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Internal Emails From Nursing Director At Brigham And Women’s Hospital Show Doctor Is Lying About Capacity, Says Only 20% Of ICU Beds Are COVID Patients


This is Abraar Karan, a doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Karan was featured in a Boston.com story yesterday after a tweet of his got a lot of attention, claiming that there are no ICU beds left at his hospital, and urging restaurants to be shut down because he baselessly insinuates that correlation is causation.


“Last night, there were no ICU beds left at a hospital where I work in Boston.”

Posted by Boston.com on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

He also stated in the thread that shutting down the economy has nothing to do with the economy, and it’s just a lie being spread by rich people because “wealthy powerful people are the last people that are going to be doing the high risk activities they say are safe for everyone else.”

Wealthy people like California Governor Gavin Newsom, who likes to eat at indoor restaurants with over a dozen people without masks on, and then tells you that you must close your business because it’s your fault the virus is spreading.

Fear porn like this is designed to frighten people from living their lives and pressure the government to close down restaurants because we’re being told that restaurants and businesses are the reason that there is no room left in the ICU.

However, TB Daily News has been alerted by a whistle blower who works at Brigham and Women’s that this is a lie. Here’s an email sent out Tuesday by BWH nursing director Barbara Clemons, letting nurses know that only 20% of ICU beds are occupied by COVID patients, that patients are recovering quicker and better from COVID thanks to new therapies, and that they have an ample supply of PPE.

To be clear, Dr. Abraar Karan works at this same hospital and is claiming that the ICU beds are completely filled with COVID patients, and it’s because of indoor dining.

This man is just lying to the public because he can. He sits on the Epidemic Response team for the Mass Department of Public Health, is a frequent contributor to NPR, and a “reviewer” for the CDC.

Needless to say he has profited immensely from COVID, and the longer this goes on the longer he can continue to do so. It’s in his best interest to make the public believe that the virus is worse than it is.

In reality the hospitals are busier during the winter due to seasonal flu and other diseases spreading. His job, like any job, would be much easier if he were less busy. Therefore he wants you to stop living your life, and for restaurants to be forced to close down, knowing full well that he will continue to receive a doctor’s salary.

Now let’s see what Abraar Karan had to say about protests in June.

  • He spoke out in support of “anti-racism protests” with over 50,000 people jammed closely together because “COVID 19 is being driven by racism”

  • Said that we couldn’t stop the spread of the virus until racism stopped existing, which will never happen and is a completely made up lie coming from a “public health expert.”

  • Doctors shouldn’t bother telling protesters to stop because they won’t listen, and the only solution was to “address what the protests are about,” which ultimately means “abolish the police and then we’ll stop protesting.”

  • He said that black people should be protesting because “How can you tell somebody not to protest for their life?” As if they will die if they do not protest, simply because a rogue cop in Minnesota killed a black man.

  • If you’re concerned about 50,000 person protests jamming up the streets of Boston during a pandemic, then you are likely a hypocrite because you wanted businesses to open back up a week before. In reality people were furious at hypocrite doctors like this who advocated for lockdowns and then cheered on protests.

  • Protests magically don’t cause the virus to spread, while ignoring the fact that they happened in June, not November.

  • Said that huge protests helped increase testing which stopped the spread of COVID

  • Said that it’s OK to protest “for your life” (BLM), but not OK to protest to open up businesses like barber shops so that business owners can make a living

  • Said that it was outrageous that police teargassed a nursing assistant, but said nothing about the fact that this healthcare worker was in a mob of violent people, spreading disease with her mask pulled down, and likely went to work the next day.

  • Encouraged protesting without masks on by sharing a video of two black men shouting at each other without social distancing, and without masks on, during a protest

  • Justified large protests by falsely and arbitrarily claiming that racism is a “public health emergency”

And to the shock of absolutely nobody he’s also not a fan of Donald Trump.

Stop listening to “public health experts,” who lie, fear monger, tell you that viruses don’t spread at protests, and clearly are driven by a political agenda. The hospitals were never over capacity during the first surge and they’re not over capacity now either.

Stand up, fight back, be free.


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