Hopedale Herbalife Mother Of 7 Livestreams Herself Swearing, Driving Around With Unrestrained Kids, Neighbors Allege Dogs Terrorize And Maul Other Dogs 


This is Jillian Salvucci from Hopedale.

She’s a 33 year old mother of more than half a dozen children who lives in a duplex she inherited next to her gem of a brother Stephen with all of the kids and her boyfriend Corey. She sells pyramid schemes (she’s a completely out of shape “health coach” for Herbalife) and collects from the government (disability for one kid too) for a living, recently saw one of her baby daddy’s deported on drug charges, and constantly Facebook Lives her glamorous lifestyle. That’s a total of 7 kids in a 2 bedroom house, plus a dog.

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She’s sick and tired of her friends not buying the milkshakes she’s selling when she can see them on SnapChat buying tattoos and iPhones.

How dare you fatties buy new Jordan’s when you should be jumping in beneath her on the pyramid scheme.

Despite being a welfare collecting guttermuppet who constantly is begging for free baby clothes she has plenty of money for family trips to Florida, iPhones for all the kids, and really important things like new lashes and nails.


She and her brother Stephen also have two dogs that terrorize the neighbors and allegedly killed another dog and bit the dog’s owner.

This is her brother Stephen.

According to a source we spoke with he causes a lot of problems with the neighbors and has had his dog attack their dogs before:

“There have been 15 reports of Stephen- the menacing brother’s dog recently. This dog has gone after almost every dog in the neighborhood/ area and neighbors and the cops never do anything. Stephen is not much better than his dog – In October/ November of 2020 he sent his dog after the neighbor Debbie and it attacked her and her dog Rex. He then got in her face, assaulted her and stole her wallet or some Item- I forget the object. Anyways the cops came he fought with the cops as did Jillian’s boyfriend/baby daddy and they were both arrested. Stephen’s case is still open at Milford district court. This was all because Debbie asked him to clothe his children and to not let them run around the street naked. 

I contacted Stephen to hear his side of the story. He fully admitted to me that there was an incident in which he stole pepper spray from an older woman after his dog attacked hers, and was arrested for it. However, before I could screenshot that confession he figured out who I was, unsent the incriminating message and blocked me on Facebook.

“We just can’t have any other incidents with that neighbor, which is fine.”

Translation – I took a plea deal and I’m on probation.

I asked Pyramid Scheme Paula about the allegations regarding her family’s dogs and she also said that was fake news, because her dogs live outside chained to a fence.

Great way for the dogs to live.

Jillian likes to document the ratchet roller coaster she calls life on Facebook Live, and frequently posts videos showing her elite parenting skills. Here’s one of her driving around to pick up one of her kids at school, with an unrestrained 5 year old in the backseat, swearing up a storm, demeaning police officers, and calling people “retards.”

“I could’ve parked right there you f***ing dipshit! You’re all a bunch of f***ing idiots.”

“This line of cars is retarded to get my kids from school.”

“It’s the biggest pain in my f***ing ass.”

“I was parking in there and running up but now there’s a f***ing cop sitting there. Mother f***er.”

“F***ing Hopedale cops suck balls.”

A five year old child absorbed all that and will grow up thinking that this is normal. And for a woman with autistic child she sure doesn’t mind throwing around the R word.

Her oldest is 15 and is apparently starting to experiment with girls. Here’s a video of her joking around with him about all the hickeys on his neck as they shout profanities at each other.

Mom: “My kid has like 6 hickeys on his neck.”

Son: “Mom, why you counting you f***ing weirdo.”

Mom: “Tell your girlfriend to go eat blood. What’s annoying is that you have 7 hickeys on your neck.”

Son: “I like it, get the f*** out of here. Why is it f***ing hot in here?”

Mom: “He’s gonna go to the dentist to get a filling and he’s gonna have 7 hickeys on his neck.”

Son: “Mom, no one gives a f*** on Facebook Live, no one’s typing in the chats.”

Perfectly normal relationship for a mother to have with her son.

She was going to tell her son’s girlfriend to stop marking her territory on his neck but then she remembered that she was getting hickeys left and right back in ought three.

“The f*** do you mean? You just walked in there with them!”

“These teenagers drive me nuts. They talk shit. When my son’s girlfriend comes over I’m telling her, you better stop sucking on my kids neck. But then you think when I was 15-16 years old what the hell was I doing? Like duh, I had hickeys on my neck obviously.”

Yes, I have no doubt that there were plenty of strange men sucking on her neck as a teenager, which is why she’s 33 with 7 children now.

Here’s another fun video of her picking her kids up at school and driving around with them completely unrestrained while swearing like a trucker and talking about Herbalife.

She does raffles for her pyramid scheme, and sometimes some interesting commentary takes place.

She’s had plenty of that Paul, believe me.

In another video one of the kids appears in a towel in the middle of the living room, because why wouldn’t their intimate family moments get broadcasted to the world on Facebook?


Her kids’ teachers luckily feel bad for her and probably don’t want to see the kids starve to death so they sometimes feed them.

I think these are the first ratchets from Hopedale in the history of TB. It’s a really nice town where people who don’t want to say they’re from Milford live, but I guess sometimes Milford comes to them.


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