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Jennifer Fucci Lied In Affidavit, Claims Turtleboy Tried To Open Door Handle To House Despite Video Showing This Never Happened


I have received the after Davids (who’s gonna be the first person in the comments to say “actually, it’s called an affidavit”?) filed by Jennifer and Michael Fucci in Newton District Court in their attempt to have harassment prevention orders and criminal charges placed on me for knocking on their door in an attempt to ask questions about a story I was writing about their criminal behavior.


Let’s start with Jennifer’s after David to apply for a criminal complaint hearing on charges of attempting to commit a crime.

This is blatantly untrue and signed under the pains and penalties of perjury. Not once did I touch the door handle to their front door, never mind turn it. The door also wasn’t locked because I saw Mike Fucci open it up without unlocking anything, and then close it. See for yourself beginning at the 1:10 mark of the video when I knock on door, he opens it, realizes Turtleboy came to his house, and then closes it in my face. At the 2:10 mark I attempt to knock one more time, they don’t answer, and I leave.

I specifically stated in the video after that that I didn’t want to bother Jennifer’s elderly parents, who likely have no idea that their daughter and son in law are committing several crimes under their roof. At the 3:20 mark I explicitly stated that I meant them no harm and just wanted to ask them some questions for a story I was working on. Perhaps I will file my own criminal complaint charging Jennifer Fucci with filing a false police report.

Of course she paints me out to be some sort of monster who scared her parents, when in reality her parents likely have no idea that their son in law runs a slave labor workshop, pays $2,300 monthly rent to his mistress, and has not paid child support to the 4 year old son he abandoned. I wanted to see if they knew about any of this, and since I could not reach either of them on the phone I showed up at their house, which Mike has threatened to do to several other people (including Governor Baker).

For the HPO Jennifer is hoping to get she repeated the same things but also talked about how the blog exposing her disgusting behavior hurt her feelings.

There were no false statements made on the blog. Your husband preyed on vulnerable women coming off of heroin addiction because it was easier to have sex with them, lie to them, and control them. If any of this was untrue Jennifer could have cleared it up when I called her or showed up at her house to ask her about the allegations against her.

The screenshots I shared on the blog were provided to me by the former friend of the Fucci’s who started the GoFundMe because she thought Mike had cancer. After finding out that he lied about having cancer and used his supposed friend to raise $20K for him, the woman was disgusted and sent screenshots of Jennifer’s messages to me. How do these messages make Jennifer Fucci feel “extremely scared and upset for her safety?”


Embarrassed and humiliated, perhaps. But me posting her own messages attempting to cover up $20K in fraud should not make her feel scared for her safety.

She also lied in her after David when she said that our readers are “scary people” who threatened to come to her house. Our readers are many things – smart, extremely attractive, based – but certainly not scary. No on threatened her but she made it up anyway, signed her name to it, and there are no consequences for doing so.

As for Mike’s after David, your guess is as good as mine as to what his chicken scratch said.

He mentions the GoFundMe for cancer treatment in the first sentence, but failed to point out that he was lying about having cancer and stole from friends and family in the process. He claims I harassed him AND the person who started the GoFundMe. Except her and I got along great and she’s thanked me for exposing him so that she could shut down the fundraiser. Mike is just mad that he can’t use this poor woman anymore to scam people. He also says I’m cyber bullying him.

Ya got that? The guy who constantly makes videos mocking people, uses his “celebrity” platform to attack local businesses, calls people welfare cunts on Twitter, and once challenged a guy to meet up and fight him in a Dunkins parking lot because the man didn’t think that Watertown elected officials should congratulate Mike for being on a reality TV show, now says he’s being cyber bullied.


The owner of Donohue’s bar in Watertown has invited turtle riders to his bar after the hearing at Newton District Court on Friday at 3 PM for a celebration. I can’t wait.


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