Homeless Plymouth Man Blames Residents For Not Helping Him Out, Fat Shames Woman Offering Him Jobs, Fails To Mention Long Criminal Record 


This is Jeremy Smith, a homeless man who lives in a tent in the woods near the BJ’s in Plymouth.

This morning he woke up on the wrong side of the sleeping bag and took out his iPhone and began blaming his problems on the citizens of Plymouth in the All Things Plymouth Facebook group.

Apparently there is a shelter opening up in town, but Jeremy is too refined of an individual to be around people who are addicted to drugs.

Plus, there’s a woman there named Lisa there who doesn’t treat him like the living legend that he is, so he has no choice but to live in a tent and blame other people for his problems.

Jeremy Smith is the Jim Farris of homeless gutter clowns. To say he’s rude and/or salty would be the understatement of the century. Many people offered him help, but instead of taking them up on their offers he chastised them for not “fact checking” before typing.

He DM’d another woman who offered to help, but when she didn’t read his message in 5 minutes he did what any normal person in his situation would do – accuse her of only offering to help him for the likes.

Con Jeremy claims to be sober and just wants a room to stay in for the holidays. But again, the shelter is out of the question because Lisa the shelter volunteer doesn’t appreciate his sparkling personality.

Do you realize how hard it is to become homeless in this state if you’re not addicted to heroin and have no kids? Perhaps Jeremy’s behavior, personality, and lack of worth ethic have contributed to his current situation.

Nah, that can’t be it. It’s all someone else’s fault.

Another woman offered him something even better than a room – job opportunities that would allow Jeremy to become self sufficient and no longer have to beg strangers for handouts. Of course he responded by doing the only sensible thing he could think of – called her fat and blamed his lack of employment on the fact that he’s on probation.

I can’t imagine why no one seems to help this guy, but apparently you’re going to Hell if you point out what a bad strategy this is for Jeremy.

Everyone who drives by him and doesn’t give him money is in fact a shitbag.

Just give him money and a free place to stay without criticizing him or offering to help him find ways to help himself. That’s all he wants.

However, as it turns out Jeremy hasn’t been completely honest, and it appears as if most of his struggles are a direct result of his own choices and behavior. In May of 2021 he was arrested for disorderly conduct in Wareham, where he was living with an elderly woman named Shirley. She kicked him out because he was a stumbling drunk, but he refused to leave. When the cops got there he swore at them and hurled a full can of beer into the street that nearly hit a passing vehicle. While he was being booked he also decided to call the hispanic booking officer the n word.

A few weeks later he was living with his buddy’s in the woods when the cops were called due to a noise complaint (fireworks) and public drinking outside of a restaurant. The rest of the vagrants knew they’d be fine if they just didn’t cause a disturbance and mouth off to the cops. But completely sober Jeremy, who was shitfaced when cops arrived, decided to cause a huge scene and refused to cooperate with officers while being booked for disturbing the peace. He had his life saving of $1 on him.

Despite having a free place to stay for the first time in a while Jeremy did not like the accommodations at the Wareham Police Department and threw toilet water and paper into the hallway.

In April of 2022 Jeremy got into a dispute with another tent termite over who owned a winning scratch ticket. Unfortunately for Jeremy he had a warrant out for his arrest (of course) so the only thing he ended up winning was another trip to the Wareham Police Department. This time he was cooperative with the police and ended up being released on personal recognizance.

LOL. Just kidding. He yelled “that’s right bitch, take off my shoes,” and homophobic slurs at the booking officers before taking a steamy dump on the floor, spreading his feces on the wall, and yelling “how does my shit smell faggots?” It got so bad that a company appropriately called Aftermath had to come in to decontaminate the cell and police cruiser he was transported in.

This is the real reason why he’s on probation and has to take piss tests.

Earlier in 2022 Jeremy ended up at Shirley’s place again and the cops were called due to a domestic disturbance in which Shirley reportedly had broken her arm. Turns out Jeremy beat the shit out of her in a drunken rage, and was white girl wasted when the cops arrived. In his defense, Shirley was being a “cunt” for videotaping his behavior, so he had no choice but to repeatedly punch her in the arm. To the surprise of everyone Jeremy once again caused a scene in the police station and refused to cooperate.

Despite the fact that he had the three other recent charges, was already on probation, and was charged with assault and battery on a person over 60, Jeremy just got more probation.

But wait, he gets even more charming.

Con Jeremy is originally from the white mountains town of Littleton, New Hampshire, and only moved to the south shore after burning too many bridges in the Granite State. Nine years ago he was arrested for basically the same things he did in Wareham – getting plastered, harassing innocent people who wouldn’t give him money panhandling, and his calling card of urinating on police property.

The Littleton man who has triggered multiple complaints for his Main Street panhandling has now landed felony charges for allegedly spitting in a police cruiser and urinating on the jail cell floor. Jeremy J. Smith, 28, Littleton, faces two Class B felony counts of aggravated assault by a prisoner for the incident that occurred Sunday night, when he was picked up by police for extreme alcohol intoxication. He was also charged, in an unrelated case, with one Class B misdemeanor count of harassing another man by telephone a few hours earlier

Smith, who was being watched by another officer, repeatedly spat through the partition in the cruiser, striking the steering wheel and and driver’s area, according to the police report. Officer Gardiner then told Smith he would be facing criminal charges for the spitting and placed him in a holding cell in the Littleton police station for processing.

“While I was processing Smith, he urinated on the floor of his cell,” Gardiner wrote in his report. “Smith was in a cell with a toilet and did not inform anyone that he needed to urinate prior to urinating on the floor.”

Gardiner added, “I will need to clean both my patrol vehicle and holding cell due to Smith’s bodily fluids.”

Smith is being charged under New Hampshire RSA 642:9, which states, “An inmate is guilty of aggravated harassment of an employee when, with intent to harass … the inmate causes or attempts to cause [an] employee to come into contact with blood, seminal fluid, urine, feces or saliva by throwing or expelling such substance … thus contaminating the employee’s work environment.”

At the time of his arrest Sunday, Smith had been out on bail on a charge of criminal trespass. The new charges could result in an additional charge of contempt of court for the violation of the bail or an amendment to the bail itself.

Smith is no stranger to the court system or to downtown Main Street. On Wednesday, Littleton Police Chief Paul Smith said, “The PD has received complaints from merchants and citizens about his panhandling tactics on Main Street. It was pretty intense last year.”

When he was taken into custody Sunday night and informed he would be taken to Grafton County jail for treatment and services, Paul Smith said Jeremy Smith became belligerent.

In January 2013, Jeremy Smith was arrested by Littleton police for disorderly conduct. That charge was later placed on file.

So yea, even though I might feel a little bit of empathy for homeless people with addiction problems, I can honestly say that Jeremy Smith deserves to be homeless, miserable, and living in a tent, because he’s an all around horrible person that deserves to wake up every day feeling miserable.


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