“Hot” LGBTQ Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack Puts Out Campaign Twerking Video, Says She Wants To Teach Kids “Pleasure Based” Sex Ed


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This is State Senator Tiara Mack from Rhode Island.

Over the weekend she and some friends went to to beach and decided to post a video on Tik Tok of herself twerking upside down in a thong.

It’s OK though, because she’s not a regular State Senator – she’s a hot lesbian State Senator who brags about how many nip slips she has in public.


She doesn’t understand why people would think it’s embarrassing and beneath a State Senator to act like this in public.

Because again, she’s not a regular state senator – she’s a hip, cool, hot lesbian state senator.

You might be asking, how can anyone this ridiculous get elected to office? The answer is that she was groomed by well funded communist political action groups that are leading a nationwide movement to unseat “moderate” democrats and replace them with highly educated, unemployable millennials who think they can stop climate change but can’t pay back their student loans.

Tiara Mack is a carpetbagger from the Atlanta suburbs who was shipped off to South Carolina for high school before moving north to attend Ivy League Brown University where she got a degree in Public Health.

Despite attending one of the elite educational institutions in the country Tiara still has to pretend that she’s marginalized by beginning most of her sentences with “as a queer black woman.”

Luckily talentless, uninteresting people like her will never have to worry about finding a job because there will always be a nonprofit or government entity looking to pay someone like this so she can lecture white people about how racist they are.

Their identity in and of itself is what defines them, because aside from that they’re just another college educated debtor with no skills or value. Thus far she’s worked for Planned Parenthood, and various nonprofits where she gets paid to teach diversity, equity, and inclusion training to teachers who she believes are too white to get the job done.


But still, how does someone this ridiculous win election? The same way that AOC and Ayanna Pressley got elected – by being hand selected by well funded progressive groups to challenge white Democratic incumbents in the primaries, and accusing them of not being sufficiently communist. This type of candidate can’t win in districts where Republicans have a fighting chance, but Tiara Mack represents Providence in the bluest district in the state (75% Democrat) that was previously represented by a white guy named Harold Metts.

Harold Metts doesn’t have a Tik Tok account so all you really need to beat someone like this in a primary is 1,000 votes or so.

From there it’s smooth sailing, as no Republican could ever have a chance to win in a district like this.

Since Republicans have no chance in these urban districts Democrats can afford to push for radical things that have no appeal to most Americans, like the Green New Deal and 70 gender pronouns. They’re basically children who now have an iota of political power and believe their message is popular because they live on the echo chamber of social media. Once they’re elected they get featured in the Providence Journal with ridiculous “slay queen” cover photos like this:

“Look at me, I’m oppressed, but also FIERCE! Hear me roar! I overcame the odds to win office as the Democratic candidate in a district that has never elected a Republican. I use phrases like “full stop,” and constantly post about how I am “literally” about to die if I don’t constantly get my way. I’m in charge now. Time to fix global warming!”

Senator Mack’s primary focus since getting elected has been to sexually groom children by passing legislation that encourages kids to pick their own gender and give anal a shot. She said she was “really excited” to groom other people’s children because of her background teaching “queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed.”


Because there’s nothing creepy about a grownup talking to children children about the best way to have an orgasm.

She got lot of blowback for this tweet and did what communists always do – whined about people calling her a pedophile and pretending it was because she’s a black lesbian, and not because she’s so creepy. She told NBC that it’s OK to talk like this because it’s her “authentic and unapologetic self,” and that millennials like her are normalizing swearing in professional spaces.

People like Tiara Mack are the reason we can never get rid of the Electoral College. This is the type of politician that gets elected in the urban areas, and they would completely control the country if we had a national popular vote. People who elect people like this shouldn’t be allowed to drive, and they definitely shouldn’t be in charge of choosing who the President is.


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