IGO Report Investigating Rachael Rollins: Got Kids Free Celtics Nose Bleed Seats So She Could Sit In Loge Seats, Conspired With Ricardo Arroyo, Illegally Gave Sensitive DOJ Information To Globe And Herald To Smear Kevin Hayden


I spent the last several hours reading through this 161 page report from the Office of the Inspector General, in regard to their investigation into US Attorney Rachael Rollins for several ethics complaints. It highlights just how corrupt, incompetent, and in over her head the former Suffolk County DA was. And it’s a reminder that the only reason she was ever appointed to this position, which she was clearly not qualified for, was so that President Biden could brag about how many women of color he appointed to random positions in government. It is a living, breathing testimonial to just how ill-advised the push for diversity can be.

The OIG investigated her for a variety of things including,

1) giving sensitive DOJ documents to local reporters in order to smear her political adversaries and affect election outcomes

2) forcing an assistant to get her free Celtics tickets

3) calling up the Howie Carr Show and talking about cases she wasn’t allowed to talk about

4) disregarding advice from her underlings not to go to the Jill Biden fundraiser in Andover

5) attempting to circumvent ethics laws by meeting Jill Biden outside of the fundraiser, but then she went inside anyway

6) politicizing her office by going to Democratic events, including an event in opposition to Roe vs. Wade being overturned

7) using her personal cell phone to conduct DOJ business when she didn’t want it being traced back to her

8) accepting donations to her DA campaign fund despite no longer being DA of Suffolk County

When Rollins left her office as Suffolk County DA, Governor Baker appointed Kevin Hayden to fill the position until the upcoming election. Hayden is more of a traditional Democrat who still believes that criminals should be prosecuted, so obviously Rollins didn’t like him. She favored Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo, who was running on the same “progressive” Soros funded agenda she had run on.

Rollins couldn’t publicly endorse Arroyo because ethics laws restrict her from being involved in political campaigns. So she worked tirelessly behind the scenes to assist Arroyo as much as possible while covertly using the media to smear Hayden. In particular she fed information to both the Globe and the Herald that her office was going to be investigating Hayden for public corruption. She attempted to get First Assistant US Attorney Joshua Levy (who is now running the federal grand jury investigating the murder coverup of John O’Keefe) to do her dirty work for her, but he refused so she had to covertly do it herself.

Weeks before the Democratic primary election for DA, Ricardo Arroyo was credibly accused by two women of sexually assaulting them while he was in high school. The story was published in the Boston Globe on August 24, and Arroyo claimed that was the first time he heard about any such allegations.

But the OIG found text messages between Rollins and Arroyo going back weeks before that, which shows them plotting how they will respond once the allegations are made public.


In response Rollins used the power of her office to feed non-public DOJ documents to a Herald reporter, suggesting that her office was investigating Hayden. Unfortunately for her the Herald did not publish them prior to the primary election in September because her own office questioned the validity of the unnamed source (Rollins).

Rollins was not allowed to endorse any candidate for political office. But since she’s a vindictive shrew who holds a grudge like no one else can, she made it her life’s mission to destroy Kevin Hayden. She continued to have long conversations with Arroyo, despite the credible claims of sexual assault against him, giving him campaign advice and what to say to bury Hayden. She suggested that he point out that the people endorsing Hayden were too white, and made it clear what Arroyo’s goal should be – “No Mercy – finish him.”

It’s clear from reading their text messages that Ricardo Arroyo is a very stupid child who has no idea what he’s doing. Rollins was the skilled and veteran politician there to coach him, for no other reason than to settle a grudge with Kevin Hayden. She advised Arroyo where to hit Hayden the hardest and even told him to go to Hayden’s church twice every Sunday.

Arroyo had no idea how to handle the sexual assault allegations that destroyed his campaign, so Rollins told him to direct all calls from the media to her since she was better equipped to spin a lie for political gain. In anticipation of the Globe article coming out Arroyo sent his public statement draft to Rollins so she could edit it.

This is very similar to how she coached Rayla Campbell, a Republican running against Ayanna Pressley for Congress, on how to hurt Joe Kennedy when he was running for Senate. She even wrote Campbell a script:


Rollins attempted to deceive the OIG by stating that the Globe and other media outlets had contacted her first. When they confronted her with evidence that she reached out to them first she didn’t have an explanation.

Rollins really despises Kevin Hayden, and she told Arroyo that if Hayden “said some bullshit about me I will come for his throat.”

Which is exactly the type of person we always knew she was, ever since her road rage incident with Katie Lawson. We tried to warn the public about her, but 50 Democratic Senators didn’t get the memo.

Rollins frequently spoke with Globe and Herald reporters and asked them to lie about who their sources were.

Rollins also conspired with radical Northeastern law professor Daniel Medwed to hurt Kevin Hayden. Medwed presents himself in the media like some sort of unbiased analyst, but we now know from the OIG report that he works on behalf of Rollins.

Arroyo asked Rollins if her office would do him a favor by investigating Kevin Hayden in response to the sexual assault allegations. Rollins told him to focus on getting Daniel Medwed to publicly release a letter criticizing Hayden while she was “working on something.”

Rollins rewarded Medwed for writing the letter demanding Hayden be investigated by agreeing to show up for a book signing he was doing on September 21.

Poor Ricardo Arroyo never got the federal investigation into Hayden that he was hoping Rollins would do for him. As a result he lost to Hayden, but Rollins in her typical fashion said that Hayden would “regret the day he did this to you.”

And by “did this to you,” she meant “leaked relevant information that Arroyo was a twice accused rapist.”

Arroyo sounds like a 15 year old girl in his texts, calling what Hayden allegedly did “harmful as fuck,” and said he needed revenge “for my heart.”

Poor Sticky fingers.

A Democrat was going to win the general election for DA, so it was a done deal that Hayden would be elected at that point. Nevertheless, Rollins set out to smear him some more. She conspired with an unnamed Herald reporter to give him sensitive DOJ materials that he agreed not to attribute to her.

The story was published on September 11 in the Herald. The only reporter to write something about Rollins’ office that day was Sean Cotter.

Rollins lied under oath about being the source for Cotter’s story, but when confronted with evidence that she was the source she fessed up to what she had done.

Ricardo Arroyo had lost, but was happy to see that Rollins had gotten something published that hurt Hayden.

As for the Jill Biden fundraiser, that event cost a minimum of $5K to attend, but Rollins didn’t have to pay a dime.

She was advised not to step foot inside the house by Levy, but instead went into the house, stood in a “cattle line” to take a picture with Biden, and demanded to be introduced as United States Attorney. Jill Biden had no idea who she was, which I find hilarious.

Rollins also got in trouble for activity on her Twitter account, @DARollins. She said that she had approval before meeting Jill Biden.

But that turned out to be untrue. She then texted a copy of that tweet to Joshua Levy and told him not to do anything without speaking to her first. She claims that the tweet was OK because it’s her personal account, and she blocked the Herald reporter who posted the story about her.

This is a First Amendment violation since it’s an account she uses in her role as US Attorney, not just for personal tweets.

It’s just crazy to read all her messages and see how obsessed she was with how she was portrayed in the media. It’s not surprising since she called into the Howie Carr Show to debate me about the road rage incident, but the Globe and Herald conspiring with her is just wild.

Rollins even admitted to investigators that she used her personal phone to communicate with the media about sensitive DOJ material because she knew that government phone and emails can be subject to public records requests.

My personal favorite was the Celtics stuff though. She found a youth basketball group and offered 30 kids tickets to the Celtics since she was banging some guy that worked for them. But instead of arranging to get the tickets herself she had a staffer do it, which they were uncomfortable with.

But Rollins also asked for and accepted 2 free tickets to the game herself. The best part is that the kids all got $80 nose bleed seats, while she got $350 loge seats.

In order to make it look like she was there with the kids she also made it a point to take a picture with them, which she posted to Twitter.

When she couldn’t get in touch with their chaperones for the photo op she flipped out.

So basically she used a bunch of poor kids from Holyoke as bait to get herself free Celtics tickets, then got mad when she couldn’t immediately use them for a photo op.

She continues to use her adopted kids as bait to get Grant Williams to give them free stuff too.

As for the tickets to California, that was for some nonsense “social justice” summit, and she flew first class.

She also went to New York and accepted free lodging from an entertainment agency there.

Meanwhile, Joshua Levy couldn’t believe how brazen and stupid she was when she spoke at a political rally in response to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

Rachael Rollins is exactly who we’ve known she was for quite sometime.


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