Investigating Hadassah Robeson’s Gan Rivkah Center Part 2: Deplorable Living Conditions, Interview With Her Son, Lack Of Regulation From Fire Department And Health Board


You are reading Part 2 of this series. Click here to read Part 1.

The Gan Rivkah Center is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,304 square foot one family house, estimated to be worth $246K on Zillow. When Hadassah found out I had an interest in writing about the GRC she contacted me and invited me to Milford to review her books and tour the house. Last week I took her up on her offer, and it was an experience I will never forget.

We started off at her “businesses,” and had a blowup that I will be detailing in part 4. After that we went to the shelter itself. I was in the GRC for approximately 15 minutes before the stench of stale cat urine became overpowering. I immediately contacted the Milford Board of Health after leaving and they sent someone over with the fire department for an inspection. The BOH called me back afterwards and said that because the litter box had recently been changed the house was up to code. Many people we spoke with have contacted the BOH as well, and all of them are frustrated with the town’s apparent lack of concern about this seemingly unregulated, and unhealthy living environment. The man I spoke with said he was retired, but was working anyway. It was clear they hadn’t done a thorough job. Perhaps for further reference they should look at Hadassah’s daughter’s June 16 Facebook post, showing her pet mouse upstairs.

That is a video of a mouse in her bedroom drinking from an open water bowl next to a bowl full of pet food.

Hadassah is listed on the deed at 16 Cedar Street, and the town lists her as living there as well, but she lives in the adjacent house at 18 Cedar Street, which I did not go inside of. She says that the GRC is a women’s shelter, but a 2017 Facebook post and video of her berating this reporter shows her stating that men live there

The date that the Gan Rivkah Center allegedly opened changes every time Hadassah speaks. Open Corporates says that GRC incorporated in September 2013.

A letter from the IRS stated that she was tax exempt moving forward, on July 24, 2014.

Yet in Facebook posts she routinely says that they’ve served over 2,000 families since 2007.

I’ve seen 2009 and 2011 listed as launch dates as well.

When I was inside the GRC I met one resident named Fatimah, who Hadassah introduced me to, and has been living there for five years. To my knowledge Hadassah did not ask this woman’s permission for this introduction, and throughout my time there Hadassah poured it on heavy by repeatedly and awkwardly hugging her.  Today Hadassah held an “open house” in response to the first blog being published, and made three residents stand outside with her, including Fatimah. It wasn’t much of an open house, as she wouldn’t show the one person who came anything of interest, and wouldn’t answer any relevant questions.

Fatimah was told to tell me what her one chore was – changing the cat litter. Hadassah then showed me the chart with the names of residents and what their chores were. The questions she asked Fatimah seemed coached.

“Fatimah, when we had a yard sale outside did I make you come outside and sell?”

“No, we all offered to help.”

There was only one right answer Fatimah could give there.

The fact that the names of the residents was listed everywhere, and that she had brought me in the house to meet them all without their permission, seemed like a serious privacy violation on her part.  Residents should be consulted before she goes around stating their names to a reporter. What if one of them was a victim of domestic violence trying to hide out from an ex-boyfriend? This is a theme we will see later on in Part 5.

The fact that one resident has been there for five years is also alarming, since this is supposed to be a transitional home, not a place to stay indefinitely. As a matter of fact, in her podcast with My FM 101.3 she specifically says that guests can stay up to two years maximum.

This is one of a plethora of contradictions and lies that Hadassah’s been caught in. She seems to make up the rules as she goes along, and there is no oversight whatsoever.

The first floor has a small kitchen that has the basics like a microwave, cabinets, stove, and dishwasher.

However, several of the cabinets are locked and residents cannot use them.

When I asked her why that was she said it was because they were old and residents would break them.

There is a refrigerator in the living room with a sign that says “NO MEAT” on it.

Hadassah tole me she does this because she’s a vegetarian. When I pointed out that other residents might not be vegetarian she told me they all had mini-fridges in their room, which may or may not be true because she did not allow me very far inside the rooms, and was clearly hiding something. Hadassah told me this fridge is for her food, which she doesn’t want to be contaminated by the residents’ food. When I asked why she didn’t put food in her own fridge she told me she didn’t have one. This later turned out to be another lie.

There are three bedrooms in the first floor, but she only let me briefly glance inside of them. I counted one room with 8 beds and 2 cribs, another with 6 beds, and another with 4 beds. The 32 residents number that she throws around a lot would be impossible. More importantly, state law mandates that boarding houses (which this is) require 1 bathroom for every 8 residents. If 32 people were living in the GRC it would necessitate 4 bathrooms. They have 1.

The rooms look nothing like they do on the Facebook page. You can kind of see parts of the biggest room behind the baby gate in this image.

There are cages and animals everywhere you look. In one room I saw rabbits, guinea pigs, and cats. I heard multiple dogs barking loudly from her house at 18 Cedar Street, and many people have told us that she has had chickens, tilapia, goats, and a variety of other animals.

The beds are filled with trash bags full of donations, pet cages, and other baggage that makes it clear that only a handful of people currently live there. It looks nothing like it does on Facebook, but even those pictures are troubling.

You’re not seeing things – those are bunk cribs that sources tell us she built herself (because just like Jesus Christ, she’s also a carpenter). I have no idea how you would get a baby up or down from there, but it seems rather dangerous. That particular room accommodated 10 people, even though the cribs block the closet and the beds block access to the windows. If there were ever a fire in this house, and it was filled to capacity, there would be enormous casualties. The Milford Fire Department came over with the Board of Health after I called the other day and deemed this death trap acceptable.

There are two floors with living areas, but I only saw the first floor because her adult children live upstairs and it is off limits to guests. This directly contradicts several earlier statements, including the podcast interview with the radio station, in which Hadassah states that the upstairs area is where the classes take place and community dinner is served.

(Note it says “at no cost for our residents.” That’s also a lie we’ll get into in part 4.)

When I asked her about that while standing in the GRC living room, Hadassah told me that she didn’t realize she had a website. This also directly contradicts several earlier statements in which she promoted her website, including the GRC’s Facebook page’s most recent post was sharing the the website.

Among the services listed at the shelter

  • Housing – true
  • Food – true, but you have to eat vegan, and eat Jewish food on Jewish holidays – her religion is pushed on residents
  • Clothing – true
  • Daycare – If you count watching your own kid as daycare, then true
  • Tutoring – I’ve seen no evidence of this and she cannot provide any when asked
  • Group therapy – Hadassah is not a licensed therapist, and when I asked her about that she said it was OK to teach therapy because she has a Master’s Degree in psychology.  
  • Counseling – No evidence of this.
  • Life coaching – Hadassah’s life is a roller coaster ride. She moves around a lot, she’s been married multiple times, her marriage appears to be an unhealthy and loveless affair, and her finances are a disaster. She has no business giving anyone life advice.
  • Job placement assistance – She says she does this, but provided no evidence of
  • Further education assistance – No idea what this means

The outside of the house is a complete disaster. When I began taking pictures of things that I saw, both at the GRC and at her business address, she grew angry and accused me of only taking pictures of things that made her look bad. However, I was taking pictures of everything I saw, and I cannot help if some of those things were troubling. It’s not a big deal that the lawn isn’t well kept.

I was more concerned about the fact that there are four foot high trees growing out of the gutters.

There were random bags of donated goods or trash left cluttered about on the porch.

In the backyard there is a fenced in area that I wanted to see. Her husband Vladimir told me I could go back there and take pictures which caused Hadassah to become noticeably angry and she lashed out at her husband verbally. She demeaned him, gave him a look of death, and asked him why he would tell me I could go back there. She did this several times during our two hours together and it was clear that Vladimir was frightened to speak back to her. He had all the signs of an emotionally abused spouse, and since he’s not a United States citizen there is added pressure on him to remain on her good side. She nearly lashed out at Fatimah inside the house when she wanted to know why the AC was off in the living room, but seemed to restrain herself because I was there. More on Hadassah the person in Part 3.

This is the part of the yard that Vladimir offered to show me that she did not want to let me see.

It looked like the Children of the Corn’s playground. She said it wasn’t well kept up because she had an injury after a tree branch fell on her. “Injuries” are a common part of Hadassah’s life.

Outside of the fenced in area there was a broken down truck, a shed of mystery, a trailer of enchantment, a door, a donated fridge, a space heater, a bike, and children’s toys.

Hadassah is always watching.


The Gan Rivkah Center is a one family house. You do not need a key to gain access to the second floor, but it is forbidden for residents and reporters like myself, because this is where Hadassah’s daughter Cassandra and son David live.

There is no 16 A and 16 B apartments, but they do have separate electric, even though the house is zoned by the town of Milford as a 1 family house.

However, many find it troubling that a grown man is living upstairs at a shelter that purports itself to be for women, children, and pets. David Robeson is an interesting man, who seems to be emotionally conflicted and damaged.

He agreed to speak with me and another woman researching this story and didn’t hold back on anything. One allegation made against him is that he had sex with a resident, and when Hadassah found out she blamed the woman for “seducing” him, and kicked her out of the house. David readily admits to this.

Keep in mind, he is living in this woman’s shelter under the guise of being security, despite having no background or training in security. These are vulnerable women, and the “volunteers” should not be having sex with them.

According to David she has known Larry Gochberg for a long time, but he made no indication that Larry is her brother, nor are there any records of them being related. He also stated that the house is run like a boarding house, and not a shelter.

We’ll get more into that in part 4 when we follow the money.

I also spoke with David, who goes by Marvin Da Martian on Facebook. I wanted to know whether or not he and Cassandra pay rent to stay there.

No, he does not pay rent to live there. As we will see in part 4, his rent is subsidized by the generous donors, who think they’re paying to keep a shelter for women, children, and pets operating. The residents do pay to be there though, and his mother builds equity on the mortgage every time its paid by donors and residents.

He also admitted that he did not pay his car payments.

Again, we will see more in part 4 how David’s car payments were paid for out of the Gan Rivkah bank account, which I saw with my own eyes.

David disputes Hadassah’s claims that there were ever 28-32 residents living in that house, and says he’s been living there since he was 16.

I too find this impossible to believe, and as mentioned earlier this would be a violation of state law. As we will see in Part 3, Hadassah has a savior complex, and wants to make it seem like she’s wanted, and helping people in need. Stay tuned for more on this saga tomorrow.

For further contact:

Milford Board of Health – (508) 634-2315

Milford Fire Department – 508-473-2256

Milford Board of Selectmen –



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    1. How about all the people who have been donating to this shelter, only to find out she is lying and picketing the money and abusing the people she is supposed to be helping.

  1. My favorite picture is the one (in the backyard) with the standing water, un-fenced, near the playground toys. It’s just begging for a toddler to wander into it. (cross-posted)

  2. Good luck with the Board of Selectmen… they just ousted a great Police Chief and replaced him with a former cop who was removed from the force and stripped of his police credentials. However, he will be an interim Chief without any ability to perform police duties… Look into that story!

  3. Bunk cribs???? So when baby on top crawls out he falls from the ceiling height???!!& the FD found this all to be just dandy. No accessible exit in case of a fire? Looks good to me!! Smh

  4. Who cares!! first off how does this affect you! 2 least they have somewhere to stay and she is not raking in mad loot! have you ever went to another country where they slept on concrete and children had tarps for blankets!! give me a fucken break and stop being a douche bag

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