Hundreds Of Mothers Urge Wanted Londonderry Mom To Evade Police After Kidnapping Her Own Child To Avoid Vaccinations In Violation Of Court Order


A Londonderry mother named Malinda Nicolosi was located this morning after kidnapping her own child in violation of a court order.


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Just to be clear, that is indeed Mom, not grandma. She just happened to be 43 when she gave birth and clearly looks like she has seen better days, based on earlier pictures on Facebook where she appears to be a loving and caring Mom.

In a sane world the community would see a post like this and come together to locate the mother because the safety of the child was most important.

But this is not a sane world, and instead of that happening the momma bear mafia urged support for the mother, shamed the LPD for looking for her, blamed the custodial father, accused him of not being the real father, and made baseless allegations that the judge was corrupt.

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Is this real life? No matter where this was posted (LPD Facebook, Manchester Information, WMUR), the overwhelming consensus was that this woman was a hero for literally kidnapping her own kid. A mob of Facebook warriors who know nothing about the actual story blindly assuming that one parent is evil while the parent who violated a court order and ran away with the kid is the good one. Where have we heard that before?

Oh right, this is the reverse story of Money Mike Cadena. Lose a custody dispute in court, call the judge corrupt, smear the custodial parent on Facebook, and get the mob riled up. Cadena 101.

Just to be clear, under no circumstances is it ever wise to run away with your child because you didn’t agree with a judge’s ruling. There are a number of legal remedies that can be taken if you are dissatisfied with an outcome in court. Yet all it takes is a couple Facebook posts to rile up the DCF Underground Railroad to aid you while you run away with someone else’s child.

Some of the people in the mob were familiar faces.

Deanna Brogan says she’s a good Mom and the courts are actually the corrupt ones. She would know a lot about being a good mother since her daughter made the news after putting a 7 month old baby she was babysitting in the fridge and videotaped it.

She’s not a regular Mom, she’s a cool Mom who posts stuff like this on Facebook.

And when her daughter who puts babies in the fridge got caught at a keg party and told the cops, “don’t f***ing touch me,” Deanna said she was a “proud momma bear” because her kid was the only kid at the party who wasn’t drinking and smoking pot.

The parent who thinks their child is the good one being manipulated by the bad influence friends, is the parent that everyone else is laughing at. If your kid was caught at a keg party it’s because they like to drink beer. They’re no better than any other kid there. If they tell you otherwise they are lying to you because they don’t want to get in trouble. This shouldn’t have to be explained.

Shocking that Deanna would stand up for a man wanted by the cops for kidnapping though. She’s done such a stellar job parenting herself.

Who remembers Alethea?

She thinks it’s a good thing that Mom is on the run with a 3 year old because vaccines are bad. That’s the crowd we’re dealing with here. Alethea was featured on SSTG’s infamous blog about the Moms of the South Shore Facebook group after she got exposed for playing both sides. Alethea was a moderator in that cult, but she also wanted us to blog about them.

After being exposed as a spy she was kicked out the cult and claimed that she was only messaging us as part of an elaborate double agent plot to find out if we were in the group.

She also previously applied to blog for us because she thought people would be interested in reading about her sex life.

Then again, I can see why she would make excuses for Malinda’s behavior, since she once hung a sign up outside of her house that said, “My Daddy is a loser who doesn’t pay child support,” and made her kids wave at cars as they drove by.


But why were all these people defending her? Was there more to the story? Many people were copying and pasting a long and ridiculous post which they claimed came from Malinda family.

TL:DR – the judge is trying to kill the kid by making him get vaccinated, so Mom had no choice but to violate the court order.

“The court isn’t looking at any of my evidence.”

Once you start saying stuff like that you fall into the Michael Cadena-Amanda Sawyer class of parents. I know courts aren’t perfect, but they’re not just going to deny a mother custody of her own child if she’s doing everything right. There is indeed more to this story, but the only people we’re hearing from are Mom’s propaganda ministers. And quite frankly, the fact that this child isn’t vaccinated, and she’s encouraging people to share her son’s confidential medical records, speaks volumes about why she doesn’t have custody in the first place.

I do realize that we will do crazy things for our kids. But it doesn’t mean it’s OK, and it doesn’t mean anyone else should be encouraging it. If you really cared about the kid you’d urge Mom to turn herself in, not go on the run.

They’re also blaming the custodial father because of this guy’s posts too.

He was copying and pasting the unconfirmed anecdote like it was gospel too.

Seriously, this wasn’t published anywhere. It was a poorly written rant from a biased source. Stop believing everything you see on the Internet.

Either way, it doesn’t matter if Dad is the biological father. By that logic adopted parents and members of the LGB community aren’t real parents either.

I don’t know either party involved here, and it looks like both Mom and Dad care about the kid. But the fact of the matter is that the court ruled against Mom, so for now Dad gets the kid. Just because you don’t like a judge’s decision doesn’t mean you get to take the law into your own hands.


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