Karen Read Trial Day 1 And 2 Recap: Opening Statements, Paul And Erin O’Keefe, Officers Saraf And Mullaney, Canton Firefighters


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For the last year we’ve been hearing from the McAlbert Mafia that we need to “wait until trial” for the “big bombshells” the Commonwealth had to offer. However, if the first two days are any indication then it appears as if the bombshells will all be coming from the defense, and the Commonwealth witnesses will actually help to exonerate Karen Read. Here are some highlights from Day 1 and 2:

  • Adam Lally spoke for 45 minutes in his usual uninspiring, monotone voice, and rambled on about the Waterfall Bar, random people who saw John and Karen arguing in Aruba a month before he was murdered, and other things that are not the least bit convincing while trying to convince a jury that a woman is guilty of murder. It went over horribly with legal pundits seeing him for the first time.
  • David Yannetti gave an impassioned opening statement that started off by saying, “Karen Read was framed.” He spent the rest of the time explaining to the jury how they knew John O’Keefe was killed inside 34 Fairview Road, and he named names. If there was supposed to be a limit on bringing up third party culprit theories in the opening it was completely ignored by Auntie Bev.
  • Yannetti pointed out that Michael Proctor’s mother called the Alberts a second family and that he sat at a table with Chris, Julie, and Colin Albert at his sister’s wedding. Both of these facts were first reported on TB Daily News.
  • The FBI investigation revealed hat Michael Proctor used his personal cell phone to text a friend that he hoped Karen Read killed herself, that he was disappointed he couldn’t find naked pictures of her, and that Brian Albert wasn’t in danger of being investigated because he was a Boston cop. Proctor certainly would be a lot better off if Read did kill herself, but unfortunately she’s too strong for him. The noodz don’t prove that he framed her for murder (it certainly puts in the minds of the jurors that he’s an unethical pig) but the fact that he said Brian Albert had nothing to worry about certainly seems to indicate that.
  • It’s pretty ironic that Proctor said he wanted Read to kill herself since his wife Elizabeth contacted a woman’s employer last month for making a comment on Facebook about how Proctor might kill himself as a result of the FBI investigation into him.

  • Paul and Erin O’Keefe both testified that Karen was a good influence on John’s children, that they liked her, and that her fights with John were typical of any couple. Their testimony wasn’t the least bit damaging to Read.
  • Paul O’Keefe testified that John was happy after his niece/daughter was accepted to Bishop Feehan High School. John wanted his kids to go to Catholic school and didn’t want them to become Canton townies. After he died Jennifer McCabe formed “Peggy’s Angels,” a “support” group for John’s mother and niece. She kept them close and wanted John’s niece to be close with her kids. A year later McCabe was bringing John’s niece to Canton High School orientation as she unenrolled from Feehan.
  • Paul O’Keefe testified that Read was distraught and crying, asking if John was alive at the hospital. In other words, she was acting with genuine shock and concern. 
  • Paul O’Keefe described John’s body in the hospital as one would describe a person who just got beaten up in a fight.
  • The Commonwealth spent an hour showing Ring camera footage from outside 1 Meadows Ave on January 29. It’s not clear what they attempted to prove with it, but it only helped Karen Read. The video shows multiple people, including John’s mother and brother, walking directly by Karen Read’s Lexus. Not one of them noticed that Karen Read’s right tail light was allegedly shattered.

  • The Commonwealth called Officer Steven Saraf, the first Canton cop to show up after Jen McCabe called 911. They played part of his dash cam videos, which showed Karen running around hysterically, as a woman who if she just found the dead body of her boyfriend. Jen McCabe is cool, calm, and collected, as she turns her back to John’s body and makes sure she’s speaking with Officer Saraf and setting the narrative. You can see her talking to him on the left hand side here. This image is from 6:15, and the Commonwealth would have you believe that 8 minutes later Read composed herself and asked McCabe to Google, “hos long to die in cold.”

  • Jennifer McCabe told Trooper Prince there was 6 inches of snow on the ground covering John O’Keefe’s body, which was why she didn’t see him when she arrived at 34 Fairview Road. Officer Saraf’s dash cam video shows less than an inch of snow on the ground. So does video from 1 Meadows Ave at 5:07 AM.

  • To further prove that there was less than 6 inches of snow just look at where the snow is on the fire hydrant near where John’s body was discovered.

  • Here is how far the hydrant caps are from the ground.

  • Officer Saraf testified that Karen Read told him “it was my fault, I did it,” when he arrived at the scene. He NEVER wrote this in his original report, stating only that she was screaming “is he dead” and was too distraught to tell him what happened. Today Alan Jackson grilled him on it, pointing out that he also told the grand jury in April of 2022 that she said “it was my fault, I did it.” He pointed out the ridiculousness that Saraf could have a better memory in April 2022 than on the day of the murder. Saraf lost all credibility.

  • Officer Saraf testified that there was no red tail light or a missing shoe at 6:10 AM when he searched the scene. Yet State Police found 4 pieces of red tail light and John’s missing shoe 12 hours later after a foot of snow had fallen. In the next few weeks Michael Proctor would find 31 more pieces on 5 undocumented searches, as would Chief Berkowitz from a moving vehicle. The ONLY physical evidence against Read are the tail light fragments.
  • Shockingly, Jackson showed dash cam video of Jennifer McCabe going inside 34 Fairview Road at 6:34 AM. Saraf admitted that he should not have allowed her to go inside the house, and that she made no mention of the fact that she was outside of her sister’s house.

  • Officer Stephen Mullaney testified that he was at the scene until 8 AM, but did nothing to secure it. There is a photograph in evidence of some random guy walking through the crime scene early in the morning.

  • Canton Firefighter Timothy Nuttall spent half an hour testifying about his credentials as a firefighter before getting to the only thing that mattered – he said that Karen Read said “I hit him, I hit him” several times in his presence. But it doesn’t matter what Karen Read said in a state of hysteria since science and crash reconstructionists have made it clear that John O’Keefe wasn’t hit by a car. 
  • Alan Jackson got Nuttall to admit on cross examination that he likely would’ve been distracted by others and might’ve misheard. More importantly, he got Nuttall to admit that he didn’t say that Karen said this until he spoke with Michael Proctor about it on February 8. He also said that he frequently talks about what happened at the fire department, as do other firefighters. Everyone seems to say more damning things about Karen Read when they speak with Michael Proctor.

Safe to say that things are not going the way the Commonwealth planned. Their entire case revolves around three things:

  1. Tail light fragments “found” at the scene.
  2. Karen admitting she did it at the scene.
  3. Karen being a crazy ex-girlfriend who wanted to kill John for months.

All three have been debunked by their own witnesses:

  1. Saraf said there was no tail light at the scene.
  2. Saraf and Mullaney never heard her say “I hit him,” and Nuttall only said that he heard her say that two weeks later, after it was all over the news that she allegedly said “I hit him” (via Jen McCabe).
  3. The O’Keefe’s said that Karen was a good person and that her fights with John were normal.

They told us to wait for the bombshells at the trial, but it appears as if all they have are duds.


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