Kearney For School Committee Signs Are In And I’ve Been Invited To Candidates Forum Wednesday By Chamber Of Commerce


The Aidan Kearney for Wachusett Regional School Committee signs are in, and they’re fantastic.

I have 50 of them, and I’d like to have them in yards all over town. Busier streets preferred – Main, Wachusett, Salisbury, Quinapoxet, Manning, Reservoir, Shrewsbury, Malden, Doyle, Chapel, Bullard, Brattle, Holden, etc. Although I’ll put them pretty much anywhere, just the more visibility the better. If you’re interested in putting one up in Holden please email me at [email protected]. If you’ve already emailed me I will get back to you shortly as I was waiting to get the signs first.

I am one of 4 challengers running against two incumbents for 3 seats, so it’s important I get name visibility out there. The election is on Monday, May 10. I need everyone in Holden to show up and vote, because they are going to do everything in their power to make sure I don’t get elected.

They fear the positive change I will bring. We have 10 seats on the school committee in Holden, and every year 3 or 4 of those seats are up for election. Last year only 1 person had their name on the ballot for 4 spots, so 3 write-in candidates won.

Because prior to COVID nobody cared about who was on their local School Committee.

The year before that 3 names were on the ballot and 300 people showed up to vote in a town of almost 20,000.

In 2018 a lot more people showed up to vote, but only the 3 people on the ballot were elected.

The top 2 vote getters are on the ballot this year, and the third place guy isn’t running. Asima Silva is one of the big reasons I’m running, because during one meeting she stated that 10,000 children in Massachusetts had died from COVID, and that was should keep schools closed because of that.

Someone this ignorant has no business controlling educational opportunities for other people’s children. She also spontaneously burst into tears, then stopped on a dime while telling a story about her uncle who had died from COVID that day. She claimed he was already in the cemetery (on the same day he died from COVID which happened to be the same day of a School Committee meeting about COVID), that the doctor told her he was just a number, and she used this story in order to keep the schools closed.

Consequently 18 of the 22 members of the Committee voted to close the schools.

Our kids deserve better.

I have also been invited by the local chamber of commerce to participate in a candidates forum next Wednesday from 6-7:30 PM. It will be televised and live streamed and you can watch by clicking here

I am very serious about this, and I’m highly motivated after watching what these people did to our kids by depriving them of an in person education for 8 months until the state forced them to reopen. I’m even more motivated after watching dangerous and divisive critical race theory being pushed on our kids, and I won’t sit back and allow the public schools to be handed over to people who are so consumed with hatred. I’m also not going to approve of a budget that increases school spending after a year in which taxpayers got nothing in return from the public schools.

I’m sure most of you have never voted in a School Committee election, but you should this year, especially if you live in Holden. I humbly ask for your vote, and could use help getting the word out. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like to join the campaign.



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