ICE Detainees In Boston Jail Start Hunger Strike That Involves Eating Food


This is the definition of fake news:

On paper it looks good. A bunch of assholes are going on a hunger strike, thus saving taxpayer valuable resources that could go to law abiding citizens. Of course a great way to go on an involuntary hunger strike is to just live in the shitholes they illegally immigrated here from.

The headlines got everyone all riled up and probably led to a lot of clicks and ad revenue for Masslive and WBZ. Except this is the last line of the story:

The organizations say the detainees sent jail officials a list of their grievances Feb. 10. A jail spokesman confirmed the detainees are refusing set meals, but are still eating their canteen food and drinking fluids.

LOL. Cool “hunger strike.” Except they’re not going hungry. They’re just being selective in what they eat. Kind of like my 2 year old.

Masslive didn’t even put that at all. They literally kept out the most important part of the story – this hunger strike involves eating. By the very definition then it is not a hunger strike. But fake news is gonna fake news. Anything for the clicks.

Here’s a list of their hilarious grievances they are demanding while they eat food, but not their first choice of food.

Lt. Cockley:

1. He has no respect for us. He’s very abusive and uses expletive language with us, such as the F…. word

Oh no!! Not the f word!! However will you survive?

C.O. Wilson:

3. Abusive treatment from other C.O.’s like Wilson. He makes fun of the detainees by using mockery and sarcastic remarks.

Stop the fight!! Sarcasm? Holy shitballs!! Thank God he wasn’t smirking!!

4. Food is always bad. There is no energy. Most of the time, the food is bland and there is no condiment such as salt and pepper. The food portion is very unbalanced. One tray might have a very small portion while others might have a very ridiculously big portion. There is no fruit.

Can we get a gourmet chef in here? What’s a prisoner gotta do to get some ranch sauce? And some prisoners get bigger portions than others!! No fair!!

8. The three TVs in the dayroom don’t work properly. They make weird sounds. It’s hard to watch them without getting annoyed. The cables are worn out.

Outrageous!! All three televisions should be at least 70 inch plasmas and have free HBO. You think these people illegally crossed an international border for basic cable? Madness!!

The bottom line is that Massachusetts and Rhode Island police officers do not collaborate with ICE. Every single illegal immigrant sitting in that jail right now is there because they broke the law, despite already being here illegally, and got arrested. Then during processing the cops realized they were undocumented so ICE got involved.

Here’s an idea – come to the United States legally. Or if you do come here illegally, try not to break more laws. Then you won’t end up in jail doing a bootleg hunger strike.

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