Investigating Celebrity Veteran Landon Steele: Volunteer Trip To Haiti Filled With Lies, Used To Recruit More Victims


Last week we published a blog about disgraced State Trooper Leigha Genduso’s new boyfriend Landon Steele, after he was accused by half a dozen women of emotional and physical abuse, financial manipulation, and dangerous behavior involving guns and alcohol around small children. For years Landon has been a celebrity of sorts in the military community and has built up a large following on social media, largely due to his tendency to end up as a meme.

But his online persona is the polar opposite of what these victims have alleged about him, which is why many have found our story hard to believe. This in and of itself is a form of fraud, and for years Landon has used his Facebook page in particular as a way to attract women and prey on his next victim.

We’ve uncovered a lot of information on Landon Steele in the last week, and some serious accusations are being levied aside from the alleged behavior in the sworn affidavits from his female victims. We plan on publishing a multi-part series investigating some of the things we’ve discovered, starting with his 2017 trip to Haiti. You may recall that he was dating one of his victims when he first decided to go there in August 2017, but told her it was a top secret CIA/FBI mission that was part EMT, part finding and shooting drug dealers.

But the latter was completely made up. Landon, like many other vets, volunteered to help out with this organization because he was unemployed, looking for structure in his life, and was urged to get off the couch by his ex-girlfriend.


While he was in Haiti he constantly posted pictures of himself with young children, arguably crossing lines when it comes to privacy of patients, in order to make himself look like a hero.

He continues to update his profile pictures on Facebook to this day with images from his trip to Haiti.

In doing so Landon continued to become a veteran celebrity as meme after meme appeared with his face on it.

Landon is seemingly always posing for pictures that will guarantee him maximum likes, comments, interactions, and praise. It’s what his entire Internet persona is built on. Landon plays this role where he’s a rugged, gun-toting, Murica-loving, whiskey drinking patriot, who you’d ideally want on your side in a gunfight. It’s extremely over the top.

He posted about patients having leprosy.

He had a post with nearly 1,000 likes bemoaning sheltered Americans who were interrupting his laborious work saving lives in the heat.

He’s very busy, and very needed. Please take a number. When he does get a break he likes to “crack a cold one,” because he’s a rugged, grizzled, American man.

If Landon wanted to help people in need, that would be a noble venture. But his constant virtue signaling for likes on social media cheapens whatever positive impact he had there, and brings his motives into question. He constantly had other people take close up pictures of him in alleged life or death situations, which he would then post on Facebook with the most dramatic captions possible.

“My big problem is figuring out how to fly vets here for free, keep all 7 ambulances running, pay staff so we can continue to save the little problems we have now.”

Except Landon had nothing to do with any of those things. He was a volunteer there for a couple months. In no way, shape, or form was he involved with any of the planning or oversight. The organization he worked for requested that we not write this blog, fearing the damage a perceived association with Landon can cause. However, the Haiti trip was a defining moment in his online persona, and one that he has used to court other victims by misrepresenting his work there. We had to write about it because Landon is a danger to women, and still has a lot of people fooled, but agreed not to publish the name of the organization.

Despite the hero he was pretending to be on social media, Landon damaged the Haiti organization greatly while he was there. A spokesperson described him as a “mentally unstable criminal and possibly a psychopath.” They allege that they found out about his issues with substance abuse while he was down there and attempted to get him help. But just like with all the other victims, he denied he had problems with alcohol.

According to the organization Landon stole $1,500 from them in one grab, along with supplies, uniforms, and medication. They describe his “grandiose story telling, lies, and delusions,” while he was there.

Our sources believe that he is not just a bad person, but a mental headcase who they were patient with, just like many of his previous victims had been towards him. They allowed him to stay at their crew house for a couple months before figuring how to send him home without being destitute. They worried that he’d go back, continued drinking, and become homeless. They wanted it to work out for both parties in Haiti, but eventually he became too much of a liability, they didn’t have the capability to manage someone like this, and they had to send him home early.

Yet here he is in October, claiming to be a manager of the group, and lying about being asked to stay for longer.

He included this ridiculously over the top and completely unnecessary picture on that post.

Except none of that actually happened. Landon wasn’t sent there for gun fights. He was there to volunteer to help with sick people. Yet he’s claiming that his pants are covered in the blood of a Haitian guard who fought alongside him in an imaginary battle. And he’s not washing them because he wants to show his grandkids one day that black people have the same color blood as white people.


Many of the photographs he posed for in Haiti were allegedly without the knowledge of the organization, as they never would’ve approved of the exploitation of the people they were there to help. Sometimes it was just the neighbor’s kids, including one photograph that appeared in an online publication with a wealthy family. The average American seeing them at home wouldn’t know the difference, and Landon knew that.

Ironically in one post he shunned people who post things on Facebook for the likes.

Notice how he always includes his bracelets in the pictures. We will explain that in a later blog.

One man in particular, who appears to have had serious damage done to his leg for unknown reasons, has been exploited many times on Landon’s Facebook page.

“I rubbed dirt on it and gave him Motrin.”

This is what Landon always does – passive-aggressively minimizes his work. He’ll post a dramatic picture of what appears to be him saving someone’s life, and act like he’s so immune to it that it’s not big deal. Like with this one.

He’s covered in blood, which in and of itself is unnecessarily dramatic, and he posts it to Facebook. His comment, “the guy lived,” is him showing that not only is he a hero, he’s also humble about it. But if he truly wanted to be humble he wouldn’t ask someone to take his picture so he could post it on Facebook in the first place.

Landon posts pictures like that so he can get comments like these.

There are no shortage of women on any of his posts from Haiti saying how attractive it is that he’d volunteer for such a mission. This is why it’s so easy for him to find women to prey on – because he uses Facebook in order to con them into thinking he’s not only a great guy, but a hero as well. Someone who puts the needs of children first. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?

The organization that brought him there works largely with veterans. It helps them transition to civilian life by getting them volunteer work with other vets. He tricked them, largely due to his online persona and plethora of available reference, but in doing so they have since changed their policies and procedures for accepting volunteers. They certainly weren’t the first and won’t be the last people to fall for Landon’s online persona.

Anyone with further information or first hand dealings with Landon Steele, including people who have positive things to say about him, are invited to email me (Aidan Kearney) at [email protected]

Stay tuned for Part 2.


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