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If You’re Not Happy For Kyle Rittenhouse Then You’re a Horrible Person


By now you’ve probably hear the news – Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty on all charges. And the videos of him crying make me want to cry.

I have never been happier for a human being than I am for Kyle Rittenhouse right now. He was completely innocent from the start and everyone who was being honest with themselves knew that. The media and left wing politicians conspired to lie about him, lie about what happened in Kenosha, and in turn cause maximum destruction and divide. They did it to get Joe Biden elected, and they didn’t care who they had to hurt in the process.

They lied when they said Jacob Blake was unarmed and shot for no reason.

They lied when they said he was a good person instead of a rapist who was attempting to kidnap the children of the woman he raped.

They lied when they said the riots they caused by lying were peaceful protests.

They lied when they led people to believe that Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum were peaceful black BLM protesters

They did nothing to protect Kenosha businesses and lives because they hate police, so a 17 year old boy had to do that for them.

They lied when they said the people he shot were unarmed.

They lied when they said they were victims

They lied when they said he was a white supremacist.

They lied when they said he wasn’t from Kenosha.

They lied when they said he carried a gun across state lines.

They lied when they said the gun was illegal.

They lied when they said he hunted them down.

They lied when they said he was a murderer.

GoFundMe banned people from donating to his account.

Facebook banned you from saying good things about Rittenhouse.

They lied when they pretended to care about justice, or the prison-industrial complex by advocating to send an innocent person to jail for the rest of his life.

These are evil people who will destroy your children the second they get the chance. They have a particular hatred of white teenage boys – Covington, 17 year old Kavanaugh, Rittenhouse. They believe that this demographic (Brock Turner) has been getting away with too much for too long. Now your sons must be punished for sins of the past so that these bloodthirsty ghouls can have their revenge. An entire political party operates under the belief that people who look like Kyle Rittenhouse are oppressors. If you voted for this you are a bad person too.

They hated Kyle Rittenhouse not just because he was white, but because of what he represented. Working class, gun toting people who resented BLM mobs burning down their communities.

If Jacob Blake didn’t rape anyone then he wouldn’t have gotten shot.

If the media hadn’t lied then there would be no riots.

If the Governor had protected the community then Kyle Rittenhouse never would’ve felt the need to be there.

If there were no riots then Anthony Huber and Joe Rosenbaum would not have been in Kenosha.

If Huber and Rosenbaum had not tried to attack a man with a gun they would be alive.

Kyle Rittenhouse deserves to go home and hug his mother. Then he deserves to get laid. Unlike Jacob Blake it will be consensual, and unlike Joe Rosenbaum it will be with a legal adult.

Thank you Kyle for protecting your community, standing up to the mob, taking a child rapist out of the population, and for representing millions of people who have been falsely maligned like you were.



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