Hyde Park Mother Who Robbed Multiple Houses Of Amazon Packages Identified As Coke Dealing Online Prostitute Groomed By Grandma


Last week the Boston Police posted a video on Facebook asking for the public’s help in identifying a porch pirate in Hyde Park who’s been going around stealing Amazon packages.

She’s done this before:

At least she was wearing a mask, so you know she’s a good person.

Captain Chlamydia here appears to drive around looking for Amazon packages inside transparent storm doors, and this particular residence was a two for one.

She can’t afford to buy Christmas presents but she can afford to get her nails done with a side of tramp stamps. Classic.

Multiple people we spoke with have identified this ghetto grinch as Shakira Rivera from Hyde Park. She’s a deadbeat Mom who has since deactivated her Facebook page, and has been robbing people for years.

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Her Mom Jacquelyn Vazquez was defending her on the BPD Facebook page when people began name dropping her daughter, and she’s at least 10-12 years older and wiser. Shakira has inherited the family business of getting hooked on crack and handing out DNA slurpies to pay for it. Mom has webcam access for sale, because even though there is free porn all over the Internet there are still men out there willing to part with their hard earned money in exchange for videos of washed up Hyde Park crab cakes that get penetrated more often than the Panama Canal.

You can often find them at Mojito’s in Boston, where Mom is a promoter and the two of them sell coke and rob people together. Ya know, normal mother-daughter activities when you’re from Hyde Park.

These people are the lowest of the low. Amazon packages are how people Christmas shop now, and there are no shortage of porch pirates out there right now looking for free stuff. If you know where she’s at give the Boston Police a holler and you could save someone’s Christmas.


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