I’m Being Sued By Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia


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I had no idea Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia was suing me until someone called me and told me Universal Hub posted about it on Twitter. A few minutes later Attorney Ryan McLane, who is representing me in the Tony Branch and Jamie Genereux lawsuits, called to tell me the Boston Globe was asking for comment. Funny how the mainstream media acknowledges my existence and importance the second a City Councillor uses the courts to try to silence a journalist for reporting on her alleged behavior.

For now I’m not going to get too into it until I’ve officially retained counsel and spoken with them about strategy. Most likely I’m going to retain Anti-SLAPP expert Marc Randazza, who is experienced in this sort of litigation. This is the entirety of Universal Hub’s story, which for some reason they didn’t tag me in:

City Councilor Julia Mejia says Turtleboy owner Aiden Kearney keeps libeling her and she’s had enough. In a defamation lawsuit filed yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court, Mejia says a 2021 Turtleboy post claiming she started livestreaming rather than calling 911 when somebody was being murdered outside her Dorchester home and 2022 social-media posts alleging she’s a possible drug user who threw her weight around BPD headquarters to avoid getting charged with OUI are “false, libelous and defamatory, per se.”

The posts, her suit alleges:

Were defamatory, per se, because they impute dishonesty, immorality, vice, violations of criminal law and dishonorable conduct to Mejia and injured Plaintiff in her personal and professional career. The Defendant knew or should have known that the statements about Plaintiff were false and recklessly published the information unnecessarily, unreasonably, and excessively with disregard to falsity. …

All the above-described statements were false, malicious and were published with a knowing, intentional, subjective awareness of, and/or reckless disregard of, their falsity.

As a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s defamatory and libelous statements, the Plaintiff suffered injury, and has been held up to scorn, ridicule and abuse. …

Defendant’s conduct was extreme, outrageous, beyond all possible bounds of decency, and utterly intolerable in a civilized society.

Mejia is seeking a jury trial at which she can seek a ruling declaring that Kearney defamed her and order him to not do so again – and to award her financial damages.

Tonight on Turtle Club we will be reviewing the entire complaint she filed. To watch the stream you can join Turtle Club by clicking here. For $15 a month you get ad free on the website (I know how annoying the ads are), a free t-shirt of your choice, and access to the Thursday night members-only streams. If you don’t want the t-shirt or the ad free, but you do want to watch the premium streams, you can join our Locals community for $7 a month by clicking here. If you’d prefer to do a one time donation and don’t want anything in return, you can do so by clicking here.

Ironically is is lawsuits like this that got me to create Turtle Club. There are no shortage of people we report on who would love to use their power and influence to silence us. We’ve been sued many times before, and I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills. Many of you have donated, but I needed a more stable business model moving forward. We’re blacklisted by so many advertising networks that the only way to ensure revenue streams to pay for our legal bills, is by having subscription services like Turtle Club. By joining you’re not only getting the ad free, shirt, and premium streams, you’re supporting Turtleboy in our ongoing defense of free speech.

This is not the first time we’ve been sued, nor will it be the last. We’ve never lost a lawsuit and I don’t intend on ever losing one. We will never stop reporting the truth, we will not be intimidated by powerful elected officials who use the courts to try to silence us, and I will continue to fight these battles wherever they are waged in my never ending quest to protest the First Amendment.



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