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Canton Cover-Up Part 12: Julie Albert And Brian Albert’s Dad Sat In Front Row Of Select Board Meeting While Woman Calls Out Police Coverup Of John O’Keefe’s Murder

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Contrary to rumors and reports that have been coming in, Canton Selectman Chris Albert has not resigned form his position in light of new information that puts his 19 year old son Colin in the house where Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe was murdered last year.

Last night at the Board of Selectmen meeting a woman named Angela Chan-O’Donnell, who was new to town, got up and spoke about the “elephant in the room,” and how no one in Canton was safe as long as several murder suspects were allowed to walk around freely. She ironically lives on Turtle Brook Road, but wrongly gave credit to the Boston Globe for reporting on this story. She did mention that the reporting she read was “well sourced,” which means she likely read our stories and for whatever reason doesn’t want to legitimize our reporting. However, she bravely confronted the people who run her town, and spoke about John O’Keefe’s murder while Julie Albert (the wife of Chris) and Bernie Albert (patriarch of Albert clan) sat in the front row.


Julie looked down the entire time while Bernie stared at her menacingly.

This is the Albert clan:

  1. Chris Albert – Selectman and father of Colin Albert
  2. Tim Albert – man who wears cargo pants to formal events and made Facebook post stating that nobody f***s with his family in October
  3. Brian Albert – Boston Police Sgt whose house John O’Keefe was murdered in
  4. Kevin Albert – Canton police officer

They’re just so brazen, it’s remarkable. Any normal person would’ve avoided the public spotlight, but the Albert family knows they are untouchable in Canton. They run the town. They know that everyone in Canton has read our reporting, and the extremely intelligent and well educated populace knows that they were involved in both the killing of John O’Keefe and the subsequent coverup and framing of Karen Read. Yet they show their faces anyway because they just don’t care what people think of them.

I also noticed that the unfortunate name of the Town Administrator is Charles Doody.

Charles has a daughter named Kathyrn Doody.

Kathryn is friends with Brian Albert Jr and was in the house at 34 Fairview Ave the night John O’Keefe was murdered. According to Trooper Michael Proctor’s report (who for some reason has not been placed on leave despite blatantly altering reports and planting evidence in order to frame an innocent woman for murder), Doody ordered pizza with her friends to the house around 8 PM, but left before O’Keefe arrived. Except there’s just one problem – much like Sarah Levinson and Julie Nagel, Trooper Proctor intentionally spelt Doody’s first and last name wrong in order to protect them.

This was clearly intentional on Proctor’s fault, and it is an absolute ABOMINATION that the State Police continues to keep this criminal on duty. How is the public supposed to have any trust in the institution of the police when they are so transparently corrupt? This is the same institution that already:

  • Ordered troopers to redact an arrest report for a judge’s daughter after she offered a trooper sexual favors in return for leniency
  • Hired a drug dealing money launderer as a state trooper and made her the face of the K-9 unit despite previously investigating her and offering her a deal to snitch on her boyfriend to avoid jail time
  • Covered up the arrest of Colonel Mason’s son last year in Barnstable

No matter how many scandals we’ve brought to light they just don’t care.

Trooper Proctor’s wife has thoughts about people who murder police officers though.

“The scumbag shouldn’t have even been out on the streets.”

There are several scumbags who likely murdered a Boston cop currently walking the streets of Canton because of the actions of your husband. Have several seats, dear.

Kathryn Doody is Facebook friends with several members of the Albert family, including Chris Albert’s pizza shop (that has been sued dozens of times, which we will talk about on the Live Show tonight), and Julie Albert, as well as several McCabes.

D&E Pizza closed for no reason the day after John O’Keefe was killed.

Why are so many grownups in this town Facebook friends with all of their kids’ friends? Why do they party together at Brian Alberts house? Why do adults like Julie and Chris Albert encourage their son to have disputes with neighbors like John O’Keefe? Why does everyone in this town know each other? How is anyone who moves to town, like the woman at the Select Board meeting, supposed to have any faith that they are safe and will be treated fairly?

Look who Charles Doody gave a 5 star review for after hiring him to tear up his basement floor.

Nick Marathas – the family friend of the Albert clan who is suspected of replacing the floor in Brian Albert’s house, presumably to get rid of blood and DNA evidence that put John O’Keefe inside the house.

And did I mention that former Chief Ken Berkowitz, who likely planted evidence of tail light fragments where O’Keefe was discovered a week prior, donated to Chris Albert’s campaign?

Of course he did! Guess where Berky works now?

FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. The same FBI that is now investigating the police coverup of the murder of John O’Keefe.

And did I mention that Berkowtiz appointed the new Chief Helena Rafferty without an application process, and that the two of them are VERY close? The same Chief Rafferty who issued a press release urging people not to pay attention to “sensational” reporting about the coverup of a murder in her town. Or did I mention that Chief Rafferty’s son is dating Jennifer McCabe’s daughter?

Funny how these people all know each other and seemingly have a lot to protect in this incestuous cesspool of a community. But you know who none of them knew? Karen Read and John O’Keefe. They were expendable.

It would also be nice if the Boston Police Department vocally stood up for their murdered officer instead of contributing to the lie that he was killed by Karen Read. This disgraceful post is still up:

One of their officers was murdered in the town of Canton, and the State Police, Canton Police, and Norfolk County DA’s office all have gone to great lengths to cover for the men and women who participated in his killing. And the official statement of the Boston Police Department is to THANK THEM for charging a patsy.

I remember how the Weymouth, Yarmouth, and Auburn Police Department’s appropriately mourned the deaths of officers Michael Chesna, Sean Gannon, and Ron Tarentino. I remember how they wouldn’t rest until the men who killed them were brought to justice or killed themselves. Not Boston Police though. They thank the people who help cover up the murder of their officers. At least Chesna, Gannon, and Tarentino got to work for Police Departments that gave a shit about them.

Oh, and guess where former Chief Gregory Long, who wrote that statement, lives?

Canton. Because, of course he does.

The lie that Karen Read killed John O’Keefe is so much more convenient for everyone to handle. His niece and nephew go to school with and are friends with the McCabe children and others. It would be devastating and would divide the town if the McCabes and Alberts were involved in killing the uncle who raised them. Karen Read running John over after getting into a fight with him is a lot easier for everyone to swallow. But she’s a human being too, and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.


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