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Judge Beverly Cannone Has Put The Chesna Family Through Hell By Bungling Murder Trial, Rogue Juror Refuses To Deliberate


The Karen Read murder case isn’t the only legal proceeding that the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office and Judge Beverly Cannone have bungled. It’s taken five years for the Commonwealth to finally bring Emmanuel Lopes to trial for murdering Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna and 77 year old Vera Adams. For the last month the trial has dragged on, and now it’s in serious danger of a mistrial, further victimizing the families of the deceased.

Nobody disputes that Lopes murdered Chesna and Adams. His court appointed attorneys have taken this to trial to decide whether or not he’s mentally insane. If the jury determines that he is, then he will do his time in the much more comfortable confines of Bridgewater State Hospital, as opposed to rotting in Shirley Max where he belongs.

Lopes is not insane, he’s just an asshole. His girlfriend Mary Cronin told him shortly before he went on a killing spree that she had cheated on him. This is what made him upset, as he took her BMW and went hunting. When he encountered Officer Chesna he threw a rock at his head, knocking him out, then took his gun and shot him with it several times before walking down the street and killing Adams while she was inside her home.

Videos Lopes posted on social media show a man bragging about all the chicks and money he’s gonna get after finding out that his girlfriend cheated on him. He claimed that he was “way too fly to be f***ing with one bitch.”

He frequently posted pictures of himself getting drunk and dealing drugs, and occasionally posted rants about Donald Trump.


To make matters worse Judge Jeanmarie Carroll had recently released him on just $500 bail after being arrested for selling cocaine in a school zone and assaulting an officer. The same judge previously donated money to DA Michael Morrissey.

The defense requested that the jury be impaneled from Worcester County, because they didn’t believe a jury from Norfolk County could be impartial. As if we don’t have Internet in Worcester County. Judge Cannone did not have to agree to this, but she did anyway.

A source who had jury duty that day in Worcester told me that she was shocked to see Judge Beverly Cannone’s name, because she had read about her in our blogs. Cannone told jurors that they would need to be available for at least a month, being bused in every day from Worcester to Dedham. This severely limited the kind of person who could be on a jury. Mothers with small children, business owners, and people who had vacations planned were immediately dismissed. It took them a week, and they went through hundreds of potential jurors, most of whom were dismissed. 

I saw what the jury looked like when I briefly sat in on the proceedings last week. It was the most Worcester looking jury you will ever see. Dudes in sweatshirts on 85 degree days, women with purple hair and nose rings, and others you would except would fit Cannone’s stringent criteria. A witness agreed:

They definitely don’t want to be there. It’s obvious they’re basically in their pajamas some of them. 

Cannone is also not allowing police to wear uniforms in court or have any thin blue line insignia.

Yes no police can wear them. Apparently it’s intimidating. I’m not sure if she said it I can ask. They also asked the witnesses to take their blue line flag down when they went to do the view.

However, she allows Jen McCabe to wear “Justice for JJ” pins, and almost everyone on the Commonwealth’s side has some sort of thin blue line on their clothing.

Throughout the trial Cannone has instructed witnesses that they are not allowed to cry or show any emotion, which is nearly impossible in a murder trial.

Every time someone shows emotion she stops them and tells the jury when someone shows emotion you’re not supposed to take that into consideration, she must’ve said it 15 times the other day. People that are very familiar with the court said they have never seen any Judge like this. 

Cannone is a former court appointed attorney, and is known to be defendant friendly, as Kevin Reddington recently said. But in reality she roots for the underdog, and has open disdain for successful people. It’s why she hates Alan Jackson and Karen Read so much.

The jury has asked Cannone for reports and transcripts of testimony that they heard in court from expert witnesses, but she has refused to provide it.

This has made it more difficult for them to render a verdict, as Cindy Chesna suffers while sitting in the same wooden seat she’s been sitting in for 6 weeks now.

I sat in the courtroom for five minutes last week and during that time the jury was dismissed at the request of the defense, because they didn’t want them to hear the facts of the case. This has happened frequently according to people who have sat through the trial:

The judge sucks she isn’t ruling on any of the prosecution objections. She has the witness answer every question and doesn’t rule. She is in favor of the defense attorney. The defense leads the witness and she allows it. She makes it a point to reiterate that every has feelings but don’t take it into consideration when forming opinions. You will feel bad but don’t let it affect your decision. I really hope they’re not buying the defendants bullshit. But it’s hard because they’re not telling them everything that they need to.

Twelve jurors and four alternates have sat through the trial. Sources in the courthouse tell us that one of the 12 was dismissed last week when she asked a court officer out on a date. Prior to that another juror was dismissed because they had a planned vacation, and Judge Cannone had told them that the trial would be over by the end of June. If they lose two more jurors than it will result in a mistrial that will delay the proceedings for at least two more years. It would be a huge black eye for DA Michael Morrissey, whose office has overseen this abomination.

The jury has now been deliberating for over a week and has not reached a verdict. Eleven of the 12 jurors are set on guilty, but one virtue signaling individual is not only holding out, but refusing to participate in deliberations. Instead of demanding that the female juror snap out of it and do her job, Cannone sent the jury home for the weekend, putting the Chesna family through mental torture.

On Friday, after long sidebar conversations, recesses and a juror-by-juror questioning session to see if they could move forward, Judge Beverly Cannone told the jury she appreciated their patience and was sending them home until Monday.

“All things considered, it doesn’t make any sense to deliberate today, so I am going to send you all home,” Cannone said.

“I do appreciate everybody’s patience, this is a sensitive matter,” said Judge Beverly Cannone before calling numerous sidebars as there was an apparent issue with a juror that was unclear. Each one was called to the bench to speak with the judge with case law on both sides for how to handle a struggling juror. 

One juror was brought to sidebar five times, and broke down in tears at times.

Look who WCVB interviewed for their story on this:

“What it sounds like is going on is one particular juror either has a personal issue that is now affecting the deliberations of the jury or that juror has raised an issue with the judge about the nature of deliberations,” said legal analyst Greg Henning of Henning Strategies.

Brian Albert’s attorney Greg Henning, who lied in open court about Albert’s dog never biting a human being. He is WCVB’s legal analyst, and WCVB is the only media outlet that has not reported Brian Albert’s name.

Let’s be clear – this circus of a jury is a direct reflection on Beverly Cannone and Michael Morrissey, who have completely failed the Chesna and Adams families. They allowed a jury to be chosen from Worcester County, which made it much harder to find 16 quality people who would be available and willing to give up more than a month of their life with 90 minute daily bus rides to and from Dedham. She allowed the defense to control what the jurors would be able to hear. They set the tone that this whole trial was a joke, and jurors are clearly treating it like that.


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    1. No: To make matters worse Judge Jeanmarie Carroll had recently released him on just $500 bail after being arrested for selling cocaine in a school zone and assaulting an officer. 

      This happened prior to the scumbag murdering Michael Chesna.

      1. OH…I feel much better now that I know I can sell cocaine in front of a school and assualt a officer trying to escape as Long as I have $500 for bail

  1. I don’t think she necessarily goes for underdogs. I think she has been ordered to protect Proctor. The State can’t afford another State Crime Lab situation that affects many, many cases past and present that would all be reopened if it were ever shown Proctor participated in a coverup. That’s why she’s biased against Reed. The entire state will close ranks around Proctor until they can no longer deny the obvious with a straight face. That’s why they haven’t even sidelined him. They have to stand by him until they can’t.

    1. I think this is very likely the case. Beyond the obvious evil of knowingly prosecuting an innocent woman, a lot of really bad people could walk because of Proctor’s actions.

  2. This is as dirty as the New England Compounding Center cover up.
    Dirty scumbag company with scumbag owners

  3. Danny Risteen went 15 years without working a Friday. Danny always told me that you need to screw guys over to take the heat off us. It work well!

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