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Husband Of Missing Cohasset Mother Ana Walshe Shows Up To Court Smiling, Bloody Knife Found In Basement, Never Reported Her Missing To Police, Bought Cleaning Supplies


On Sunday Cohasset resident Brian Walshe was arrested and charged with misleading police who are investigating the disappearance of his wife Ana Walshe, who was reportedly last seen on New Years Day. Turtleboy Daily News was the first to report on Brian Walshe’s extensive criminal background, including a recent felony conviction in federal court for selling fraudulent Andy Warhol paintings. Today he was arraigned in Quincy District Court, and here’s what we know:

  • Despite claiming that Ana left their house in a ride share on New Years Day at 4:30 AM to fly to her job in Washington DC, Brian Walshe never notified police. It was her employer on January 4 who first reported her missing.
  • Ana Walshe had a plane ticket for January 3, but Brian Walshe claimed that she left on January 1 for an emergency. Her employer confirmed that this was a lie.
  • Her cell phone pinged in area of house on January 1 and 2, after he claimed that she had left for DC.
  • Brian Walshe is on house arrest while awaiting sentencing for a felony conviction in federal court because he sold fake Andy Warhol paintings for $80K to an art dealer.
  • On January 1 he says he drove to his mother’s house in Swampscott and claims he got lost, despite presumably having her address and having been to her house before. He was not allowed to leave his house because he was on house arrest.
  • He claimed that he went to Whole Foods and CVS on January 1 and purchased items. Police reviewed surveillance video and he never went there. He also had no receipts for his supposed purchases.
  • These false statements caused a delay into the investigation of his wife’s disappearance because police were focusing on Swampscott, which is in the north shore.
  • On January 2 he told police that he left the house to get his son ice cream, but surveillance video at Home Depot in Rockland has him purchasing $450 worth of cleaning supplies including mops, buckets, tarps, tvax, and tape.
  • Police obtained a search warrant and found blood in the basement, as well as a knife that also contained blood. It’s unclear whose blood was found in the basement, but the knife was damaged.
  • His attorney says that Brian Walshe contacted her employer to report her missing, and that they volunteered to be the ones who would report her missing to police because they had former law enforcement under their employ.
  • Brian Walshe is now going to federal court to face a judge on the bail violations for leaving his house while under house arrest.
  • He is being held on $500K cash bail.

You could not possibly have a douchier perp walk than Brian Walshe had today.

Cold blooded.

If there was any doubt before about what happened I think that’s all been erased now. I expect him to be charged with murder as soon as police confirm it was her blood in the basement, and his DNA is on the knife. Remaining questions that have yet to be answered are:

  • What did he do with her body?
  • Is there blood in his car?
  • What was his motive for doing this?

Veteran crime reporter Kirk Minihane obtained tape over the weekend of Brian Walshe leaving a message with an unnamed person about Ana being missing on January 4. His youthful, vibrant producer Dave Cullinane shared it on the Twitter account for their murder solving podcast, The Case.

In the tape Walshe says that Ana had not been in touch with him for a few days, and that he called her work to see if she was there and they hadn’t seen her. He said someone from her work went to her DC house but she wasn’t there. That is consistent with the defense attorney’s statements in court today that he called her employer on January 4. It’s not clear who this voicemail was left with, but obviously it’s someone who believes he had something to do with his wife’s disappearance since they sent it to a true crime podcast.

We will keep you updated as this story develops.


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