I Am Being Deposed All Day By An Attorney Who Tried To Overturn The 2016 Presidential Election With A Change Dot Org Petition


I won’t be able to put out much content today because I am being deposed in a civil suit that was filed over 3 years ago in Middlesex Superior Court.


The plaintiff is a man named Jamie Genereux, and he owns a business called Packleader PetTrackers. He was briefly mentioned in a blog written by a former blogger known as “Manch” while I was on vacation in 2018. He got his feelings hurt by the blog so he sued me and 10 other women, including 2 former customers who left negative reviews, missing dog volunteers, and someone who liked a comment about him that he didn’t like on Facebook. I had no idea who he was, but after researching him he has turned out to be a psychopath with a long and documented history of horrible business practices and abusive language directed at women.

Multiple customers have complained that they paid him to find their missing dogs, were told by Genereux that the dogs were dead, and later found the dogs alive without getting a refund.

I’m republishing a blog I wrote in 2019 explaining the case, and showing text messages between Jamie and I in which he vowed to “sue me until I shut my face,” since many are not familiar with it. However, this time he has a new attorney named Sean Carnathan, who will be deposing me.

Carnathan has been known to share blatantly false information on social media, including this now debunked photograph that was used to raise over $20 million.

He believes you can remove a President from the White House with a Change.org petition, and once participated in an insurrection to overthrow our democracy by pressuring the electoral college to undo the election of President Trump.

At the bottom I’ve posted screenshots of him calling people “retards” on his business account, along with a small sampling of the negative reviews his company has received.


Read part 1, and part 2, of the Jamie Genereux PetTrackers series before reading this blog, or else you’ll heave a tough time figuring out what’s going on. This guy is suing me and 10 other women, including 2 former customers of his and 8 volunteers for a missing dogs non-profit, for a blog Manch wrote in August in which Jamie played a minor role. I had no idea who he was until I found out he was suing me in April. And honestly, this guy isn’t worth the fight. There’s so many things I’d rather do with my day than beat this guy in court. Since I had no idea who he was prior to this, what do I care if the blogs he was featured in are still on the website? I figured if I reached out to him, explained where I was coming from, and offered to take down any references to him, we could reach a common ground and save both him and I time and money.

Unfortunately I underestimated just how wacked in the head this guy is. Here’s the entire conversation I had with him this morning:

I ruined his name? I didn’t write a blog about him, and he was mentioned in one or two sentences in a blog that wasn’t even about him. Many former customers have echoed the same complaints that Manch wrote about in the blog. How does that “ruin” your business? Are people not allowed to voice complaints about the service you provided to them?

He insisted I wrote it though, while also admitting that he was speaking with Manch the entire time.

He’s blaming me for harassing phone calls, even though we haven’t given out his phone number, and says I’m not being sympathetic enough towards him.

Again, if this man had contacted me about an issue with the blog I could’ve looked into it and issued a correction if necessary. He never did that. He also hasn’t provided any evidence that what was written was false.

Finally he explained his side of the story – Amelia the dog trainer who killed Knox threw the e-collar into the pond, which is why Jamie’s dogs went there.

So basically he’s saying that he was hired to find the dog, he tracked the e-collar to the pond, he didn’t think Knox was in there but he recommended to the chief that they hire a diving team to search the pond, they searched the pond, and then Chantel Mayo called him and yelled at him for what she perceived to be wasting their time and getting her hopes up. This of course doesn’t change the fact that other women he is suing are alleging that he told them their dogs were dead after they paid him money, and the dogs ended up being alive.

This begs the question, why isn’t he suing Chantel Mayo? She’s the one with the big platform who accused the dog tracking company of lying to her on Instagram.

*****Voice to text – was supposed to say, “I assure you that I have no desire to harm your business.”****

He also said he never wanted Manch to blog about his side of the story.

Which of course means that she could only get quotes from his critics then.

Then he started saying I was responsible for mean comments about him on the website.

It’s really simple at this point. He wants something from me and I want something from him. I’m willing to do something I wouldn’t normally do and get rid of a blog. He’s willing to do….nothing. But he still wants stuff from me and he’s convinced he’s going to get it.

For the record, CDA Section 230 provides websites like Turtleboy with immunity from defamation claims based on comments left by third parties in comment sections. If websites were responsible for comments left on their sites then no one would publish content on the Internet. It would be too much of a risk.

At this point I realize I’m not dealing with a smart person here, and he’s just going in circles over and over again.

Then he kicked it up a notch and said he was going after my “domain hosts” because posting pictures of him from his public Facebook page are against my “domain hosts” terms of service.

The best part is his unearned sense of self confidence and condescending belief that I’m the stupid one here.

He said he was “coming for it all,” and in a threatening manner told me I would “wish you never owned (opened) your mouth)”.

Every time I offered a way to make him happy he just found a new way to victimize himself.

Then he threatened to sue my “new website” and sue me “until you shut your face.”

Then he started complaining about a text message he sent to a client of a dead dog, who he claims he will now be suing as well.

So pretty much everyone’s getting sued at this point.

At this point he had completely lost it. In my opinion if his business is in fact struggling it’s probably due to the fact that he’s unprofessional, impulsive, and I’d have to be crazy to trust him with my money. That’s when he started whining more about comments.

He threatened me with more expensive, frivolous discovery if I did not delete comments that said mean things about him.

And here we are. As you can see, this guy isn’t planning on going away anytime soon. He’s got a lot of Gaffney in him. He made it clear in his threatening messages that he intends on using this lawsuit to completely silence us and bury us in expensive discovery.

Reviews and messages:










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