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Hyde Park Heroin Dealer Arrested On Way To Court Seeks Justice For Alleged Police Brutality, Fights For Custody Of Baby Son


This is Mike Giannetti from Hyde Park, the self-described “selfie king,” AKA GSD (Guido Sugar Daddy), who makes money selling heroin and believes this gives him license to freely use the n word.


Notice who he’s friends with in the comments.

Sarah Burke is the Dedham webcam mother repeatedly featured on TB in 2017 for selling sex shows before every ratchet with an Only Fans started doing it, which included images of her kids, as thirsty guys vowed to do horrible things to her.

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So that’s the circle he runs in.

Giannetti is clearly dominating life, as can be seen by his Section 8 housing voucher which he threw in the face of the haters.

Giannetti a well known nudnik who’s gotten many addicts hooked on heroin and really doesn’t like the police. Peep those fingernails.

Looks like he went to third base with Amy Schumer.

This is Tommy Mattson.

Tommy is the North Shore version of Josh Abrams, in that he runs a “First Amendment auditor” YouTube channel where he goes around filming cops while they do their job. Now that Abrams is in prison Mattson seems to have taken over his territory in Boston, because back on December 28 he was riding along on his bike and witnessed Mike Giannetti being arrested while he was on his way to court, which in and of itself is so ratchet it hurts.

It’s unclear what Giannetti was being arrested for (other than the fact that the car he was driving was involved in a drug related crime), but the man in the Red Sox jacket is his father, and around the 15 minute mark you can hear Giannetti whining that the police broke his arm while arresting him. Tommy Mattson whines about the cops not doing their job right, even though he got there well after Giannetti was put in handcuffs.

His court day outfit and haircut just screams sex.

Looks like we found out what happened with Doc Rivers’ donated suits from 2005. It became the official court day outfit of Boston’s most notorious junkie slugpump.

Gianetti was quite thrilled to find out that Mattson happened to be in the area when he was detained, since he has almost 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. Unfortunately for Giannetti he’s under the impression that YouTube subscribers are something that matters, when in fact it’s just a racket for losers like Mattson to collect donos from other cop hating virgins around the country. Nevertheless he is ecstatic about the amount of views it got, and used it to shove it directly in the face of some guy named Romolo, who he can’t stop talking about on social media.

As you can hear, this Hyde Park Meth Mongoose has permanent Newport 100’s voice, speaks exclusively in sentagraph form on Facebook and YouTube, can’t shut up about how he was “poice brutalized,” brags about representing himself in court, and boasts about how he’s going to end up on the news for it.

He barely survived. Thots and shares.

Unfortunately getting arrested on the way to court will make you late to court. When he finally got to court they wouldn’t let him inside because he lied to them and told them he had COVID. Of course the court officer knew him by name, which is a ratchet badge of honor, and the officer tried in vain to explain to Giannetti that if he wanted to file a complaint against the police he had to go to the police station.


Mike is a huge joke around Boston and seems to have no idea that everyone is laughing at him. Since he wanted attention and can’t stop whining about his arm boo-boo, someone tagged TB in the comments so we could finally give him the coverage he was looking for.

He reached out to us to help him get his story out.

But a lot has changed since then. Unfortunately for society the Meth Mongoose’s boys can swim and he recently produced a child with his drugged out fiance Katelynn Schmoker.

As you can imagine they are tremendous parents who film themselves ripping butts in front of their spawn, posing him wearing chains while holding drug money, and letting the baby ride shotgun on the way to the DCF office, who he claims is trying to kidnap his little raw dog participation trophy.

He’s obviously really worried about the kid because when his friends ask him how the child is doing he brags about all the YouTube views he got for being a whiny man child in the back of a police cruiser.

According to him the only reason he didn’t have custody of his son is because of COVID, and Katelynn was actually a side chick who he knocked up because somehow this guy is swimming in women but you can’t get a text back.

Surely his custody issues have nothing to do with the fact that a hot date for him is getting a lap lunch from a junkie for a bag of Diego’s new stuff on meth mile.

Nevertheless he’s fighting to regain custody of his son and only failed two urine tests (or 3) during the pandemic.

The third relapse was the second one. Whatever that means.

He had previously claimed that he was taking DCF to the Supreme Court and said that if he was Muslim then the DCF fairy would return his son to him.

In fairness, the prophet Muhammed had sex with a 9 year old girl, made her his bride, and never lost custody

Out of nowhere in January 19 Giannetti claimed to have gotten his son back, which meant that the most important thing he had to do in that moment was go on Facebook, brag about how many YouTube views Tommy Mattson got by exploiting him, and rub it in Romolo’s face!

I don’t know what any of that means but it sounds important. All I know is if these two are allowed to raise a child together then there’s literally no reason for DCF to exist.

Around this time Giannetti was allegedly fighting to get his kid back he was also posting daily junkie manifestos that nobody understands the meaning of, but also can’t stop reading.

It’s just too entertaining to look away.

Oh, and did I mention he’s a rapper?

Because, of course he is. I hereby challenge him to a freestyle on Saturday night’s live show.

I was up until 3 AM last night reading his Facebook posts. I won’t even attempt to analyze any of them, but if you want to feel better about yourself then try to translate some of these from Ratchetese to English, and then remind yourself that there are much worse people out there than you.



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