Josh Abrams Drops Agrees To Have Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Smacked Him With Folder During Ridgefield CT Town Hall Audit 


Last week we published a story about self described First Amendment Auditor Josh Abrams after he was smacked with a folder during an “audit” of Town Hall in Ridgefield CT, by a 57 year old woman who was bothered by his presence and charged with a crime. (13:40 mark)

I had no intention of blogging about Josh ever again, as his content never really was something I was that interested in. But the only reason I chose to write about this is because I felt sorry for the woman and didn’t believe she needed to be charged with a crime. I made a deal with Josh that if he agreed to drop the charges against Patricia Pacheco then I would remove the blog.

Yesterday Josh lived up to his end of the bargain and joined me in on a call to the District Attorney’s Office. I heard him request that the charges be dropped and they were. Therefore I’m living up to my end of the bargain and have taken the blog down.

Here’s the thing about 1A auditors – I believe they have potential. Josh has over 100K subscribers on his channel who allegedly want to hold public servants responsible. But nobody cares about some 57 year old woman filing paperwork at a town no one’s ever heard of before. Imagine if instead of auditing random cops or paper pushers at the RMV, that he and his ilk started going into the Statehouse and confronting elected officials with real, actual power. Auditors talk a lot about tyrants, but who’s more tyrannical than the people who locked down our entire society and forced you to inject Fauci juices if you wanted to feed for your family.

No one cares about Patricia Pacheco, but they do care about the Monica Cannon-Grant’s of the world. If I didn’t have a blog to publish every day I’d love to drive around, do that, and get paid for it. I’d subscribe and be a regular donator to the first auditor who started confronting the people who shut down our schools and forced masks and vaccines on healthy people.

Just a thought. Or keep shoving cameras in the faces of cubicle workers at Town Hall in Kittery, Maine.

Whatever you think is a more productive use of your time.


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