Jussie Smollett Lied Because We’ve Created A Culture Where Victimhood Is Cool


The past 48 hours have been a while ride with the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime story. Two days ago police found the two Trump supporting bigots from the grainy video who were walking around Chicago at 2 AM looking for a gay black dude to lynch. And they were exactly who we thought they would be:

Two Nigerian dudes, one of whom was an extra on Empire and served as Smollett’s personal trainer. Just like we’ve said from the beginning, this entire story was the most obvious lie ever told.

Since Smollett insisted that the people in the video were the ones who attacked him then this means they were guilty of a hate crime. They had bleach and red hats in their apartment, so they were arrested.

But yet later on in the day they were released, which could only mean one thing – they flipped on Smollett. Anyone with a brain realized that Smollett hired these guys to be seen on video so he could blame them for the attack. He was smart enough to make sure they covered their faces so as to not be identifiable, and even had them wear red hats to make them look like Trump supporters. They were willing to do their part to help out, but the second they realized they were facing serious jail time for a crime they did not commit they turned on their woke sugar daddy.

The local Chicago media has been relentless with this story and should be commended. The national media, which has considerably more resources, not so much. We now know that there is proof that the Nigerian brothers purchased the rope used for the “noose,” purchased the red hats, and were paid $3,500 down, with $500 more to come for participating in the lie. I’m sure the brothers showed the cops text messages proving Smollett’s involvement, and can provide receipts proving they were paid.

There isn’t an epidemic of hate crimes in this country; there is an epidemic of fake hate crimes. Here are 10 takeaways from this entire disgusting affair.

1. The fact that you fake hate crimes even exist is proof that America is a relatively non-racist country. 

If racism was as prevalent as SJWs want us to believe it is, then people like Jussie Smollett would eventually become victims of hate crimes organically. But it’s not, so they have to fly in two Nigerian dudes and give them red hats.


2. The mere fact that Smollett knew he could get away with this obvious lie is all the proof you need that “privilege” in this country belongs to people who check the most amount of diversity boxes. 

The idea that “marginalized” people are oppressed is laughable. Some of the most powerful people in the country instinctively took his story as fact, despite the obvious holes in it. If black and gay people were oppressed then this wouldn’t have even been investigated.


3. We have a serious cultural problem where being a victim is something to be desired. 

“Why would he lie?” – Everyone who believed him initially.

He lied because he wanted to be a victim, just like all fake hate crime perpetrators. When you are a victim celebrities and politicians rush to support you. Fans tell you how loved you are. You gain notoriety as a martyr for your activism.

It’s not just fake hate crimes either. The pursuit of victimhood is why grown adults aren’t embarrassed to say that they were “bullied” by people online. It’s why we still have gay pride parades, despite the fact that gay people are afforded the same rights as everyone else. It’s why Elizabeth Warren pretended to be Native American, and why Rachel Dolezal pretended to be black. It’s why pictures of kids alone at birthday parties posted on Facebook by their attention seeking Moms get millions of shares, and the kids get free tickets to NBA games. If you can show the world that you are a helpless victim you will be rewarded for it, and that is sad. We should be rewarding people who overcome victimhood, not those who are paralyzed by it.


4. Jussie Smollett and his supporters will probably blame this on mental illness. 

The only disease Jussie Smollett has is Trump Derangement Syndrome. If you don’t think it’s real then you’re not paying attention. It gets people to do stuff like this. This is what he tweeted last year:

That is a man who is so upset and angry with Trump that he was willing to do anything to help the resistance movement, up to and including faking a hate crime.

But he’s not really mentally ill. TDS is a voluntary disease. You choose to be this upset. The amount of planning he put into this, and the fact that he went on Good Morning America and continued to insist that those who doubted him were racist, means that he’s just an asshole who doesn’t want Trump to be President anymore.


5. Smollett put almost no effort into his lie because he didn’t have to. 

Jussie Smollett made up this unbelievable story because he understands the climate, and he knew the media, liberal politicians, and fellow celebrities would believe it without question. Every single democratic candidate for President tweeted out support for him, and blamed the alleged attack on the climate that Trump created within hours. No research was required, because the narrative was more important.

Just watch Ellen Page on the Colbert Show breaking down in tears while blaming this obviously fake attack on Mike Pence.

“This needs to fucking stop!!”

She gets a standing ovation for that pathetic display of fake victimhood. Colbert of course says nothing but silently nods and shakes her hand. This is allegedly a comedy show. Remember when Colbert was funny?

Here are some good Twitter threads of people who have stockpiled politicians and celebrities who blindly believed what he said and blamed it on Trump. Click on any of them. It’s amazing.

Even Jussie Smollett predicted this himself.


6. Liberals wanted this to be true, and that’s pretty gross. 

So many on the left are openly saying how sad they are about this. But why? It means that a gay black man in Chicago was NOT lynched by racist Trump supporters. Isn’t that a good thing? Why would you want black people to get lynched for being black and gay? Oh right – because his death would be politically convenient for you.


7. Nothing will change, and no one on the left will learn from this. 

This fake story surfaced a week after the Covington debacle, and months after the Kavanaugh nonsense. The media and liberal politicians both jumped all over those and blamed Trump’s America without a shred of evidence. With Kavanaugh we will never be able to 100% prove that Christine Ford is a liar, so they cling to that one. But with Covington we know that Nathan Phillips lied because there is proof. The fact that the media could not self-examine after that and immediately bought into this, once again shows that Trump is 1,000% percent correct when he calls the media fake news and the enemy of the people. Any organization who wants to divide Americans based on lies are the enemy of the people.


8. Now that it’s been confirmed as a lie the media has conveniently stopped mentioning the most important part of this lie – that the attackers were Trump supporters. 

The real story here wasn’t that an actor no one had ever heard of before was allegedly lynched. If this happened while Obama was President it wouldn’t have been nearly as big of a story. The story was a story because it was framed as an example of “Trump’s America” and used for political purposes. But now that we know it wasn’t true the media is no longer mentioning the most important aspect of this story – Smollett said he was attacked by white people yelling “this is MAGA country.”


9. Hate crimes are not on the rise. Fake hate crimes are. 

The SPLC and others will tell you, “Just because Jussie Smollett lied doesn’t take away from the fact that it was believable because hate crimes against marginalized people are so common now.” No. They’re not. Reported hate crimes are on the rise, but those statistics are not adjusted when the hate crimes turn out to be fake. There have been thousands of provably fake hate crimes since Trump was elected. That’s the real epidemic here. Call out anyone who tries to cite this meaningless “data.”


10. This is yet another reason why I’m voting for Trump. 

Imagine handing over control of the country to these lying psychopaths? They are intent on demonizing straight white conservative men. Kavanaugh was a straight white conservative man. Nick Sandmann was a straight white conservative boy. All of their villains are. Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and the countless others who spread this lie will never mention this again. They won’t talk about it. They won’t take their tweets down. These people are professional liars and con-artists who spread misinformation in order to get themselves elected. They are pure evil.

P.S. Smollett is still clinging to his lie.

But the jig is up now. CNN and the MSM turned on him, and once that happens you’ve lost the left.



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