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Hopkinton RI Mom Films Baby Daddy Being Arrested While Shouting Obscenities In Front Of Traumatized Crying Children, Demand Police Be Disbanded Completely 


This is Vanessa Heidrick and Dustin Rozenberg from Hopkinton, Rhode Island.

They bonded over a mutual hatred of police and an affinity for Wendy’s and entitlement programs. He is an angry balding man in his 20’s who goes around looking for trouble, while she is a DEI plus sized Colin Albert who always feels the need to flip the bird or display ratchet behavior whenever a camera is in her vicinity.

Unfortunately these two gestation gyros decided to reproduce and appear to have two morbidly obese free range feral children who think that Pop Tarts are one of the 4 major food groups.

A few days ago Vanessa posted a video in a Westerly Facebook group accusing Hopkinton Police of arresting her lover for no reason while they were minding their own business, riding ATV’s on their property. And like any mother she dragged along her crying children as she filmed the love of her life yelling obscenities at the arresting officers.

If your immediate reaction to your boyfriend being arrested is to begin filming it and escalating the situation in front of your crying and traumatized children, then you have no business being a parent.

“Yo, can you let him go please? I have my child”

Sorry Fupazilla, that’s not how this works. This it not the border with Mexico – you don’t get to avoid arrest by showing up with a crying child who you’re using to benefit yourself.

El Flip-Flop-o apparently believes that small town cops are not real cops because they’ve never shot anyone before.

Last week he posted in the same group, voicing his concern over whether or not the town of Hopkinton even needs a police department, and that Westerly could downgrade from 60 to 5 cops.

“But North Stonington doesn’t have a police department.”

See that dotted line sir?

That’s something called a “state boundary.” North Stonington is a town in Connecticut, whereas you live in the craphole of Rhode Island. Other than that your logic is flawless.

It’s no wonder he doesn’t care for the police in Westerly though. After all, they arrested him in October and charged him with domestic violence, violating a no contact order, and disorderly conduct.


I guess the cops made the victim apply for and receive a restraining order, then made him violate it, and then made her contact the police to have him arrested for it. If only they just got rid of the police entirely then he’d have free rein to stalk and harass victims of domestic violence till the cows come home.

A couple months later he picked up a New Years Eve DUI.

Which he would’ve been able to avoid if the institution of the police just stopped existing.


The post in the Westerly group did not go as they planned, as most people immediately realized they were dealing with a pair of guttermuppets. They began to look up his criminal record and post about it, but Fupazilla defended his honor.

“At least he’s involved in our children’s lives.”

Yea, getting arrested and swearing at police officers while doing so is a great way to spend quality time with your semen demons.

Fupazilla also wanted to clarify that it wasn’t her that was being abused back in October.

It was his side ho. Get it right!

Plus, it couldn’t have been her because she got arrested the day before for driving on a suspended license, as a result of a DUI with her kids in the car a few months earlier.

But of course they both still have full custody of their kids because DCYF is completely useless.

It was interesting that Mom said they were minding their own business on their “property” when this happened, because the concept of owning property seems like a foreign concept to ragamuffins like them. Contrary to popular belief, getting Section 8 to live in a run down apartment doesn’t mean you actually own the land that you’re squatting on. Turns out they don’t actually own the property.

It’s also hard to afford to buy property when you’re getting evicted for non-payment of rent.

“We own the home.”

The only thing you own is a 350 credit score and a shared Netflix password.

Evidently the whole thing started when they were riding ATVs and El Flip-Flip-o saw one of his homies being arrested. Naturally he decided to insert himself into the lawful arrest and began yelling “f*** the police,” because it’s the only thing he knows how to do besides selling food stamps on Craigslist.

Fupazilla and El Flip-Flip-o were not happy with the way people responded to their post and began to lash out at the haters, of which there were many. According to El Flip-Flip-o he was being a good role model for his kids by getting arrested in front of them.

“That’s why I have a family and u don’t.”

Congratulations on your inability to use birth control. You’ve clearly accomplished a lot in life.

Dustin says he no respect for police because his buddies are in the Marines and his grandpa got shot in World War 2.

Of course he’s done none of those things because it would interfere with his daily routine of picking the lint out of his jelly rolls and vigorously masturbating to anime porn.

He’s really rich so they make him pay for an attorney.

Except every time he gets arrested he always seems to get a public defender.

Nevertheless he’s really concerned about how the taxes he never pays get spent on services that he uses at a disproportionate rate.


Other women in the comments said something about unsolicited dick pics.

I don’t know what any of that means, but this guy’s face just SCREAMS unsolicited dick pics.

I’d definitely like to learn more about that though.

Anyway, if either of them would like to come on the Live Show this weekend to share their side of the story they’re free to DM Clarence Woods Emerson (me) on Facebook, or email [email protected].


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