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I’m Looking For The Identity Of This 18-Year-Old Sexual Deviant Claiming To Be From Athol, MA Who Is Trying To Hook Up With 13-Year-Old Girls

This guy goes by the name “James Diggenss” on Facebook, and claims to be 18 years old and from Athol, MA.


I’d love to know his real name, though. Because he’s a sick, deviant S.O.B, and someone needs to come put him in jail. ASAP. Check out some of the stuff this weirdo thinks is appropriate to say in public:


He apparently has a habit of sexually harassing females over the internet:


By sending messages like this one:



But most concerning, this guy has a strong interest in having sex with children. Children as young as 13 years old.


Going so far as to send pictures of his disgusting penis and videos of himself masturbating, to what he thought was a 13 year old girl:


Gross. So if anyone knows who this piece of  steaming human excrement is, please slide up in our DMs and let me know. Just please, no dick pics.





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