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Poor Behavior

Hopkinton Woman Attempts To Dox Woman For Bumper Sticker Celebrating Liberty, Guns, Booze, And Trump, Agrees To Remove If She Listens To Lecture On Social Justice


This is Grace McLaughlin, a recent graduate from Shenandoah University with a degree in Musical Theatre, originally from Hopkinton.

And as you can see from her “highlight reel,” she is going places.

Mostly to single night for karaoke, but places nonetheless.

She’s got a website too.

A real superstar in the making.

When Grace isn’t busy trying to be the next star of Glee, she can be found patrolling the parking lots looking for offensive bumper stickers in order to shame car owners on Facebook for having different political opinions than her.

Liberty, guns, booze, and Trump. That’s pretty good.

This sticker offended Shrilly Holiday because people like her hate freedom, self defense, and things that make people like her more attractive, so she posted the sticker along with the car’s license plate on Facebook for the purposes of public humiliation. The owner of the vehicle ended up seeing it and messaged her to ask why she would be such a vapid twat.

She’ll take the picture of your license plate down, so long as you agree to listen to her lecture you about why liberty, booze, guns, and Trump are unacceptable. Liberty, booze, and guns – who would ever like those things?

Although Grace isn’t a fan of personal protection or freedom, she doesn’t have the same objections to rioting or looting, so long as they’re done in the name of the patron saint of fentanyl, George Floyd.


“Black lives matter more than a business.”

Unless the business is owned by a black person and they need the revenue from that business to live.

“They have insurance.”

Except that doesn’t cover riots.

Not her problem though. She was cheering them on from her white neighborhood with her white friends while black people destroyed other black people’s personal property for her amusement. Sure, she basically treats black people like gladiators who are there to entertain her, but she’s totally NOT racist. She’s one of the good ones.

Plus, she called out her family members for being racist because they don’t subscribe to her left wing ideology that she got brainwashed with at theater school.

“I’m ashamed that my family members won’t listen and claim to love me but won’t vote for a president who cares about my rights.”

Girl, you’re like a bad cliche of every college freshman who just came back home for Thanksgiving for the first time. We get it – you learned so much at university and now you’re so much smarter and more empathetic than your racist, ignorant parents who are paying for your four year vacation. No one has ever felt this way before. Ever.

She’s convinced that Trump hates the BLT-123 community, despite arguably being the most gay friendly president in American history.

A is more than convinced that the President is a serial rapist.

Ya know what’s a great way to stop a rapist? Owning a gun. But guns begin with the same letter as “gay,” so she’ll shame you and demand your identity if you’re proud of exercising your second amendment right.


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