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Kate Peter Drafted A Fraudulent Federal Complaint Against Me For Copyright In Order To Get A YouTube Video Removed But Used An Already Existent Docket Number 


Kate Peter doesn’t like the fact that I am systematically exposing her for being a hypocritical fraud, a pathological liar, and an Indian kid giver. Two weeks ago she went on her YouTube channel with long time turtle rider Matt Pervier, and did an episode entitled “Kate airs the dirty laundry,” in which she allegedly came clean about her past. She did this because her harassment order was thrown out, she knew that I planned to release information about her long and documented history with drugs, alcohol, DCF, domestic violence, and fraudulent police reports, and she wanted to beat me to the punch. I clipped two portions of the video and shared them to the Turtleboy YouTube account, including this one:

A few days after posting them I received a notice from YouTube that Kate had filed a copyright complaint against me.

If you get 3 of these in 90 days then you lose your channel, which would suck because YouTube is a significant portion of my revenue stream after being blacklisted blacklisted by Google Adsense, losing advertisers because of Coronavirus, and constant deplatforming by Facebook and Twitter. Joe Orga also got a copyright complaint against me just days before this, which I have appealed. Kate knows this and is trying to shut down my channel in order to silence me and take away another revenue stream.

This is an automated process with YouTube, and they take down videos to be on the safe side to cover themselves legally. They then give people like me a chance to appeal, which I did. After that it’s up to the person who made the claim (Kate) to prove that she has a complaint filed against me for copyright in an actual court of law, in order to keep the video down.

Today I got an email back from YouTube alerting me that Kate had produced a court complaint, so they would not be restoring the video and removing the copyright strikes.

This complaint was allegedly filed by Kate in United States District Court as the owner of the Masshole Report channel.

Kate likes to pretend she’s a junior attorney, and even lectured the judge in Attleboro about how she wrongly interpreted the law, so I have no doubt she wrote this herself. She likely found a template online for copyright and used it to write her own complaint. Notice the spacing, lettering, and numbering are all screwed up, even though she allegedly filed in the most serious court possible which is also closed.

There’s also five other problems with this:

1. Kate says I made money off of this, which I didn’t because there was no monetization on the clipped video.


2. Kate signed an indemnity agreement that she herself wrote, that said she had to give me 30 days notice before leaving. But she didn’t wait 30 days, and instead began posting content on her new channel the same day she left. I didn’t made a big deal out of it because I have more important things to do, but she did violate the contract. And in her complaint she pretends like she never signed this document.


3. Kate states that she was never an employee in the “complaint.” Except in the second sentence of her affidavit for the temporary harassment order she says she was employed as a writer.


4. Kate signed this alleged court document as the owner of Masshole Report, something she explicitly denied being in Attleboro district at the 10:05 mark of this transcript video.


5. Most importantly, the docket number she listed at the top of the court document she sent to YouTube (13-cv-12028) was the same docket number from Lesser vs. Liberation Music, a 2013 copyright case in Boston federal district court. Read all about it here

Kate Googled a template for a federal copyright complaint, then entered all her information into the body of the document but forgot to change the docket number.


I’m not an Internet lawyer like Kate Peter, but it seems like this might be illegal. Perhaps an actual attorney would like to weigh in. Sounds a lot like fraud and tortious interference in my business, since she pretended to have filed a criminal complaint against me in order to shut down my YouTube channel and the revenue that I generate from it.

I also have one more fun tidbit of fraud from the queen of accountability for all except Kate. The big mic drop line she dropped at the 7:53 mark was, “You can move mountains if you want to, but you better f***ing bring a shovel,” before her brainless supporters gave her a round of applause for being stunning and brave about her neglectful and abusive past as a parent.

That line sounded really scripted and didn’t make any sense, so I googled it. Turns out it’s from a blog on recovery slogans published in 2014 that was supposed to be about God, which  addicts like herself now use to pretend like they’ve changed. In the junkie blog it was “God can move mountains, but you better bring a shovel.” Others have it as this:

She can’t even come up with her own inspirational slogan to explain why she chose to be with drug addicted men over her two boys time and time again, before they were taken from her for good by DCF.

I broke this all down at the 23:30 of this live show.

The bottom line is that Kate is not only a pathological liar, she’s also not afraid to forge documents, hack into accounts, and lie to anyone’s face to get what she wants. And in this case she wants to silence me on YouTube and force me to get a “real job” because she knows that I’m not going to stop exposing her for being the fraud that she is.


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