I Lost The Election But I Learned A Lot And I Will Be Back


So I lost my first race for office, and I did a show last night explaining what went wrong. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel, because I’m always going to do breaking news on YouTube first.

Before I get into this, I want to thank the people from all over who came out and held signs for me. If you have one in your yard I’ll be around to pick it up this week. The response we got was overwhelming and humbling. We presented a threat to the establishment and they had to bring out the big guns to stop us. Here’s a video of what we were up against outside Davis Hill Elementary School. An old racist white man who jumped off the sidewalk the moment he saw a black man walking in his direction, had the audacity to tell one of my supporters that I was a racist.

“I don’t vote for racists.”

Sir, you are one. And I don’t court votes from racists, so I’m honored to not have your vote.

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If that video isn’t the perfect metaphor for the Democratic party I don’t know what is. They literally run away from black people, don’t treat them like they’re useful for anything except votes, and then they call you racist for opposing them.

Here’s the unofficial results:

As you can see, I got killed. But I saw an injustice that was happening in our schools, I saw what these monsters did to my daughter by forcing her to sit in her room and have kindergarten on a chrome book, and I decided that I had to advocate for her and other kids by running. If you all you do is whine about the system, rather than try to change it, then you don’t really want things to change. I regret nothing, I will run again, and I’m applying for a vacant position on the committee after another member recently resigned.

A lot of people would say there’s no way for someone like me to win in communist Massachusetts. We haven’t had a non-democrat in any of the 9-10 congressional seats since 1996. That’s over 140 straight elections they’ve won. You would think once in a while someone with something different to offer would win, but that’s just not how the game is played. The Democratic Party is a well run, sophisticated winning machine. And until we start taking notes on how they win, and decide to adopt some of their strategies, they will continue to win.

Going into last election 34 of the 40 State Senate seats were held by democrats – a virtual monopoly on power that enables them to get anything they want passed. But they’re not content with having 85% of the seats in a state in which they represent 65% of the population, so they went after 5 of the 6 seats and won 3 of them:

  1. John Velis – Westfield, first democrat to hold that seat in 25 years (Republican became Westfield Mayor)
  2. Susan Moran – Barnstable and Plymouth (Republican took a new job)
  3. John Cronin – Fitchburg, beat incumbent Dean Tran in the closest race in the state

Now they have 37 out of 40, because 34 wasn’t enough. That’s what winners do. They never stop winning. You can whine about democrats all you want, but until you learn to win like them you will always be a loser.

Some will suggest that Turtleboy is the reason I lost. I call people mean words and use foul language from time to time. But they’re not actually offended by that, they’re offended by the fact that I’m threatening the monopoly they have on power. The other two challengers basically got the same amount of votes as me, and no one can say they called people crotch fruits. They’re both parents in the district too. Barry is a really nice guy, but the problem for him was that he was running for the kids, rather than running against something. For that reason he was attacked and smeared by the machine because he didn’t “openly denounce the Republican party,” or me personally.

Barry lost because the Democratic political machine got people to show up and vote for their 3 candidates.

That’s what I took from this election. The democratic party is unwilling to lose something as small as Holden School Committee because they want to control everything. They know that if people who challenge them start getting elected to School Committees then they won’t be able to brainwash your kids in school anymore. That’s why the well funded State Democratic Party, and the local Holden Democratic Town Committee, mobilized to endorse 3 candidates as a ticket, and labeled all challengers as “toxic” to children.

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Then they get help from people who don’t live in town:

They labeled people who want schools to open as “Q Anon,” not realizing the irony of accusing others of that while spouting deranged conspiracy theories.

Just read the postings on Walter Crocket’s Facebook page and you’ll see the type of people we were up against.

But most importantly they use their resources to create databases that analyze previous voting trends, they identify which 500-1,000 people in town are most likely to vote for their candidates, and they pay for a robo call that instructs them who to vote for on election day. They’ll readily admit it:

Winning elections is a science more than an art. Lauren Salmon-Garrett and Linda Long-Belil had almost the same number of votes because people who voted for one vote for the other. They were told to. They didn’t watch the debate and don’t pay attention to meetings. People who run campaigns for a living know this. It’s why “VOTE” was the primary message that got Joe Biden elected in November. They deliver people to the polls who don’t normally pay attention or care.

My biggest mistake was assuming that issues actually mattered. I thought it was odd that I was the only candidate out holding signs yesterday, and although we had lots of support and had a much more visible presence, we were naive to think that mattered. Over 80% of parents in this district wanted the schools to open, but the School Committee kept them closed. The woman I ran against, Asima Silva, lied during a meeting and said that 10,000 children died from COVID in Massachusetts, when in fact that number was 0.

That should be disqualifying to any normal person, but the fact of the matter is that most people don’t pay attention and have no idea she said that. It didn’t matter. All you have to do is just get apathetic people to show up on election day by robo-calling them 2 days before, tell them who to vote for, and you will win. This is how political machines work, and they’ve been doing it since Tammany Hall took over New York City in the 1800’s.

This is what I should’ve done, and it’s what I will do next time. Anyone who watched the debate knows that Lauren Salmon-Garrett didn’t know what critical race theory was and said kids were “lucky” to go back to school. They know that Asima Silva had the nerve to say schools opened too late, after voting to keep them closed. But the debate doesn’t matter half as much as a robo-call that tells you when to vote and who to vote for. Donald Trump got 5,500 votes in this town and I got 717. You just have to get some of those other 4,800 people to show up.

The bottom line is that I ran for School Committee because I’m a concerned parent who was upset that these adults hurt my child. I ran for the right reasons, but that’s not enough if you want to win. I don’t like losing, and I don’t like whining. There is a scientific way to get elected, and I’m going to figure out how to do that. I’ll be back, and in the meantime I will keep exposing people from all over the country on this blog that I love dearly, and advocating for my children.


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