Jen McCabe Got Drunk And Sexually Harassed An Award Winning Journalist With Noodz On Saturday Before Blocking


Jen McCabe had a party at her house over the weekend as she continues to live life as if she’s not on the verge of being indicted for her part in covering up the murder of a Boston police officer. She must’ve had too much to drink because later in the afternoon she decided to jump on Facebook messenger and sexually harass an award winning journalist after ignoring my questions for the last 3 months.

I was so confused. Why was she sending me a picture of a man posing provocatively in his underpants, in what is clearly some sort of comedy gag routine? Apparently that is a guy I’ve never met before named Jon C from Canton, who runs a Facebook page where people talk about how she participated in a murder. I guess Jen thinks we’re all working together, when in fact millions of people have united to talk about her due to their common fascination with her criminal behavior and Google searches, and understand that she participated in a murder because they have common sense.

Jen then told me to have fun in Mashpee before sobering up the next day and finally blocking me.

I would never step foot in Mashpee, horse face.

What Jen doesn’t realize is that she, more than any other character in this saga, is the most discussed individual because she can’t stop drawing attention to herself. The reason that we talk about the McCabes more than we do Brian Albert, Brian Higgins, or anyone else in the house that night, is because they keep giving us material to work with. They have family members threatening to bury me in Judge’s backyards, they’re the only ones who insist on going to every court date, they continue to throw parties, and they put themselves in charge of the coverup which really should’ve been Nicole Albert’s job. Jen even kept her Facebook page wide open for a month or so, giving me full access to her children’s pictures, and made no attempt to block me because she’s arrogant, cocky, and is used to getting her way.

And every once in a while when she has one too many Zimas she reaches out to Turtleboy to sexually harass him with a man in tight whities. More than anything, Jen McCabe provides this otherwise very sad story with comic relief, which is why she remains front and center. My question for horse face is, are you still fearing?

It’s not going to help your chances of being successful the next time you attempt to say you’re “fearing me” in order to obtain a harassment prevention order against me if I can show the judge that you sexually harassed me with noodz. Just sayin.


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