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Jennifer Fucci Filed A Criminal Complaint Against Me For Attempted Breaking And Entering Because I Knocked On Her Parent’s Door, Magistrate’s Hearing Thursday


This afternoon I received a letter in the mail from Newton District Court, alerting me to yet another court date with a Fucci this week. It’s not Chef Mike though, it’s his wife Jennifer, who somehow isn’t embarrassed and humiliated to be married to a man who impregnated another woman, abandoned the woman completely, and has told her husband he is to have no relationship with his now 4 year old son. Unlike her husband, Jennifer Fucci not applying for an order, but rather is trying to have me criminally charged with breaking and entering. Our hearing is set for Thursday at 3 PM.

The magistrate’s hearing is on Thursday at 3 PM, and I just received this today so I do not have enough time to arrange for childcare to get my kids off the bus on Thursday. Unlike Jennifer’s husband, I didn’t abandon my children, and since I love and care for them they will always be my primary obligation. Jennifer wouldn’t understand that since she is likely an infertile woman who hates her life because she lives with her parents, has no children, and is stuck with this man for eternity:

Mike wanted to reproduce because he is a narcissist who believes that his bloodline must carry on for the sake of the human race. Unfortunately Jennifer’s ovaries are dried up and useless, and her womb is a vast, barren wasteland with less activity than Monica Cannon-Grant’s treadmill, so he had to toss his seed in someone else. Since Jennifer is reading this, here is a video your husband sent at 2 in the morning while you were sleeping, to the woman he impregnated. He repeatedly tells her how much he loves her and says he’s trying to have a baby with her at the end.

Somehow you weren’t good enough for a morbidly obese criminal who can’t afford to pay rent so he forces you to live with your parents. Maybe tomorrow I’ll publish all the text messages he sent his other girlfriend Alana. The one he was paying $2,300 a month in rent for with money that he was hiding from you, Jennifer. I have receipts for that as well. I was planning on dropping it with you guys, even though you’re clearly a fan favorite. But it will be my pleasure to keep exposing you and your filthy, disgusting scumbag husband until you’re destitute and begging me to stop.

I am going to request a virtual hearing since it’s an unfair burden to assume I can get to Newton at 3 PM on back to back days. Unlike her husband, I work for a living. These freestyle raps about your husband don’t write themselves:

Boom. Roasted.

Jennifer was attempting to charge me with attempted breaking and entering of a dwelling.

Unfortunately for her there’s no crime with that name. There is for breaking and entering a dwelling, but not attempting to. That’s why she had to settle for the more generic “attempt to commit a crime.”

MGL defines this as:

Whoever attempts to commit a crime by doing any act toward its commission, but fails in its perpetration, or is intercepted or prevented in its perpetration, shall, except as otherwise provided, be punished as follows:

But I was not trying to commit a crime. I made it explicit in the video I recorded of myself going to Fucci’s house that I was there as an award winning journalist, looking for comment from a well known celebrity chef and public figure about the plethora of crimes he’s implicated himself in. Not once did I try to break into anything, and I never made contact with the doorknob. If I committed a crime why would I be dumb enough to post it? My name isn’t Mike Fucci.

For those of you unfamiliar with this process, I am not the least bit worried. A magistrate’s hearing is just to determine if there is probable cause to charge and bring it in front of a judge. Countless people I’ve blogged about have tried to do this to silence my reporting, and all have failed because I don’t break the law. When police file criminal complaints to be heard in front of a magistrate there’s usually a fair chance that the charges will be filed. But when a citizen does it on their own it’s because the police told them that no crime was committed, and they wouldn’t waste their time on it. Sometimes citizens like Jennifer think they’re more knowledgeable about the law than police officers, so they file one on their own. It almost never works, and it becomes a lot harder when there’s video evidence proving a crime was not committed.

Just a reminder – after we exposed that Mike Fucci was lying bout having cancer in order to defraud his friends and family out of $20K in donated money, Jennifer Fucci, who knew that he didn’t have cancer, tried to get the GoFundMe creator to cover for her:

She is just as bad as he is, and I look forward to telling her that in court. Stop doing this to your family Jennifer.

It’s unclear if her brother Michael Berardino is aware about what his sister and brother in law are doing at his parent’s house.




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