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Hudson Mental Health Counselor Lectures Women About Racism In Mommy Facebook Group For Not Making Kids Watch Cartoons In Spanish


This is Michelle Bernier-Capaldo, a mental health counselor at Synergy Wellness in Hudson with a culturally diverse clientele.

As someone who has experience with mental health counseling, one of the reasons I enjoy talking to my therapist is because she’s not judgmental and makes me feel like I can tell her anything. If I saw her on Facebook lecturing other people about how racist they are for not adhering to her world view I would probably feel a lot less comfortable going to her. Michelle is not like my therapist at all.

The other day a woman named Hillary in a community Facebook support group for mothers asked why Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. shows were exclusively in Spanish, and if there was a way to fix that since her kids don’t speak Spanish.

Obviously this would be problematic for children, and for parents who count on the television entertaining their kids while they attempt to get ready for another day of work. But Michelle felt the need to chime in and ask what the big deal was.

According to Super Bilingual Mom Michelle the other mother should just tell her kid to shut up and learn Spanish.

Imagine thinking that a 3 year old could be appeased so easily? My woke inclusive nonbinary child would burn your house down if you pulled a stunt like this during Bluey.

Of course what really offended her was the fact that she believed that English speaking people looking to watch a television show in English weren’t being inclusive enough.

Yea, when you’re getting your kids ready for school and trying to get yourself ready for work in the morning this is a great time to “reframe inclusion.”

Of course what Michelle was really doing was taking the chance to show off to this group full of strangers that she was one of the “good ones.” Ya know, the white people who pretend that children enjoy watching cartoons in a language they don’t understand in order to prove to the world that they’re tolerant of other nationalities.

Michelle is the same person who would call you xenophobic if you went to another country and expected them to speak English to you. If I went to France I wouldn’t presume that the cartoons would be in English, because unlike in this country the French understand that a shared, common language is one of the most important building blocks of a functional nation.

Keep in mind, she was responding to a post from a Mom who wanted to know if there was a setting she could change to put it in English, which there probably was. All she wanted was an answer to that question, but of course Michelle couldn’t resist the urge to turn this into a lesson on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Imagine going through life like this? Always looking for a fight. Always giving strangers a purity test to see if they’re sufficiently “inclusive.” Always opening your mouth when no one asked for your input. You’d be the kind of person who sees a Selectman in Hudson post something about supporting funding for the police and feel the need to ask a gotcha question about supporting diversity in town.

A miserable human being, pretending to have genuine concerns while actually just policing wokeness of strangers. White suburban women started doing this last year when they all decided they needed to “do something” to stop racism because a cop in Minnesota killed a black man. And since they live online “do something” meant lecture other white women and complete strangers about how they’re actually racist without knowing it.

“I’m calling it racism when I see it.”

Then why didn’t you just say that from the beginning? We all knew that’s what you were getting at, but you pretended to turn it into an “inclusive” learning opportunity for a 3 year old to learn a foreign language. What you really meant to say was, “I’m a better mother than you, so you should listen to me, and if you don’t then you’re racist. Speaking English is also racist, so shut up and embrace multiculturalism while your bigoted 3 year old cries because he only speaks one language.”

Remember though, her therapeutic style is “supportive.”

As long as you’re willing to sit there and get lectured about what a racist kid you have who will only watch cartoons in English.

According to Michelle it’s everyone else’s job to reflect on her unsolicited condescending feedback, while she lectures you about how kids wanting to watch English speaking cartoons are insensitive microagressions.

Hey Michelle, here’s some food for thought for you.

Reflect on those microaggressions down your throat and get back to me.


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