Jill Daniels Really Wants People To Stop Discussing Her Family’s Role In Killing John O’Keefe


Jill Daniels is the sister of Julie Albert, the aunt/godmother of Colin Albert, and the boyfriend of Nick Marathas, who is believed to have removed carpet from Brian Albert’s house.

Unlike other family members who have gone quiet on social media, Jill Daniels continues to defend the family on Facebook and other platforms. She claims that people are trying to destroy her life with lies, and has threatened to repay with interest.

OK Jill.

Last week she got a little bit liquored up and decided to post in a private Facebook group called Canton Confidential, which is run by open-minded Canton residents who aren’t interested in protecting the Albert and McCabe families. It began when a relative of John O’Keefe named Stephanie Rizzitano attempted to post something in the group that was not approved by admins. She specifically asked people in the post not to share their opinions or ask questions because it hurts the feelings of John’s family.

First of all, Canton Confidential is a private Facebook group.

Secondly, I am so sick of the Rizzitano’s (John’s family on his mother’s side) providing cover for the people who killed the family member they pretend to care about so much. The only reason they have to see people talking about this on social media is because their family member’s killers are walking free and powerful people are protecting them. Want it to stop? Say something. Demand that the killers be brought to justice instead of acting as puppets for the McCabes and Alberts! It would go a long way.

Instead they’re trying to silence free speech from concerned citizens on social media.

Stephanie Rizzitano reached out to me after the first article and asked me to remove the autopsy photos because it would scar his niece and nephew for life.

His niece and nephew have a right to know who killed their uncle, which they can’t do if they don’t see the autopsy photos. I hope it’s shocking for them, because it should be. Learning about the Holocaust was pretty shocking for me, but I’m glad I did. If you’re trying to present a false story about what happened to John then it’s not his niece and nephew you’re protecting.

If you’ll recall I’ve also received similar messages from Leanne Rizzitano and failed TV news anchor Vanessa “Scottie Pippen” Rizzitano, who said that I should be “removed from my position” for posting autopsy photos of John O’Keefe in order to show the world how absurd it is to suggest that Karen Read killed him.

Yea, someone should really remove me from my position. My boss Abi the Desk Girl will get right on that.¬†Sorry Vanessa, and I know it’s hard for you to understand since your goal in life is to work for a corporate controlled media entity that regurgitates whatever the powerful tell them to, but I am my own boss and I’m giving myself a raise instead.

Vanessa sure loves to make her cousin’s death all about her. She miraculously found the media and couldn’t wait to do an interview in which she talked about “getting answers” at his funeral.

Luckily not all Rizzitano’s agree with her though.

Notice that no one who tries to defend the Alberts and McCabes ever cites evidence or facts while doing so. Their only play is an appeal towards emotion, while pretending to give a shit about the family member/friend whose killers they are actively protecting by doing so.

Anyway, Jill Daniels is clearly in communication with this faction of the Rizzitano clan since she had knowledge of Stephanie Rizzitano’s post not being approved. So she posted this in response:

“But it is another thing to put it on social media when all you know is the facts from one journalist.”

Thank you for admitting that we only publish facts on this case, Jill. Although there’s something very ironic about calling people puppets for not going along with the state issued narrative about how John O’Keefe was killed, which a child could see through after reading about the case for 5 minutes.

“Why don’t you stop following the crowd and just sit and wait for the prosecution to talk.”

They prosecution has talked a lot, but they haven’t said much. They’ve stated obvious disprovable lies (like “those aren’t Jen McCabe’s kids in the image with Michael Proctor), and ranted about big bombshells disproving the defense’s assertions that never come. They prosecution had a chance to explain how Jen McCabe’s Google search at 2:27 AM wasn’t legitimate, but they filed a motion to cancel the evidentiary hearing instead. Whenever Lunchbox Lally has an explanation for that I am all ears.

Since Jill was in a talkative mood and appeared to be drinking on vacation I figured I’d ask her some questions and see where the boxed wine took us. For instance, why did her nephew Colin Albert hire Attorney Joe Krowski if he wasn’t inside 34 Fairview Road that night, hasn’t been subpoenaed by the grand jury, and isn’t under investigation by the feds?

And what’s up with the Google search and the image of her, Colin Albert, and Michael Proctor in the same wedding party if Proctor didn’t know the Albert family?

Jill’s friend Tara Mustacio Doub, who claims to be a nurse, had her back.

Most of us use our real names, so we don’t need to hide behind a keyboard. It will be my real face when I confront you in public over this Jill. But as for hiding behind things, can you explain why Brian Albert hid inside his house while first responders were trying to save John O’Keefe’s life as he lay dying on Albert’s front yard?

According to Tara Doub you can only have opinions if you were in the house that night and saw John O’Keefe being murdered.

“If you didn’t get your leg blown off at the Boston Marathon bombing then you can’t have opinions about the Tsarnaevs.”

Good comment nurse Tara!


Unfortunately Jill never responded to me and ended up deleting the post in shame after she sobered up, but not before she pretended to be her elderly boyfriend Nick.

“Turtleboy wants to make a quick buck and couldn’t care less about the outcome.”

Believe me Jill/Nick, I don’t need this story to make a quick book. Turtleboy existed for almost 10 years before I ever knew your names. But I most certainly do care about the outcome, which is why I’m investing so much time exposing your criminal family and the corruption in your town.

It’s also interesting that Jill Daniels has a Twitter account that has never tweeted, but it has liked one tweet doubting my reporting before I published the first blog about Canton. She also follows me, Karen Read’s attorney, Brian Albert’s attorney, Matt McCabe, the FBI, Rachael Rollins, Rian Waters, “Trollhollomio,” “Aidan’s Vinegar Strokes” and other ratchets who I’ve either blogged about or who spend all day obsessing over Turtleboy content.


Stop getting your news from Turtleboy and start getting it from trustworthy sources like Trollhollomio!

See ya soon Jill!


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