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I Filed A Complaint With The Post Commission Against Boston Police Detective Karl Dugal For Harassing An Innocent Woman, Interfering With Court Proceedings


Yesterday I filed a complaint with the POST Commission against Boston Police Detective Karl Dugal, for his unprofessional, unbecoming behavior harassing and defaming a factually innocent woman on the steps of the Norfolk Superior Courthouse, and on Facebook. Dugal interrupted a press conference where Karen Read spoke for the first time on the courthouse May 24, falsely accusing her of “admitting” that she killed John O’Keefe.

He then made a Facebook post that was shared by Jennifer McCabe, who has proven to be one of the people who helped kill O’Keefe. Dugal falsely accused Karen of not having a brain tumor, lied about her not being in trauma after discovering the body, and made definitive statements about Karen’s actions which are provably untrue.

“Karen Read got drunk, put her full size SUV in reverse, hit my friend at speed and left him incapacitated on the side of the road to die, alone in the cold, like an animal.”

That is what libel looks like. Karl never stated that this was his opinion. He stated it as an undeniable fact. But anyone who has been following this case knows that John O’Keefe could not possibly have died from getting run over by Karen Read. Karl is blinded by the fact that Karen hurt his precious feelings by not calling him in the immediate aftermath of John’s death while she was experiencing trauma and being framed for murder.

The fact of the matter is that Karl Dugal is a Boston Police Detective and his public behavior is unbecoming of an officer, and extremely unprofessional. Karl is also openly associating with individuals like Jennifer McCabe who are under federal investigation for conspiracy to commit murder, and for covering up after the fact.

Let’s also not forget that Karl he cost the City of Boston $12K after he falsely arrested an innocent black man because he looked like another black man.

A Mattapan man should not have been tossed in a holding cell for several hours after he was arrested on Boylston Street near Tremont by a Boston police officer who mistook him for somebody else who had warrants out for his arrest, a federal jury decided this week. The jury awarded George Savage $12,750 for false imprisonment after a trial over his lawsuit against BPD Officer Karl Dugal for his 2014 arrest on Boylston Street, outside St. Francis House.

Savage who is black, bald and middle aged, said he was standing on Boylston Street in Chinatown minding his own business around 9:30 a.m. on June 16, 2014, when Dugal spotted him and mistook him for Robert Green, who is black, bald and middle aged, but who was wanted on drug and motor-vehicle charges out of Dorchester court.

People like Karl Dugal have no business being cops. I was very skeptical of the POST Commission when it was created in response to BLM riots in the summer of 2020, but I believe it could be a useful check against rogue officers like Karl Dugal, who use their power to harm innocent private citizens like Karen Read. I urge you to file a complaint by clicking here. Here’s what I wrote:



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  1. This is a Brilliant move TB…. And easily proven. Yet another narcissist that can’t keep his trap shut, and continues to draw attention to himself. Playing the pity card is not a good good for an Alleged BPD Detective…..Keep it up Dugal, you can add CONFLICTED to your name also.

  2. It’s stunning to me how a BPD Detective of all people can be so unequipped to recognize his own cognitive bias caused by his preconceptions of Karen Read. Also, he of all people should know that a woman who is still very intoxicated and in shock doesn’t make for a reliable witness enough to confess anything about the night before.

    And he is NOT John Okeefe’s friend. A true friend would want the truth, and would want every lead followed up on no matter where it goes. A true friend would want to question Jen McCabe not be her BFF on Facebook. Wake up. You’re a detective for Christ’s sake go do some digging for John and get to the bottom of this.

    1. He has a good case for CTE or early dementia. Does Jacki wipe off the drool from the side of his mouth before he starts talking? Honestly.
      I say he rolls with a cognitive impairment and fucks off… I mean… right?
      He can’t tell the difference between two black men, but he carries a gun and the department figures “can’t see for shit, but he’ll shoot in the vicinity.” That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

      Which transgender is he related to? The one that does in Southie? Honestly. These people a so intertwined & corrupt.

      I’m very curious how close “we” are to any FBI conclusions?
      I am embarrassingly ignorant to this process, but is it not “common” for the FBI to stay silent until they reign charges upon these hoes? Or are they just as useless & corrupt?

      I wonder if all the stations will now cover this live on 7/25, because of Turtle Boy.

  3. “I have not heard back from Karen to this day. No return call in the days in between his death and her arrest. No explanation for what happened; No “Karl, could you please help me figure this out” or “Karl i’m sorry you lost your friend”.

    Karl is a self absorbed dunce making this about himself. Please Karl solve the case Karl. Karl i’m sorry my fiance was murdered. Karl is there anything I can do for you Karl? Karl anything at all Karl, while i’m investigated for my own fiance’s murder?

    Gosh Karl let me wipe your tears from prison Karl.

    Fuck you Karl “Jan” Dugal your arrogance is only eclipsed by your stupidity Karl.

    Anybody think Karl cheats on his wife and steals?

  4. Jen Mc Cabe looks like the crypt keeper from HBO’s tales from the crypt.

    Karl speaking about himself in the 3rd person is an equally amusing and disturbing performance of a tiny brain. How did goofy Karl become a detective? Hopefully somebody publishes Karl’s grinder account.

  5. Who feels safe knowing there’s a Police DETECTIVE getting paid with tax dollars that not only isn’t waiting for a trial, not only isn’t merely speculating on the case as a layperson but actually determined the outcome of a case while overlooking a virtual mountain of exculpatory evidence?

  6. Hos much longer will this charade continue? Everyone knows Karen is innocent while the real killers are still on the loose.

    1. As I said in a previous thread, many answers lie with Personnel from Matt Kellys Pub.

        1. Hearsay I suppose but isn’t every good clue or lead until it’s followed and confirmed? Every fact was once a supposition or a hunch at one time.

  7. Judge should demand the prosecutors present in open court a crime reconstruction. Not lame evidence of miracle hairs. If they can’t present a coherent crime reconstruction that explains the bite marks on his arm the case must be dropped.

  8. Yes. This.
    I cannot believe any other journalist or reporter in this state claims to investigate a single fuckin’ thing.

    This is truly excellent.

    Let’s see what they do… he’s should go out in Admin, but will he?
    He’s on camera and his BS, while representing himself as BPD, is being quoted by murderers to support their lies…. He should just claim early dementia and peace out to Canada.
    Get the fuck outta here. The arrogance is deeply disturbing and seems to be a fucking plague.

  9. Well, the amount of corruption that Danny Risteen and I got away with, it’s a wonder TB didnt show up at our homes. I guess he was afraid.

  10. Not only this officer fail to state that his words are just his opinion, he also didn’t state that they are his opinion alone and NOT the opinion of his employer. That’s important because his employer is the police. This guy is a police officer and stating facts about the guilt or innocence of a criminal defendant while they are still at trial. That is easily interpreted as a statement by the police force itself. It would be great for KR to sue the police based on this officer’s posts. A defamation suit by KR would probably get their attention more than an internal complaint, especially when a defamation case has merit like this one does. The police officer actually said she is lying about her brain tumor, which is enough for a judgment in her favor regardless of anything else. What horrible conduct by this officer.

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