Hull Woman Announces Class Action Lawsuit Vs. TB In Probate Court, Vows To Investigate Why I Left Teaching


A local woman from Hull announced yesterday that she is looking for exactly 22 other plaintiffs to join her upcoming class action lawsuit against Turtleboy Sports INC.

Her name is Katie Barclay, and she’s a bartender and mother from Hull.

She evidently does not like the fact that Turtleboy has exposed a sexual predator in her town, and is taking legal action to prevent us from doing this in the future. She has a lawyer and a police report, and is going to probate court to “take the garbage out.”

You may be asking yourself, “Do you have a child with this woman? Why else would she be bringing you to probate court?”

The answer is of course, no.

You also may be asking yourself, “What blog was this ratchet in, and does she have any food stamps I can buy?”

The answer is, I haven’t blogged about her until right now, and she’s not one of those ratchets.

It all began when someone posted a link about one of our stories involving the Hull Superintendent who is currently on leave for sending sexual text messages to multiple former students. She took issue with both our grammar and incomplete sentences, and discredited our journalism.

She proudly announced that she would be writing her own scathing blog, exposing the reasons why I am no longer an 11th grade history teacher.

I should write a book about that or something.

She said she would interview me.

I agreed to it, reached out to her, and then she blocked me.

The name of her upcoming blog will be entitled, “Ugly Boy,” and I think we can all agree that we anxiously anticipate joining her subscriber list.

She is amazed that no one has taken me to court yet, considering I have “spread smeared” so many people with my “scathing opinions.”

Thank God no one has ever taken me to court before. That sounds expensive.

She also thinks there is “collusion” with other teachers.

And a cursory look of her Facebook page indicates that “collusion,” and “Russians” are two of her favorite words.

She announced that she was defriending another woman for being a bad person because they admitted to reading our blog, which means they support bullying, or something.

What she really meant to say was, “I embarrassed myself in a public forum, harassed a woman on my friends list for what she chooses to read, and then dragged her children into it when she wouldn’t agree to only follow pages that I approve of.”

Clearly we do not know the “force we are reckoning with.”

She says that our followers are “up surd.”

But is also offended by our spelling and grammar.

According to her, bullying is not acceptable, even though we’d never written about her before.

Turtleboy is going down. Never heard that one before. Sounds serious guys! Although she is a washed up bartender who spends most of her time talking about the “resistance,” so she could be the next AOC.

She loves a good fight.

However, she does NOT support bowling.

Candlepin OR duckpin.

She dragged her husband George into it, and we’re all screwed once we find out what he does for a living!

Can’t wait for the big reveal.

She’s been on a one-woman crusade to spread the word about how she’s a victim now because she came onto our page, started fighting with people, and they clapped back at her.

This is a grown woman in charge of children.

I will pray for them.

And to cap off a very productive day she is now crusading to have our Facebook pages taken down by sharing this petition to do, something.

And you’ll never guess who she’s teaming up with.

Time well spent indeed Amanda.

I discussed this at length on the live show last night and attempted to call Katie Barclay, but was unsuccessful.



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