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Jenny Familia Posts Powerful Statement Condemning Politicians For Not Supporting Police After Councillor Sarai Rivera Complains About Not Being Invited To Funeral


Yesterday it was announced that Worcester City Councillors Sarai Rivera, Khrystian King, and Sean Rose were asked not to attend Officer Manny Familia’s funeral services due to their long and documented history of not supporting the police. Yet some still doubted the family would request this.

This includes Sarai Rivera, who showed up uninvited to the Familia’s house wearing a black veil, and put herself at the center of their grieving.

“Rivera did not believe the family was behind the decision not to invite Rose, herself, and King.”

This prompted Manny Familia’s widow Jenny last night to clarify to Rivera that it was in fact the family that made that decision with one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever seen on Facebook:



Bravo, Jenny Familia. I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been to write this, but it’s so important that she did. This was one of the greatest things I’ve ever read on the Internet:

Over the past couple of years my husband and I have had to listen to the political grandstanding by a few who were spewing and continue to spew their disdain for the men and women who protect our community day and night. To these politicians you have exposed yourselves to be exactly the people we didn’t want attending a hero’s send off, because unlike my husband, you have shown that your selfishness exceeds the true values that this community holds.

Every time a cop dies in the line of duty this should be the official position taken towards any politician who supports the organization known as black lives matter. It should no longer be socially acceptable to pretend to support the cops while also supporting a Marxist organization that vilifies them and seeks to abolish their existence.

King and Rose haven’t said much since, which is smart. But Councillor Ti-ti-Ho can’t seem to understand why this happened and is now attempting to claim that she supports the police:

Rivera can present herself as a supporter of the police now if she likes, just like she presents herself as a pastor while leaving angry voicemails like this one with her sister.

But it doesn’t change the truth. Here’s a quick refresher on her history “supporting” the police.

Here’s a quick refresher on her history “supporting” the police.

In 2015 the Worcester City Council voted on a very simple solution to support the Worcester Police in light of nationwide protests against the police. Rivera and Rick Rushton were the only 2 to vote against it:

The controversial resolution calling for the council to voice support for the city’s police passed 9 to 2. City Councilor At-Large Konstantina Lukes proposed the resolution last week. City Councilor Sarai Rivera and Councilor-at-large Frederick Rushton broke with the rest of the council by not supporting Lukes’ resolution. Rivera instead proposed a resolution that, instead of just calling for support of the police department, read that the council should work with the department, city administration and the community “to continue work to protect civil rights of every member of our community.”

This cost the taxpayers nothing. All she had to do was state on record that she supports the police and she couldn’t do it because she wanted to appease her BLM supporters.

She posted this last 7 weeks ago depicting cops as racist murderers who shoot unarmed black men in the back, while letting Kyle Rittenhouse go. Rittenhouse killed 2 white rioters, including a child sex offender, while defending himself in Kenosha.

When people criticized her for it she called them trolls and told them to get off her public page.


She constantly takes shots at the police union, calling their legitimate criticism of a BLM mural on a public street “hateful,” and claiming that they police were just upset because they were in “fear of losing their White privilege and the validation they get from White supremacy.”

She called “blue lives matter” a “hateful” gesture.

She supported the NAACP’s petition to cut police funding.

But now she says she never said the word “defund.”

After George Floyd died she urged a mob to call in to the City Council meeting and trash the police, which they did in large volume.

She led the charge to get rid of a school resource officer at Claremont School.

Almost every caller she mobilized demanded that the police be defunded (1:09 mark). It’s disgusting. They accused Worcester Police of being racist murderers several times. Some suggested we abolish the police altogether. Rivera wanted this. She didn’t personally use the word “defund,” she just got her supporters to do that for her. When you cut police spending you are defunding the police. When you feed into the lie that resource officers are bad for students of color you are not supporting the police.

She spread the lie that you should be scared to have a black son because they might get shot by a cop.

She attended and spoke at several BLM rallies.

Here is an actual quote from a speaker at that protest in June, justifying the shooting of police officers:

“Some black people are going to say shoot back, and they mean it. We need to make sure that we’re allowing a space for a plethora of black emotions, not just the ones that are respectable and put everyone at ease. There is anger in the streets.”

She pals around with the queen of defund the police.

Maybe she doesn’t support the police because she literally can’t spell support.



God bless the Worcester Police and Officer Familia’s family.


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