I Never Would’ve Guessed This Brookline Ginger Was A Serial Arsonist Who Burns Down Buildings In Everett And Documents Trespassing On IG


This is Michael Mambrino from Brookline.

He likes to go into empty buildings and warehouses and take pictures that he posts on Instagram.

Unfortunately filming yourself at the scene of a crime and then posting it on social media is ill advised if you don’t want to get caught. As you may have noticed, he is a ginger, which means he has no soul. And when you have no soul you have a tendency to burn things for no reason, like empty warehouses you posted pictures inside of on IG.

The teenager accused of setting a fire that destroyed a vacant warehouse in Everett faced a judge in Malden District Court Wednesday. Michael Mambrino, 18, was held without bail on charges of burning a building and causing injury to a firefighter. Prosecutors said in court that security footage from two nearby businesses captured Mambrino in the area of the empty warehouse along Norman Street back on Jan. 23. They also disclosed that he’s the suspect in another recent arson case. Brookline police reported that they believe Mambrino started a fire at a home in the area just two days after the Everett blaze, on Jan. 25. The police report mentions that Mambrino’s Instagram account includes a number of photos of him standing in empty warehouses. The firefighter hurt in Everett suffered a minor injury to his leg while battling the fire. The fire destroyed the warehouse and caused major damage to a nearby garage.

This guy likes to burn things?

Never would’ve guessed it.

Who wore it better?

If you showed me this kid last week and said, “guess what he’s gonna be arrested for,” my money would’ve been on school shooter. But serial arsonist was a distinct possibility too.

I don’t know anything about the way this Torchy Tangerine was raised, but if your kid is allowed to grow his hair out long like that and spend his free time ON CHRISTMAS trespassing in condemned fire hazard buildings and talking about shooting propane tanks, then this one is kind of on you as a parent.

This is what happens when you don’t sign your kid up to play flag football, and then he comes home in 8th grade and tells you he’s forming a band. Him and his homies start playing weird emo music with masks on, doing podcasts, and having mosh pits in buildings they burn to the ground later on.


So yea, I blame the lack of toxic masculinity in Brookline. Teach your boys to be men. Sign them up for sports, invest in NFL Red Zone for bonding time on Sundays, don’t let them hang out with kids named Bryce who wear Converse All-Stars and skinny jeans, don’t let them form jam bands, and teach them the way of a zero fade haircut.


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