King Philip Middle School Health Teacher Asks Kids To Say “People With Penises” Instead Of Boys And Girls In Order To Be Inclusive


Students at King Philip Middle School in Norfolk are confused about the complete elimination of biological sex in their health class, after their health teacher Allyson Marsh gave them instructions about how they are refer to their fellow students in class last week:

This is madness. Telling 7th graders that they can no longer use the terms boys, girls, boyfriend, or girlfriend in class, because it’s offensive to people who are making up their own genders on the fly. Instead of a one syllable word that everyone understands like “boy,” this grown adult is telling children to use the phrase “people with cocks” and/or “people with ovaries,” even though they probably don’t know what ovaries are or do. That’s why they’re in health class. Sure, it might seem “strange” at first, but you’ll get used to your new communist dystopia.

Parents understandably got concerned so they wrote Allyson Marsh an email asking for an explanation. She told them that she went to a DESE conference where they taught her to do this.


So basically if your kid feels uncomfortable and doesn’t buy into this forced attempted to eliminate the existence of biological sex, then they can stigmatize themselves by being the weird kid who has to go to the library during health class. Problem solved.

A member of the School Committee named Bruce Cates spoke with the Principal and Superintendent, who told him that the purpose of the slide was to focus on biological realities instead of the made up transgender ideology. He called it a “difficult but necessary” topic for teachers to discuss, and said Ms. Marsh was going a good job.



Calling kids “person with ovaries” is the recognition that there are biological differences between boys and girls. The problem is we no longer allow these biological differences to define what boys and girls are, which is why they felt it necessary to do this. The class will deal with puberty issues, so when they talk about how boys get erections and girls have periods, the girls with penises and the boys with periods will presumably get offended. So basically King Philip Middle School has completely erased the existence of boys and girls. It’s just people with or without dicks nows.

This was always bound to happen the second we as a society didn’t push back on the idea that people go to choose their own gender. We never thought about how it would be manifested in middle school health class, but here we are. The bottom line is that gender, as it is currently defined, is completely meaningless. The only thing that matters is biological sex. Boys have penises so we call them boys. Girls have vaginas so we call them girls. Nothing else matters.

Anyway, this is why it’s important to be a helicopter parent with this shit. Sitting back and accepting this is how we got here in the first place. Find out everything your kids are being taught in school, be a huge pain in the ass, and let them know that you will fight them every step of the way if they attempt to indoctrinate your children.


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