Humorless Karens Force Dartmouth Police To Take Down Facebook Post “Body Shaming” Shirtless Man Who Robbed Grocery Store


The Dartmouth Police have an interactive and entertaining Facebook page that they use to help identify criminals. They use this thing called “satire” to increase engagement, which then increases the amount of eyeballs, which then increases the chances that someone will be able to identify the criminals they’re looking for. We’ve blogged about their posts before, and then blogged about an alleged turtle rider who would no longer be supporting the blog because we thought the DPD posts were funny.

Well, it’s happened again, and people are big mad about it. Earlier in the week DPD was looking to identify a shirtless bum who was going around robbing grocery stores, and urged people to contact the Dartmouth Police Male Modeling Division if they knew his identity.

LOL. This dude walked into a grocery store, gave customers front row tickets to the Fupa Terrific Happy Hour, filled up a basket with food, and then walked out of the store like it wasn’t a big deal. Letting stuff like this slide is how your town becomes San Francisco. It should be treated as a big deal, not because the amount of goods stolen is substantial, but because the message has to be sent that we’re not going to put up with lawlessness. If you make life uncomfortable for people like this in your town then they’ll go back to New Bedford where they belong.

Unfortunately the post is no longer there because the butthurts cried about it being insensitive. Let’s see what they had to say.

I’ll tell you who has poor judgment Ashley Carmona – your stylist.

Oh no! Heavens forbid the police department use humor on social media! They should be soulless drones with no personality when looking for shirtless grocery store jackals, or else it will fend Tennessee Mimi Bobeck.


“But he was just feeding his family.”

If you think this guy was feeding his family then that tells me that you’re far removed from the realities of crime and drug addiction, and that you’ve likely never encountered or dealt with a person like Fupa McGee. There are a million and one social programs this guy could’ve utilized to buy food. He chose to walk into a grocery store with no shirt on and rob them instead.

“This isn’t real police work.”

Well they did end up identifying this guy because of the post, but I guess it doesn’t count if you use available technology to assist in doing so.

There were many, many people who were sad about “body shaming” a junkie who chooses to walk around with his gut flowing over his pants like a tidal wave.

Only in America can you suffer from obesity and “starvation” at the same time. The cops shouldn’t be allowed to “bully” criminals by posting pictures of them because their feelings are what really matters.

“We can’t make fun of criminals because they’re just doing it to feed their kids and the bad guys might commit suicide.”

Yea, stealing groceries is OK but stealing electronics isn’t. Good point Jennifer.

“Does stealing a basket of groceries really merit a public shaming.”

Yes, it does. Because public shaming works.

“This post makes me distrust law enforcement because they use humor to help identify criminals.”

Yes, this man clearly has a lot of pride and shame!

How will he ever survive and come back from this one?

Amanda Heroux lives in Indiana and for some reason she really cares about social media postings by police departments in Massachusetts. I expected nothing less from the patron saint of Karens.

The stupidity just never ended….

Let me be clear – I don’t give a shit if the police are insensitive. I care if they catch bad guys. Urban areas have become lawless hellholes specifically because people started caring more about criminals than they do about victims.¬†This guy lives on the streets and is probably addicted to drugs. He clearly has no shame at all and probably does this a lot. Trust me, the last thing he cares about is body shaming, and he doesn’t need any of you humorless busy bodies to advocate for him.


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