it’s all the government’s fault. His credit is also shot from student loans, and he broke his hand and had to pay out of pocket to fix it.

Of course none of this adds up, and the reality is that they’re choosing to be homeless because glamorizing homelessness and using it to build a following on social media is a grift that gets you paid these days. The fact of the matter is that he has Google trophies galore, shouldn’t even have student loans, and simply can’t get his shit together because he’d rather vape in the woods and get people to feel bad for him.

Their page is covered with links to their Patreon, GoFundMe’s, PayPals, CashApps, and Venmos.

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They have stated that their goal is to become famous on Tik Tok, solicit donations from it, and buy a house.

But of course they’ll never be able to do that without a down payment and good credit, neither of which are things they’ll realistically ever come up with.

They answer “stupid” questions, and mock people who rightfully tell these grown adults to get real jobs.

They film people in homeless shelters.

They give advice on how to avoid police.

Explain the various reasons they can’t get their life together.

They do ghetto MTV Cribs tours of their tent.

They give tutorials on how they drop off their butt burritos in a can they call a toilet.


@lessthanahomehomeless protip for women ##homeless ##protip ##lifehack ##peggin♬ original sound – Pheonix Grey


They can somehow afford to have and feed a family of ducks.

It should be noted they have a 5 year old child who they don’t have custody of while they play wilderness survival merit badge in the woods.

Since they’re homeless and Tik Tok famous now they figured a great way to bring in the donos was to go ahead and drop a few batches of baby gravy in her semen sponge until they find out that she’s got a poon polyp ready to sprout in 9 months.

Oh good, they’re pregnant. And their followers are telling them how happy they are for them, forgetting that they live in a tent behind Walmart.

Many of their loyal followers pointed out what a horrible idea this was, but she wasn’t trying to hear from any of these “judgmental and toxic people.”

Instead she used it as a way to share a GoFundMe.

They keep saying the baby will stay with them and will have a roof over their head by Thanksgiving.

But they’ve been saying that for months, and clearly they will not. Instead they’ll just do their ghetto gender reveals and hope for more donos. And you simply must watch their duck gender reveal.

One duck was pink, the other was blue, and they made the pink duck jump off a haystack so they’re having a boy.

Almost as cute as their bootleg proposal video in the woods.

They’re really milking the pregnancy for all its worth.

And they’re mocking the idea of what will happen when child protective services finds out they’re raising the baby in a tent.

With all the donations they’ve been getting the Garbage Fail Kids were able to live it up in Boston at a hotel recently, where they filmed themselves showering and using a microwave.

Instead of, ya know, saving the money so they can buy an apartment. He also has money to vape like crazy and buy other things that could be going towards renting a room somewhere, but it’s hard to become Tik Tok famous if you’re just another poor couple renting. Instead they’re glamorizing homelessness while pretending to be a hardworking couple trying to get their lives together. Unfortunately for them and luckily for the baby, their fame will backfire on them when they give birth and the nurses who follow them on Tik Tok report to CPS that their “home” is a tent behind Walmart.


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