Canton Cover-Up Part 5: Jennifer McCabe Offered Support On Picture Shared By John O’Keefe’s Mother, Wife Of State Trooper Who Planted Evidence Laughs At People Suggesting Karen Read Is Innocent

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Most of the individuals involved in the murder of John O’Keefe have deactivated their social media accounts. However, Jennifer McCabe, and Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of corrupt State Trooper Michael Proctor, have not. O’Keefe’s mother share an image last year of her son and daughter, both of whom passed away.

Many people commented on it, sharing their condolences. One of those people was Jennifer McCabe, who has gone to great lengths to cover for the men who murdered Peggy O’Keefe’s son.

Just a reminder that Jennifer McCabe knew that John O’Keefe’s badly beaten body was lying outside 34 Fairview Avenue in the snow. She didn’t call 911, try to render first aid, see if he was alive, or provide any assistance. Instead she Googled, “how long to die in snow,” to see how much longer she would have to wait to make sure that John would never wake up. The ME’s report lists hypothermia from exposure as the primary cause of death. Jennifer McCabe had a chance to do the right thing and possibly save the life of her daughter’s best friend’s adopted father. Instead she made sure that Karen Read did not find him in a timely matter to save his life and he died. Months later she had the audacity to leave heart emojis on his mother’s Facebook page.


Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of Michael Proctor, the personal family friend of the Alberts who may have doctored evidence several times in order to frame Karen Read for murdering her boyfriend.

Last year when Court TV shared an update about Read’s attorneys publicly accusing witnesses at 34 Fairview Avenue of being complicit in O’Keefe’s death, a woman commented about her suspicions that cops in the house may have killed O’Keefe. Elizabeth Proctor responded with a laughing emoji.

When another commenter this week pointed out how the new forensic cellphone evidence provides more reasonable doubt, Proctor reacted with an angry emoji.

Last week another commenter said that he believed that Karen Read was only arrested because she was O’Keefe’s girlfriend, which got an angry emoji from Mrs. Proctor.

Another commenter pointed out the undeniable fact that O’Keefe’s injuries prove that he was badly beaten. This amused Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of the corrupt detective who reached the conclusion that a slowly moving car bumping into him was the real cause of an armful of lacerations, skull fractures, and swollen shut eyes.


A woman named Patty commented how she didn’t believe that Karen Read caused the injuries to John O’Keefe. Elizabeth Proctor once agains responded with a laugh emoji.

An innocent woman going to jail is funny to her.

These are some of the most brazen criminals I’ve ever seen. And although it’s quite likely that only the men were involved in the actual killing of John O’Keefe, the women who stood by their side, helped them cover up the crime, and laughed at anyone who went against Michael Proctor’s completely fabricated narrative, are just as bad as they are.


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